You know me, I love a bit of Nars, so when I saw that the new Final cut Edge of pink collection was avaliable on the Selfridges website I had to share! As you all may be aware I am a big fan of NARS. I have quite a few of their eyeshadow palettes, and recently got hold of the One night stand cheek palette which is to die for! Next on my hit list is to try out the sheer glow foundation! Saying that though, looking at the blushers in this collection I may need to place a cheeky order for one of those! 


Final Cut - Coral Orange shade  Love - Pastel bean powder
New Attitude - Peachy pink shade  Sex Fantasy -  Soft matte powder pink

If I had the money I would buy them all! You can't go wrong with a NARS blush. This collection has a great range of shades, you are bound to find one that you want need like. These blushers retail at £22.50 each & are limited edition.


Descanso - Pastel Bean    Stourhead -Soft matte baby pink
Torres de paine -  Coral orange  Villa Lante - peachy pink

I've heard a lot of good things about the Nars satin lip pencils. I lot of bloggers raved about their red shades over the festive period! I'm yet to try any yet, and after my boxing day splurge I don't think I will be buying any lip products for a while! These satin lip pencils retail for £18 and are limited edition.


Adalaide - Baby pink

Finally you have the baby pink illuminator. Again this is a product I am yet to try from NARS - I tend to gravitate more towards eyeshadows and blushers! From swatches I have seen online this is quite a glittery product so it's not something I would use myself! It retails for £22.50

Will you be buying anything from this collection? I won't lie, I just shuffled around some funds and I'm tempted to buy two blushers! - The words 'Limited Edition' made me do it... as does the fact I think these shades will be very popular!

Much Love, 

Shopping : The Boxing Day sales.

Monday, 30 December 2013

I'm never one for going into town for the boxing day sales really. I'd much rather sit on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and search for some bargains online. This year however was different. I decided to brave the crowds and head into town to see what bargains I could snap up. I got a nice selection of things so I thought I would share them with you all.

acessorize-bag-topshop-court-shoes-sales-shopping-blog-postBeing a fan of accessorize, we headed there on search for some handbag & jewellery bargains. I ended up buying a bag which wasn't in the sale but did have a 'faulty' tag on it. Turns out the shoulder strap was missing a clip to attach it to the side of the bag, so they took £25 off the original price, making it only £10. Well I had to snap that up didn't I! This was the bag I'd told Tom not to buy me just incase it went into the sale afterall! I did have a mooch around the store and spotted a clutch bag I already own in the sale. It's the black and tan heart print oversized clutch which is very burberry-eque. - See Alexa Chung sporting a Burberry clutch here It's been marked down to less than £10 so I think that's a really good deal which should'nt be missed!

The night before the sales I was discussing outfit choices for a girls night out and realised I didn't own any classic black courts. When popping into TOPSHOP, Shelley spotted these courts in the sale, in my size so I had to have them. They are the MAPLE Suede courts and are only £18 in the sale! Such a steal! They have them in Red, Magenta & Blue Leopard print for a little bit cheaper at £15. They don't have a massive heel so they are really comfortable to walk in. They'd be great for a 'work shoe' or a comfier version of a night out heel!



Of course no boxing day sale shop would be complete without a trip to boots. We made sure we got there for 10am to snap up the good gift sets. The Boots in our local town can be a bit hit and miss with the gift sets but I managed to get a good selection of things in the sale! You cant resist 50% really can you!
First I picked up the Tony & Guy with Matthew Williamson haircare set, which includes a dry shampoo, hairspray and heat protection mist. I'll admit I bought this for the little bag, I thought it would be great to carry my everday makeup essentials in my handbag! It was only £6.50.

I'd seen the Ted baker lip crayon set featured on Beths blog so I knew I had to keep an eye out for it in the sale. There were only a couple of tins left on the shelf so I got one for myself and one for charli. The crayons are extremely pigmented, I was very impressed! I wanted to incorporate a bit more colour into my daily makeup and I figured these would be a good way to do it. The set cost me £7.50 in the sale, which made each lip crayon just under £2 each. I couldn't say no really!

The same goes for the Soap & Glory Loved and glossed set. After hearing many good things about this glossy sticks I had to look out for those also. Again just like the Ted Baker lip crayons there were only a few on the shelf and while I was there they got cleared completely! All the shades are great everyday neutral shades which will go perfect if I want to do a bit more of a dramatic eye look and keep my Ted baker lip crayons for another day! I think I paid £8 for this tin, which isn't bad considering on their own they are £8 each! 

Sticking with the Soap & Glory theme I also bought this eye Kohl set. You may have read this post I wrote a couple of weeks ago stating I've been switching up my makeup and incorprating more coloured eyeliners into my routine, when I saw this set I thought... I need more coloured eyeliners! So snapped it right up! They apply really smoothly and are very long lasting. The green shade is very bright whereas the blue comes across more navy and the purple a more deep shade than a bright pop of colour. I haven't used the eyeshadows yet but I am sure they will be a nice trio to use for a smoked out evening look! This set cost me £9 in the sale which is fab considering I would have had to pay £25 for these 5 eyeliners if I bought them on their own! - I LOVE THE BOOTS SALE! 


Finally from Boots I bought these Fearne Cotton eye set, which includes four metallic eye crayons and one felt tip black liner. I love using eye crayons as a base for shadow or on their own if I am in a rush. This set includes a nice selection of neutral shades and then a purple and olive shade. They are really creamy to apply and last for an okayish time. I didnt experience any creasing at all but then that may be because I dont really get oily eyelids. It's something I think will differ from person to person. This set only cost me £6 which was a nice little bargain to add into my basket! 

I did get one other bargain which was a leather look skirt from River Island, however it came to my attention when purchasing it, that it infact it shouldn't have been in the sale! Someone had clearly gone a bit label happy when tagging everything! The skirt in question is this one, a fab A-Line leather look skirt which I saw featured on Katy's blog and knew I had to have it! I did only pay £10 for it, but like I said this was the shop's mistake! But I will suggest going into your store and see if they made the same mistake too! You might be able to get yourself a little bargain there!

Did you brave it and head into town to grab some bargains, or did you do it from the safety of your own home? If you've done a post/video on your sale bargains. Link them below! 

Much Love, 

I recently signed up to Birchbox. Back in the day when beauty boxes were new on the scene I think there was one point that I had 3 different subscriptions. It then got to the point where I needed the cash rather than a few new samples each month so I cancelled them all. Being in the position to start treating myself once a month I signed up to Birchbox after seeing a few posts on their previous boxes and liking the contents.The theme for the December box is 'Sparkle and Shine' containing a number of products to help you get through this festive time of the year. 

This was a new concept to me, I'd never heard of a hair spray that wasn't an aeresol. Am I out of the loop or is this new? It is said that this particular product will hold your style, yet provide flexibility and shine. I'll be giving this a go during the festive period as I have a few social events coming up so I'll be putting a bit more effort into the styling of my hair! 

I will admit, when I saw on the Birchbox Facebook page there was the posibility I would be getting one of these sets I was excited. However, I hate velvet, it makes my tongue go funny! haha So I was a bit dissapointed to get this version rather than glitter or sequins! But hey that is the luck of the draw! I might see if my mum want's it. She like's novelty things like this! 

Twistband £10 for a pack of 6

Id heard about these hair ties from watching various Youtube channels. I know using hairbands with metal on them can damage your hair, so it made sense that someone came up with the idea of just using bits of coloured elastic tied at one end. I do think it's a bit rip off though.. I mean, it's not hard to go a local haberdashery shop and get yourself some elastic and do it yourself. Which will cost you probably less than a quid! 

A good choice for this box as a lot of us will be burning the candle at both ends and getting a bit merry I think! This is a skin booster serum you use before you moisturise. It will help to boost radiance, balance and hydrate your skin. With the partying that will go on in the next couple of weeks I will swiftly be adding this little gem into my routine. I hope it works! 

Even though loose pigments are a bit of a pain in the bum to use, this one is a gorgeous champagne shade which I will be sure to get a lot of use of. It is a very pretty shimmer shade which will work well alongside the neutral shades I have from.. well many palettes in my collection! I know I could wear this in the day with a flick of eyeliner or add to to my eyes in the evening for that extra bit of sparkle! 

A natural body exfoliant which smells so nice! I love getting these sort of products in beauty boxes as they are easy to use up and are great to take on trips away. I currently have a little bit of a stash of exfoliating products, so I've got a few to get through before I try this, hopefully when I get round to using it it will leave my skin feeling silky smooth! 

So that is what is in my December box. There's only one item that I wont be using and that will be the velvet nails kit. Other than that I will get use out of everything that came in the box. I love it when that happens, you dont feel like you have wasted your money at all. Birchbox is £12.73 (inc postage) if you want to subscribe you can do so here. They recently announced on their Facebook page that they will be teaming up with Benefit in the new year. So I think January's box will have something from them in it. How exciting. 

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?

Much love, 

Life: The day I became Mrs Dolan...

Saturday, 21 December 2013

So here it is, 5 months after the best day of our lives I am sharing some (or many) photos of our special day with you all! On the 15th of July 2013 I married the love of my life. We chose this particular date because we actually 'got together' on the 15th,  way back in September 2006 and always wanted a summer wedding. A summer wedding it was... I think it was officially the hottest day of the year. I think all girls worry about it raining on their big day - me being one of them. So I was very relieved to see blaring sunshine for the entire day - even if it was a bit too hot at times! 

We tied the knot in Frome, Somerset at St Mary's church Lullington. Our reception was held at Orchardleigh house & Estate; a gorgeous Victorian stately home. If I am honest the morning of our wedding was a complete blur. Time really does fly even when you are a bag of nerves having fun! Even though everything was running a bit behind schedule  (Tom confused our guests by sprinting past them in shorts and a T-shirt half an hour before he was meant to be at the church) it all worked out in the end & everyone was where they needed to be roughly on time! 




The girls and I finished getting ready in the bridal suite at Orchardleigh house. All the girls did their own makeup and each helped eachother out with their hair. At the end of the day each girl has a different personality and I didnt want to force a particular makeup look on them but I did have a say on their hair style! ;-) I also did my own makeup, opting for Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation, a mixture of different champagne eyeshadows to great a pretty eye look finished off with some Eyelure false lashes - props to my sister Nicole who was chief eyelash applier on the morning!





It took me a while to find my dress. Laura at Mrs Jones Bridal Boutique was an absolute star helping me find something that was perfect. It had got to the point where it was causing me a bit of stress but then..... I found it, the perfect 'me' dress from Charlotte Balbier. My dress is called 'Clementine' and it is from the Candy Kisses range, it had everything I was looking for, a lace up style, tule skirt, a bit floaty, pretty and with a hint of sparkle! I fell in love instantly! 

Now something you also have to consider when buying your wedding dress is what your bridesmaid(s) will be wearing. They need to compliment your dress, still look nice but let your dress shine through. I think I achieved this with the dresses I chose for the girls. Originally I had my eye on some Kelsey Rose dresses, however after seeing the pricetag and tallying up how much it would set me back for 5 dresses, that plan quickly fizzled out! I didnt mind though, as these dresses were near identical and at a fraction of the price. I actually bought them from ebay! They were made to measure from china, were very affordable, well made of high quality material and arrived quickly after ordering. If anyone is interested I bought them from this seller and I would highly recommend them! 





When it came to the flowers, Tom didnt mind what we had and left it up to me to find something suitable. After a bit of research I found a florist local to our venue called Bramble & Wild. We visited Grace at her adorable shop in the middle of Frome, bombarded her with print outs from Pinterest and asked her to create something beautiful, and she did! The bridesmaids held loose natural style posies with more green foliage than flowers as I really wanted them to compliment their lilac dresses. Within my bouquet I had a mix of calla lillies, peonies, thistles, roses, and hydrangeas. It was such a lovely mix of textures and colours. It was so beautiful! I wanted a more natural look to our flowers rather than the very structured tightly packed bouquets/posies a lot of people have. 



 The church we were married in is in a very small village, therefore has limited parking. With this in mind we hired a  open top double decker bus to take some of our guests to the church. With it being so hot on the day a lot of our guests rushed to the top deck to take advantage of the sun... what they didn't think about (and neither did Tom and I to be honest) would be low hanging trees. Lets just say it was a bit of an adventure for them coming back and forth from the church to the reception venue. A couple of people uploaded videos to facebook and well all I can say is - I'm sorry you all got smacked in the head with tree branches! Made for good conversation during the welcome drinks though! 






If you hadn't gathered already, our colour scheme was different shades of purple. A mix of dark and pastel touches scattered throughout the day! Our Table centerpieces were white lanterns surrounded by wreaths of lilac and cream flowers similar to those in my bouquet. The scrabble cushions we placed on the mentlepiece of the room where we had our wedding breakfast were made by fellow blogger Stacey. I actually bought them from her a year before our wedding day! I knew I wanted something a little quirky and these fit the bill! 

Not wanting to 'take over' the wedding day I asked Tom if there was anything in particular he would like included. The double decker bus for the guests was his idea which I thought was brilliant. Another was the theme for our table names. With both of us being Reading FC fans, it was only fair to through a bit of Royals flavour into the mix. Our tables were named after famous Reading FC players, with the top table being named 'Madejski' after Sir John Madejski the chairman of the club. This theme followed through when it came to the gifts during the speeches starting with Tom gifting me a 'Mrs Dolan' football shirt! 




Tom had two Best men, and between them they have attended a lot of Reading FC matches. At one particular match they were 'papped' celebrating a goal with the players just in front of them. This particular photograph was the background of the football clubs website for sometime. As a gift to Tom, the two best men sourced the photo from the club, got it signed by some of the players and had it put in a frame. I had no idea they had done this and it was such a lovely surprise when they presented it to him during their speech. It now has pride of place on the wall in our spare bedroom!




We bought our cake from good old M&S. We always said we wanted a chocolate cake with white icing so that is what we got! We wanted to keep the cake pretty plain as from the get go we knew we wanted to get a personalised cake topper. I had seen the mini-me toppers featured in magazines and was determined to have one for our day. We bought ours from this etsy seller and the service was fantastic. We actually ended up having to get our topper re made as it broke in transit which to me, was the most devastating thing ever - que me bursting into tears at work because my arm had broken off! However the seller created us a brand new topper in the short time of 2 weeks and got it to us in one piece free of charge. They created a replica of our outfits, my dress even had the little appliqué flowers on it! We also chose the added extra of the football scarf and a handbag just to make it even more personal.

Before we knew it, it was time for our first dance. It wasn't that hard to come up with our first dance song... it was McFly 'love is easy' not a typical song but one that was special to us being that the lyrics fit and I am obsessed with the band haha. It was a little more upbeat than the more traditional first dance songs, so we didnt feel like we were in a school disco when we were dancing. I admit it was weird knowing everyone was watching you though! After the first dance and the father daughter dance (Which was My Girl) the party started, with the alcohol flowing and tunes from the DJ, some interesting moves were pulled out of the bag on the dancefloor! Not to mention the kravats/ties tied around all the guys heads by the end of the night! 


I loved our wedding day and I wouldnt change anything about it. Looking back on all these photos just brings a huge cheesey grin across my face. It's strange to think that I have had my wedding day. It's one of the biggest and most important days in your lifetime. I've found my soulmate and now we are starting our next chapter together as Mr & Mrs Dolan!

Much Love,

Fashion : Uh oh.. It's payday....

Friday, 20 December 2013


There are probably many of you  in the same position as me today, it is payday. Some may be using these funds to do your Christmas shopping others might be telling yourself you havent been paid so January isnt a long month and you can spread your spending out over the course of the month... I should be doing just that. Instead I find myself searching through online websites deciding what I want to buy! I'm so terrible! Above are a few things I have my eyes on. As much as I love ASOS, I dont actually shop on there that often... however in the past 2 weeks I've found myself automatically going to the site whenever I get on the laptop! There are so many nice things on there at the moment and their sale just bloody started didnt it. Oh the temptation! 

I actually bought this smock dress which is now down to £19 in their sale and I love it. It has started a new love affair for smocks. I was a bit worried they would like a bit like maternity wear on me but I think the key is to downsize, then you still get the look of a smock but you aren't drowning in fabric! There's quite a few others I like on ASOS aswell as a great selection on boohoo too! I need more money so I can buy them all! 

What have you got your eye on at the moment? Maybe you're a bit stricter than me and are holding out for the January sales? 

Much love, 

Free business cards from Moo.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I don't get the chance to attend many events, mainly due to full time work and the cost of travel. However on the odd occasion I can, these are the times where blog business cards come in handy. Events are a great way to network, whether it be with fellow bloggers or brand PR's. You build up a relationship and want to leave something with them to remember you/your blog by. Rather than scribbling it down on a back of a receipt, its nicer and more professional to hand over a business card with your blog address and contact details on.

There are a number of different companies you can use to create some blog business cards. My favourite being Moo. You can use the templates provided or make your own. I'm a bit cheeky and always try to go down the free business card route. Like I said, it's not often I get to go to blog related events so I don't need a stack of 200 business cards.  Also blogging is a hobby of mine, not a full time job, so I don't really want to be spending a large chunk on some cards that, lets be honest I wont be handing out on a daily basis.

Quite often Moo have an offer on where you get a sample pack of 50 business cards and all you have to pay is the £3 postage. As long as you are happy to have a small 'moo' logo on the back of your card, I don't see why you wouldn't take up this offer. Obviously the editing process is a slightly restricted (you cant have the option of the rounded corners) but if you're someone who only needs a small pack of cards with your basic details on I don't see why you wouldn't get your cards this way. If it's something you are interested in you can design your free sample pack of business cards here. - Note that it's one pack per person/household. (This isnt a sponsored post, nor have I been asked to blog about it. I just thought it would be nice to let you know in case you were looking for somewhere to get some blog business cards for a reasonable price!)

Much Love,

Beauty : Autumn Blushers

Monday, 16 December 2013


I think most people have a makeup switch up when the seasons change. I tend to swap around my blushers, straying from the peachy pinks and heading towards the more warmer tones.  I don't have that many in my collection but there are a couple that I have been reaching for on a regular basis 

I was so excited to get my hands on this palette, I had only used one particular blush previously & that was Deep Throat. Keen to try out the infamous orgasm and Laguna I bought it as soon as it was on pre sale! The blush that has been getting the most attention in recent weeks though is the most pigmented shade of the bunch 'Goulue' It is a medium pink shade which is extremely pigmented so a light hand is required when applying it! It's a new shade which you cannot get in single pan form yet. I would imagine if/when it does become available it will be quite popular! 

When someone mentions the brand 'Stargazer' I just think of glitter and neons, however it was brought to my attention they do have a selection of more 'wearable' shades in stock and this blush is one of them. Shade 4 is a deep berry shade which adds a bit of warmth to the skin. The pigmentation is pretty good considering the £3.50 price. Due to it being such a bargain price it's one of the blushes I dont mind travelling with because if it smashes or i loose it I dont need to worry about repurchasing because it doesnt brake the bank! 

I couldnt completely say goodbye to my cream blushers, this is why I often reach for my Stila convertible colour trio in warm. I have the 'cool' shades that I reach for more in the summer months, but for obvious as stated before I want to use wamer toned blushes in the A/W season. There isn't a particular shade I always reach for in this palette because I love them all equally! The palette includes Gerbra, Camellia and honeysuckle, all of which are very pigmented and blend beautifully into the skin. I'm a big fan of the convertible colors, if you havent got one in your makeup collection you need to sort it out stat! 

What are your current favourite blushers? 

Much love, 

Saturday Spending #13

Saturday, 14 December 2013


There are a few things I want to do in the new year. Go shopping for a whole new work wardrobe. - I have my eye on these dresses from Topshop - and also buy myself a few nice bits of jewellery. If I am honest I dont have that many pieces of jewellery, I have a MK Watch, my wedding and engagement rings and then numerous  cheapy stud earrings plus a pair of real topaz studs I bought when on our honeymoon. I feel like I should have a jewellery box full of different pieces so I can mix and match on a daily basis! I see 'arm candy' photos on pinterest and feel a bit jealous! I need some impressive jewels to show off! 

What are your favourite jewellery pieces? 

Much love, 

*Collaborative post*

The Sweater Weather TAG.

Friday, 13 December 2013

I don't often do tags, but I had seen the sweater weather tag on youtube and then crop up on a few blogs so I thought I would put my two cents in and give it a go too! I'm fully in the autumn/winter/festive mode right now, the Christmas tree is up, chocolate is being consumed at a rather alarming rate and I'm just waiting for the moment I wake up and the floor is covered in a blanket of snow - or in my case a sprinkling of snow! Enough of the rambling.. lets get to it... 


1.Favouite Candle scent?
My favourite scent's not matter what time of the year is Vanilla! Without fail there will be at least one vanilla candle burning in our flat at any point! I know other people like the warm spicy scents but I really cannot stand them. If I'm going for a 'Christmas' scent. It will be one of the sweet ones like Yankee Candle's Christmas cookie

2.Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I am a hot chocolate girl. With whipped cream and marshmallows please! I dont drink any tea or coffee, I just don't either, never have! 

3. What's the best fall/Autumn memory you have?
I have a bit of a shocking memory, but I guess one that sticks out in my mind is when Tom and I left to go live in New Zealand. We left the UK in October so it was just getting a bit chilly, it was a bit of a bizarre sensation to go to the other side of the world and it be the 'Autumn' months and we were walking around in shorts & t-shirts, sunbathing on the beach in December! We had such a great time there and if I could go back there to live I would in the heartbeat! 

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer dark lips or winged eyeliner?
Well we all know I stick to my pale/peachy pinks, so the answer to this would be winged eyeliner - even though I am yet to perfect the perfect flick! I do try my best, I can do winged eyeliner on other people fine, but when it comes to doing it on myself I make a right mess of it. If I do manage to do it accurately it's normally a complete fluke! 

5. Best fragrance for fall/Autumn?
I swap around the same perfumes throughout the year, so I don't really have specific Summer and winter scents. However I do tend to reach for Lacoste Touch of pink more than others during the colder months. 

6. Favourite Christmas food?
Well, this may come to a shock to you but I don't like 'Christmas Food'. My Christmas dinner is a pizza... and I'm not even winding you up. It's the truth. I have a pepperoni pizza, some pigs in blankets and maybe a bit of turkey on the side! However, saying that I LOVE the chocolate tins, I tend to eat all the varieties of Galaxy from the Celebrations one - and I wonder why i told have a nice toned body... 

7. What is the autumn weather like where you live?
Cold and windy, and if we are lucky we get snow. For the last week or so I've been saying 'Oh it feels like it should be snowing' meaning it's really cold and the air is crisp! I can just picture the snow around my feet! 

8. Most worn sweater?
Like most other people I went a bit mad for the extremely fluffy jumpers that are available on the highstreet at the moment. I'm a weirdo and I haven't turned the heating on in our flat yet, so wrapping up warm is a must! I have both the jumper and cardigan versions. They keep me so warm! 


9. Must have nail polish for this fall/autumn?
Anything sparkly! I do opt for darker shades this time of the year, but I cannot resist a bit of sparkle! Any brand will do but I have these two Deborah Lippmann nail polishes which are SUPER festive and very glitzy! I love them!  

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?
Well I do like going to football, but nothing beats finding a big pile of leaves and running through them. Let's be honest here! 

11. Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
Both?! Skinny jeans are a big favourite of mine, I know everyone bangs on about Topshop Leighs or Joni Jeans but for me it's all about Miss Selfridge Ulta soft jean. I friggin' love them! However for comfort I do like leggings. They are easy to throw on, you don't have to worry about over eating as they are more flexible than denim, bring on the cake! - Doing this tag though has made me realise I need to get myself some new I go to have a browse online.


12. Combat boots or UGGs?
You might be someone who loves them, or maybe you hate them. But there's no denying that UGGs are SO comfortable and are just what I need when it gets cold! I'd always had the cheaper versions but since getting the real deal a few months ago I wouldn't go back to those. So snug and warm! 

13. Is Pumpkin spice worth the hype?
Couldn't say, I haven't tried it. 

14. Favourite winter TV Show?
Well I wouldn't say I had a favourite TV Show but I know we are fully into the winter season when XFactor and I'm a Celebrity is on our screens! For me I prefer films. I stocked up on Christmas movies the other week and I am truly getting into the festive spirit watching them all! What's your favourite Christmas movie?

15. What song really gets you into the winter spirit?
Anything Christmasy! The classics like Wham! Shakin' Stevens, Wizzard and of course you cant say no to a bit of Micheal Buble! 

I hope you enjoyed those little snippets! I know its the 'thing' to tag people so I tag.... 

Much love, 


Beauty : Ditching Black eyeliner.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I think one of my first beauty purchases as a teenager was a black kohl eyeliner pencil. When I went through my 'goth stage' as my mum liked to call it, I used tons of the stuff. Lining my eyes with thick black khol, resulting in major panda eyes as soon as I stepped into the shower. I think everyone has a little stash of black eyeliners in their collection, whether it be a pencil, pen, liquid or gel. After a bit of rummage, I discovered I had a few coloured liners, so I decided it was time to ditch the black eyeliner and inject some colour into my routine.

Stila Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner £13.00
I have the stila Smudge sticks in two colours, Moray which is a golden olive shade and Purple Tang which is a purple (duh!) They are extremely pigmented and glide on so smoothly. I hate it when you have eye pencils that really tug at your skin and are hard to get good colour payoff! The staying power of these is brilliant, they do not budge! I use them across my top and bottom lash line smudged out with a cotton bud (unfortunately they don't come with a smudger on the end) and its just a nice change from the norm!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid eyeliner £13.00
I'd heard a lot of people say they like to use brown mascara as it gives more of a natural look to your lashes, so why not apply that rule to your eyeliner. I have this particular eyeliner in dark brown, I use it on my upper lash line as an alternative to my usual black. I find using a dark brown on my upper lash line is a lot softer and works really well when I'm going for a bronze/neutral smokey eye!  The nib is really thin so you can get a really precise line if you want to. This is a liquid liner I've heard a lot of people recommend and I can now say I am one of them!

Pixi Endless silky eyeliner £11.00
There was a point where these were rather hyped up in the beauty blogging world. I held back purchasing them but after seeing them in store and giving them a swatch I quickly snapped up two shades; Cafegold and Oysterglow. Oysterglow has to be my favourite to wear along my waterline, its a beautiful champagne shimmer colour that really makes your eyes pop! It works really well on the inner corner. Cafegold is dark brown with gold flecks in it, it makes a change from your usual brown pencil eyeliner! I wear this on both upper and lower lashlines slightly smudged out (you have to work quickly to smudge sucessfullly) for a quick smokey look.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? Give it a try and stray away from your usual black liner... you might even like it :-)

Much Love,