Saturday Spending #8

Saturday, 9 November 2013


2. Love Label Fur Collar Jacket


3. Superdry Paddington Duffle
4. French Connection Salsa Fur Coat

I know I know, I already have a coat for this winter. But I've clearly been watching far too many hauls on Youtube and now I want a coat which isn't black! Black is a 'safe' option and I feel I should branch out. There are so many nice coats available that are more colourful with different textures and styles that I need to have a couple of styles in my wardrobe, right?
I love all of the above winter coats from Littlewoods each for different reasons. The shape/fit of the cream coat, the different textures of the Love Label jacket. The duffle purely because its a duffle and then the F.Connection coat because of the gorgeous colour!

Have you bought your winter coat yet? Maybe you have a couple of styles for different occasions?

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