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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


You may remember this scrub from my previous November magazine freebies blog post. After trying the Rituals Tai Chi foaming shower gel, I was looking forward to giving their shower cream scrub a try. The first thing that is very apparent is the scent! It is so nice! The Fortune scrub fragrance is sweet orange and ceder, I'm not too sure what ceder should smell like but the orange really overpowers it, not that I am complaining. I really like scrubs and body washes in fruity/citrus scents. They are best to use in the mornings as I feel they wake you up!

I'm always a bit wary with body scrubs I've used some in the past that are quite scratchy and abrasive but that isnt the case with this one from Rituals. The scrub granuals are quite fine, therefore they aren't harsh on your skin at all. It's the worst when you get out of the shower and see your body all red from using a scrub that is too abrasive! With this scrub it feels as though you are using a shower gel with the added bonus of a little gentle exfoliation to get rid of your dead skin cells and refresh your skin!

 If you are like me and suffer with Keretosis Pilaris this has worked really well on my upper arms. It's not totally got rid of it but it definitely keeps those annoying little bumps at bay! - On a side note if anyone has any must try moisturisers or any products for that matter to help combat this annoying skin condition, please share in the comments! It retails for £10 which is a little bit more than what I would usually spend on a body scrub if I wanted to use it daily. But as I got it free with a magazine I'm not complaining! Just like their foaming shower gels. It's a nice thing to have as a treat but there are a lot of other scrubs available on the market that do a similar job at a lower price.

Would I repurchase/pay full price for another tube? Possibly. It's nice and I really like the scent. It would definitely be a 'treat' product though to use when I'm having a bit of a pamper session rather than a product to use daily. Those of you with Keretosis Pilaris will understand when I say that body scrubs and moisturisers are your friends! 

You can purchase the Rituals Fortune Scrub from Feel Unique here.
Have you tried this scrub before or anything else from rituals? 

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  1. I love a good citrus scent!

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  3. Never tried anything from rituals before, but the scrub does sound really nice. I find the abbrasiveness of others really annoying too, palmers do a really nice one with fine bits in xo

  4. Not necessarily to do with this post but I absolutely adore your signature, it's so sweet! How did you make it? xx

  5. I love this blog!! The flash up the top is awesome!!


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