Beauty : Limited Edition Nars Final Cut Edge of Pink Collection

Tuesday, 31 December 2013


You know me, I love a bit of Nars, so when I saw that the new Final cut Edge of pink collection was avaliable on the Selfridges website I had to share! As you all may be aware I am a big fan of NARS. I have quite a few of their eyeshadow palettes, and recently got hold of the One night stand cheek palette which is to die for! Next on my hit list is to try out the sheer glow foundation! Saying that though, looking at the blushers in this collection I may need to place a cheeky order for one of those! 


Final Cut - Coral Orange shade  Love - Pastel bean powder
New Attitude - Peachy pink shade  Sex Fantasy -  Soft matte powder pink

If I had the money I would buy them all! You can't go wrong with a NARS blush. This collection has a great range of shades, you are bound to find one that you want need like. These blushers retail at £22.50 each & are limited edition.


Descanso - Pastel Bean    Stourhead -Soft matte baby pink
Torres de paine -  Coral orange  Villa Lante - peachy pink

I've heard a lot of good things about the Nars satin lip pencils. I lot of bloggers raved about their red shades over the festive period! I'm yet to try any yet, and after my boxing day splurge I don't think I will be buying any lip products for a while! These satin lip pencils retail for £18 and are limited edition.


Adalaide - Baby pink

Finally you have the baby pink illuminator. Again this is a product I am yet to try from NARS - I tend to gravitate more towards eyeshadows and blushers! From swatches I have seen online this is quite a glittery product so it's not something I would use myself! It retails for £22.50

Will you be buying anything from this collection? I won't lie, I just shuffled around some funds and I'm tempted to buy two blushers! - The words 'Limited Edition' made me do it... as does the fact I think these shades will be very popular!

Much Love, 


  1. The baby pink illuminator has me intrigued! Wish there was a NARs counter more local to me. On second thoughts though, maybe it's a good thing that there isn't! x

  2. I love the Final Cut blush and I'm tempted to order all of the satin lip pencils. This collection is incredible!

  3. The colors are so basic but you can't go wrong with pinks and peaches. I want everything basically xx

  4. This collection has me weak at the knees, I NEED!



  5. I seriously want to buy it all! Really love the look of "New Attitude" x

    Sarah @ xx

  6. This collection is so beautiful! I want to try everything! xx


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