Review : Babyliss Boutique Loose Waves hair tong.

Monday, 9 December 2013



You'd think with longer hair I would have been more inclined to style it everyday, however it got to the point where I had so much hair it was easier to just blast it with the hairdryer and leave it at that. It wasn't often I grabbed my styling tools and did anything with it. Now I've had a decent amount lopped off the ends I've found myself making more of an effort. My weapon of choice recently has been the Babyliss Boutique Loose waves hair tong*.

Even though my hair is quite thick, it lacks volume when left straight, that is why I prefer to add a bit of a curl to it. I've used a lot of hair curlers in the past but not one with a barrel as wide as this one. With the barrel being 38mm wide  you can expect to achieve  large loose waves for that toussled beachy look. The barrel itself is a bit longer than usual, making it a great tool if you're someone with longer hair. When my hair was a bit longer, it was always a right pain when I had too much hair for the barrel! With this waver the problem is solved!

The curler itself comes in a cream drawstring bag which I think is a great touch and handy for travelling. Inside you get a heat protective mat - who else can hold their hands up to burning the carpet with their hair tools! As this particular hair tong does not come with a clamp there is a heat protective glove thrown in there too for you. I have tiny hands and this is a great fit for me! I usually find gloves like this huge on my hands so I cant use them. That isnt the case with this one!



There are four different heat settings on the babyliss boutique loose wave hair tong, I use it on the hottest setting. I find when using something with a larger barrel having it on the top heat setting ensures the waves hold better. Obviously I use heat protectant spray fairly liberally before using the tongs on my hair. To create the waves above, I just section off my hair starting from the bottom and take sections of the hair and simply wrap it around the barrel. I find in order to make the waves really hold I need to keep the hair wrapped around the tong for about 20 to 30 seconds. And keep the hair FLAT against the iron rather than twisted. - I hope that makes sense! With the front sections I make sure I curl the hair AWAY from my face, I just think it looks nice that way.

Once I have curled all the hair, I just run my fingers through the waves with a bit of serum just to rough them up a bit, then spray with hairspray! As you can see from the photo above the large barrel helps create big volumious waves and gives my hair a bit of bounce! The Babyliss Boutique loose waves hair tong is currently £24.99 at Argos so is a complete bargain in my opinion in comparison to other hair wavers on the market! So there you have it. What I do to create the hairstyle above! I hope you enjoyed!

Much Love,

*Collaboration with Argos Online*


  1. FLAT against the iron - NOTED! I would love this iron but I have soooo many already, but am gonna give this a go, your hair is my favourite of all hairs <3

  2. Your hair looks amazing like this ! LOve it

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World


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