Beauty : Ditching Black eyeliner.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I think one of my first beauty purchases as a teenager was a black kohl eyeliner pencil. When I went through my 'goth stage' as my mum liked to call it, I used tons of the stuff. Lining my eyes with thick black khol, resulting in major panda eyes as soon as I stepped into the shower. I think everyone has a little stash of black eyeliners in their collection, whether it be a pencil, pen, liquid or gel. After a bit of rummage, I discovered I had a few coloured liners, so I decided it was time to ditch the black eyeliner and inject some colour into my routine.

Stila Smudge stick waterproof eyeliner £13.00
I have the stila Smudge sticks in two colours, Moray which is a golden olive shade and Purple Tang which is a purple (duh!) They are extremely pigmented and glide on so smoothly. I hate it when you have eye pencils that really tug at your skin and are hard to get good colour payoff! The staying power of these is brilliant, they do not budge! I use them across my top and bottom lash line smudged out with a cotton bud (unfortunately they don't come with a smudger on the end) and its just a nice change from the norm!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid eyeliner £13.00
I'd heard a lot of people say they like to use brown mascara as it gives more of a natural look to your lashes, so why not apply that rule to your eyeliner. I have this particular eyeliner in dark brown, I use it on my upper lash line as an alternative to my usual black. I find using a dark brown on my upper lash line is a lot softer and works really well when I'm going for a bronze/neutral smokey eye!  The nib is really thin so you can get a really precise line if you want to. This is a liquid liner I've heard a lot of people recommend and I can now say I am one of them!

Pixi Endless silky eyeliner £11.00
There was a point where these were rather hyped up in the beauty blogging world. I held back purchasing them but after seeing them in store and giving them a swatch I quickly snapped up two shades; Cafegold and Oysterglow. Oysterglow has to be my favourite to wear along my waterline, its a beautiful champagne shimmer colour that really makes your eyes pop! It works really well on the inner corner. Cafegold is dark brown with gold flecks in it, it makes a change from your usual brown pencil eyeliner! I wear this on both upper and lower lashlines slightly smudged out (you have to work quickly to smudge sucessfullly) for a quick smokey look.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? Give it a try and stray away from your usual black liner... you might even like it :-)

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  1. I love the pixi eye liners.
    I own quite a few of them, they're so long lasting! x

  2. love the post! ive recently switched from black to brown liner and its so much softer x

  3. I too had my stage when I was obsessed with lined black eyes! But those days are over, I'm much more adventurous and have more variety. I totally have been lusting after that silky pencil from pixi, have heard nothing but rave reviews and the swatches have been amazing!

  4. The purple stila shade looks so pretty! I don't tend to wear liner at all because I don't really like the combination of glasses & lots of eye make up on me but when I'm wearing contacts I do love a little subtle touch of colour! xo

  5. stila really is the best when it comes to long-lasting eve liners! great colour selections!

  6. I love the sound of the pixi ones, especially the dark brown with gold flecks in! xx

  7. Great post Leanne, i ditched my black liner earlier this year _+ have been loving a slick of brown liner x

  8. I do want to try different colour liners but I never like them as much as black! Maybe in summer when I wear less makeup I might give it another go!

    Belle x
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