Review : Liz Earle Eye Bright

Monday, 27 January 2014

In recent weeks I have been reaching for this little gem before bed. The Liz Earle Eyebright is a soothing eye lotion that can be used on dry, irritated or puffy eyes. For me personally I find it really relaxes me before bed and ensures I have a better night sleep. Some people opt for a Lavender scented remedy, however I cannot stand the scent! - Am I the only one? Therefore this my my alternative.

It retails for £10.75 for a 150ml bottle which I think it great value for money because this bottle has lasted me a very long time. If you don't want to go ahead and purchase the larger size straight away Liz Earle do offer try me kits and travel sized versions of some of their products. The 50ml bottle of Eyebright will cost you £5.50.

To use I simply soak a cotton wool pad in the solution, Lay back and place a pad on each of my eyes and relax. I do this for about 5 minutes. During this time I will listen to music or carry on having a conversation with Tom! Liz Earle Eyebright is packed with witch hazel, aloe vera and cornflower, all of which helps to cool and refresh your eyes. If you are someone that suffers with dry eyes due to wearing contact lenses or you have hayfever in the summer, I would highly recommend that you pick up a bottle of this to help your eyes out. However if you're someone like me  who doesn't encounter these problems but just find it a little hard to relax before bed, I would say to give this a go. I know I will be repurchasing it when this bottle runs out.

Have you tried Liz Earle Eyebright before?

Much love, 

Flash blog sale.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rules :

Price INCLUDES postage
UK only.
Payment via paypal 'Gift' option

Leave a comment stating what you would like & your email address.
First come First Serve Basis

 The body shop shimmer brick. Used x 5 £7

Mac Rose Ole Highlight powder. Used x 10 £12 

 Stila Custom colour bronze NEW £10
Vivo baked bronze (highlight) Used x5 £5

Dainty doll cream blush Swatched £5 SOLD
Dainty doll eyeshadow Swatched £3

stila Winter Wonderland Noire palette . Useage shown £7

Pixi endless silk pencil 'oyster glow' NEW £6
Bare Minerals Moxie lipgloss 'Maverick' NEW £6

 The body shop BB cream Shade 001. Used x7  £6
Stila One step Primer. Pumped twice £18

 Avon lipstick 'Satin Sheets' Used x 5 £4
Topshop Lipstick ;Saint' Swatched £6
Cargo Lipstick 'Barracuda' Swatched £6

Saturday Spending #17

Saturday, 25 January 2014

It seems when I am on a bit of a makeup mission to finish items a lot of brands decide to bring out some pretty nice eyeshadow palettes. Above are just a few that I think look lovely after seeing a few blog posts featuring them.  I did have my eyes on the NARSissist eyeshadow palette but I think it sold out pretty quickly! The cheek palette which has Laguna, Orgasm and Devotte highlighter is available from SpaceNK though!

Does this happen to you? You go on a spending ban/mission to use more of your prodcuts and finish them. Then lots of makeup gems go on sale?

Much Love


Beauty : The Mini Pamper session

Friday, 24 January 2014

You know when you get in from work and you just want to chill but you cant be bothered to do a huge lengthly pamper session? Well that was me the other evening so I dug out some products and got started with my short evening of bliss... 

I said in my previous post that I have a few tubes of the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer in my stash, so I decided to give that a try. I applied it to slightly damp hair and then... wait for it... wrapped my head in clingfilm - A step you don't have to do but I felt the heat might make it work a little bit better! I also looked SO attractive. While flitting around the flat looking awesome in my clingfilm, I cleansed my face and applied the YonKa Gommage 303 Exfoliating and clarifying gel mask (Review here)

Now I am not a bath girl I know people like to soak in the bath surrounded by candles with a lush bath bomb fizzing around by their toes, but in all honesty.. I get bored in baths. Give me a hot shower any day! So that's what I did. Got into the rather hot shower, wiped my face mask off with a muslin cloth, removed the clingfilm from around my head and rinsed out the hair treatment. - Side note, still on the fence about this hair treatment, may give it a few more tries until I decide if its the wonder product everyone raves about, I didnt see much difference after this application.

 There's no shortage of beauty products in our bathroom due to the amount gift sets I go through so I picked some products from this giftset from joules*. Using the scrub I exfoliated my entire body - as you do, followed by the body wash which lathers up really nicely. De fuzzed using my venus razor - Although instead of buying some new blades I may actually purchase a razor marketed for guys. Who says I cant? They do ones with so many blades now I'll have the smoothest legs EVER if I use one! Makes sense really! Once out of the shower I used the body butter from the gift set as well. I do love to use matching body wash and moisturisers/body butters. It makes the scent last longer! While I let it all sink in I tended to my brows which were due a good shaping, whacked on some crest white strips and got into my onesie to chill with a book!

It wasnt the most intense pamper session but it did the job nicely. I felt really relaxed and was ready for the good night sleep ahead of me! Do you ever have a little mini pamper sesh like me? Sometimes we just dont have the time to dedicate a entire day of pampering! 

Much love, 

Beauty : What's in my January Birchbox?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

what-is-in-januarys-birchbox-uk-beauty-blogThe theme for this months Birchbox is 'Tiny Tweaks' and the mini magazine that comes with the box is bursting with ideas on how to make changes to your lifestyle. I think this was a great idea for the box as a lot of people are trying to keep up with their new years resolutions so it could have been a little boost they needed. Or for those that don't do resolutions it's nice to know you can make these small changes that over time will have a bigger impact on your day to day living. 

For some reason this month Birchbox ditched the cute drawstring bags to hold the products and opted for some tissue paper. I'm not how I feel about this. The small drawstring bags were handy to have for other bits and bobs at home, by using folded tissue paper it makes the box seem a little empty. However I understand that it probably keeps the costs down using tissue paper and like Katy from Rotten Otter said in her post, maybe it means the products themselves will be of higher value.
So what did I get... Lavera Basis Handcream. I like getting miniature handcreams because I go through some of them. This was swiftly popped into my handbag after being photographed! Containing Almond oil, Jojoba oil and organic shea butter, it is extremely moisturizing, which is a must when the weather is so cold!  A product that gets rave reviews from a lot of bloggers is Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer, I've had a couple of these tubes and I appear to be hoarding them a little! So I think it's time to start giving them a go. I did try it once but I didn't leave it on long enough before shampooing as I was in a rush. This time I will take my time and have a good pamper session then I will hopefully see the benefits :-) The miniature sample of Benefit Porefessional is a welcome addition. I've used many samples of this product in the past (not sure why I haven't bought it full size actually!) It does what it says on the tin really. Minimizes my pores and makes my makeup last! I think when I've used up all my primers I may go ahead and buy it full size! 


 Next up we have the Vasanti Detox Nutrient rich purifying facial cleanser. This is free of sulphate and parabens which is great for those trying to avoid them in their beauty routines. It's said to remove all makeup and daily grime without stripping your skin of it's natural moisture. I do like getting small cleansers like this - not only to try but they are perfect for travel. I am going to Center Parcs next week so this will be going along with me! I love that the Premae Anatomy Nutrient body oil comes in a spay bottle. It makes things much easier in my opinion! Oils that you have to pour just gets messy and you end up using too much! - well I do anyway! Apparently this detoxifies your skin and is perfect for areas where you have a bit of cellulite.. some call it 'Cardio in a bottle' according to Birchbox...

Finally there is a lifestyle sample thrown in for good measure like always, in this case it's Itsu Miso soup. From blog posts I've previously read, people are very excited by this. I'd never heard of it before, but from looking online it's a soup to have if you are into healthy eating. As it is made with a paste apparently it fills you up more so you are less likely to snack! Whether I will actually try it or not is another thing.. I'm too loyal to my cream of tomato soup! ha! 

Did you get the same items in your Birchbox? If you haven't subscribed to them you can do by clicking here. Boxes cost £10 plus £2.95 for postage! 

Much Love, 


Outfit : Floral Smocks & Leather

Monday, 20 January 2014


Jacket | Dress | Boots | Bag

Here it is, my first outfit post of 2014. I really want to try a bit harder this year to document my outfits on this blog. In the past when I've done them they have always been well received so I may as well start doing them!

Ever have those days when you're like 'I really need some pringles right now? Well that is what happened late yesterday afternoon. After a day of housework and reading - I finally finished the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Tom and I set out on a little walk to get pringles... and mini eggs.... and brownie mix.... When the temptation is there you just can't day no!  I decided to have a handbag switch around and revert back to my much loved Modalu Pippa handbag - My first ever BIG competition win. I love how the leather is getting more worn so it's a lot more slouchy than when I first got it! I had a good sort out of my bags on Saturday actually. Making sure they were all in their dust bags, neatly lined up in my wardrobe! I was spurred on to do this after watching Fleurs video of her handbag collection. I realised I wasn't treating them well just being thrown up on the top shelf! Now they are all neatly in a row looking all pretty! 

My dress was a purchase I made just before Christmas from ASOS - It has now gone into the sale for £19. I really like it. The smock style isn't too oversized which I like as I think those styles make people look a bit ridiculous! It's one of those dresses that I can just throw on for any occasion which I really like. I need more dresses like that in my wardrobe so if you know of any others link me up in the comments. 

What did you do at the weekend?

Much Love, 


Saturday Spending #16

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Karen Millen Satchel | Nike Free Runs | KateSpade mixed watch

We all do it... check the 'New In' section on our favourite websites on a daily basis. There's no point denying it. One particular site I am on auto pilot with is ASOS. If I am online I head to the site straight away to see what new treats they have in stock, some days there are a lot of items to put on my lust list, others there's not so much! There are times when it is a bit hit and miss. Recently though there's always something that catches my eye - Which is typical because I have no money in my bank account - Always the way eh!

Which sites do you head to to check out the new stock?

Much love, 

Don't forget your hand cream!

Friday, 17 January 2014

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a lot of different hand creams floating around in my collection. I am never without one. My newest addition to the bunch is this fancy one from NEOM which I won in a twitter competition around Christmas time. A lot of my creams are in tubes, so it's nice to have something a little different that can sit on my desk and look a bit prettier!

My mum used to always say to me to make sure I take good care of my hands as they are what can show your true age when you are older! This is why using a hand cream or lotion regularly is very important! The skin on your hands is always exposed to the elements so you have to take good care of them and get into a bit of a routine in my opinion. Just as you would with any other part of your body! Without even realising we use our hands a lot on a daily basis. Working in an office I am constantly typing away at the computer, answering the phone, doing lots of general admin duties with my hands, so I find they get particularly dry throughout the day!

For a real intense hydration I like to use the creams that are thicker in consistency like the Shea Butter hand cream from L'occiatne. The added bonus is the scent, now I know this sounds odd.. but it smells like Babies, which is a really nice smell! Please don't say I am the only one that thinks this?  
Soap and Glory's Hand food is also a firm favourite of mine if I want my hands to feel very moisturised, I tend to keep this particular one for overnight and it seems to do the job nicely. I would be tempted to try the Endless Glove moisturising mask and hand cream as more of an overnight cream, but as I currently have enough in my stash it will be a while till I give that one a try. 

Even though a lot of the hand creams I have are in tubes, which is the norm for most brands. I do like the ones that come in pump bottles like the NEOM one pictured above. They look a bit classier and are more of a 'show' hand cream than just a beauty product! The Complete bliss Moroccan Rose hand lotion from NEOM is a lot thinner in consistency and doesn't take too long to sink in, making it perfect to use when at work. I cant really say "Sorry I'm not going to answer the phone, my hand cream is still sinking in" which would be the case with some of the other brands I have! The pump dispenser hand creams will take pride of place in my bathroom alongside my handwash and on my desk from now on! 

What are your favourite hand creams? 

Procrastinate with Youtube.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I don't know about you, but there are many times when I am meant to be doing something important but instead I find myself on youtube procrastinating. Okay so I usually don't make a dent in my to-do list but I do end up discovering some new youtubers to follow. With that in mind I thought I would share a few of my recent discoveries. Perhaps you've got some tidying to do, or an essay to write... forget about those for a moment and get sucked in to the marvellous world of youtube.... 


Beauty.Life.Michelle - Link!

Michelle is a lovely girl from Ireland currently living in Australia - I am not jealous at all... nope not at all..... I found her channel while searching for Get Ready with my videos (one of my favourites to watch) Even though she hasnt got that many videos up at the moment, I'd like to think there will be more to come as she puts together looks really well and so far each tutorial she has filmed is very wearable. Michelle also has a blog which you can find here.

Scared Toast - Link!

Okay so I may be cheating a little as Tabitha isn't a recent discovery due to procrastinating, however I felt she should get a mention because I am really enjoying her videos at the moment (purely because she mentions me in them -jk) Tabitha throws in a few tags here and there, lets us have a peak into her wardrobe and just tells it how it is when it comes to shopping! Definitely a girl you need to add to your subscription list! 


I am thinking about dabbling into the world of Youtube soon. I just need to work out where and what I will film... and also get that little push to muster up the courage to sit in front of the video camera! I do think it's nice to mix things up a bit and throw a video in every so often! 

Much Love. 

Available at Boots. £7.95

As much as I would like to sit here and tell that my nails are always a lovely length, perfectly manicured with a swipe of colour on them... I really cant. You see, I go through phases of having nice nails. I am an ex nail biter so for the majority of my life my nails were never long. Even with promises from my Mum and Gran that if I grew them they would treat me to some nice nail polishes  it didn't stop me.  These days my nails just go through growth spurts it seems. One month they will grow very quickly and I'll be able to do some fancy nail designs on them, the next they've all broken and don't seem to want to grow! With that in mind, there are a few occasions where I need to dabble with false ones. One big occasion being our wedding day. These are my nails of choice then and well forever. 

The broadway nails petites are the only false nails I have found that fit my nail beds perfectly. I have tiny hands, which results in tiny nails. You wont catch me purchasing standard size false nails. There are never enough nails in the pack which are small enough to cater to my needs. With these however I never have a problem. Another plus point is their length. Broadway Nails are the first & only (according to their website) false nail enhancements that are short in length. (another problem I find with standard size packs) making them look very natural and realistic when I've got them stuck on! I don't use the glue that comes with them though as I don't feel that is it that strong. Instead I use a nailene one which I purchase separately. 

The nails have tabs on the end which makes them really easy to apply. You just work out which nail fits which finger (they have numbers on the tabs which makes it easier to work out which are the pairs) Apply the glue and then place them in position, once happy, you can just snap off the tab and use a nail file to smooth the edges. These nails usually last quite well on my nails, because they aren't mega long in length they don#t really get caught on anything on a daily basis, and definitely don't ping off when I'm washing my hair! They are a product that I do repurchase on a fairly regular basis when my nails don't seem to want to grow and I'm fed up of short stubby nails! 

Have you tried these before? 

Much love.


Saturday Spending #15

Saturday, 11 January 2014


  GlitterDiamond Stripe

With an ever increasing makeup collection I am always looking out for nice ways to store it. Even if its to cart it around in my handbag or when I travel. There's always a great selection of makeup bags on offer and I've just picked out a couple of my favourites. I quite like the Urban Outfitters one! Only £12 too. Such a bargain!

Much love 

Review: Weleda Skin Food

Friday, 10 January 2014

If you suffer with dry skin, Weleda skin food will become your new best friend. I've had this 10ml sample in my stash for a while now thanks to a past beauty box. It's only till recently when I noticed a significant increase of dryness on my elbows that I dug it out and decide to give it a go. 

This hydrating and moisturising treatment is perfect for those area's that tend to get dry rather quickly ; elbows, hands and your feet. You can use it all over the body, but these specific target areas are where it really excels. I'm terrible for having my elbows on the table, I'm also constantly leaning on them while working at my desk at work. Over time this has left them so dry. You know when people have white elbows because they are so dehydrated... yeah, I was heading that way! (It probably doesn't help that I am rubbish and don't moisturise daily after I shower - I'm always in too much of a rush! I need to rectify this.) For the past 2 weeks I have been applying Skin food to my elbows before bed. Each morning I woke up and saw some improvement. Over the course of the two weeks, the dryness has pretty much completely gone which I am so pleased about. I will definitely continue to use the product to keep my elbows looking lovely, but maybe keep it as an every other day thing instead of daily (because you know... I will start to use up those body butters I have stashed.. I will)

 It is sold as a cream, however the consistency of the Weleda skin food is more balmy. With this in mind, I predominately use it on my elbows & sometimes my feet after using my micro pedi.. If my face is feeling particularly parched and is in need of some serious moisture, I use it as an over night mask to perk up my complexion and spring some life back into my skin! 

The best thing about Weleda skin food is that it really isnt that expensive. You can get the 30ml tube from Feel Unique for just £5.95. They currently have the 75ml tube on offer at £7.19 so it would make a lot of sense to pick up the bigger tube if you were planning on purchasing it! With the current weather we are experiencing I would say it's good product to have in your stash! If you just want a small sample to try like the one I currently have you get buy it direct from the Weleda website

Have you tried this product before? Is it something you would like to try?

Much love,

January Advertisers.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Here we are with my first set of lovely ladies on my sidebar for 2014. I hope you've had a chance to look at their blogs already, if not here's a little bit about each one of them and quick link to their blogs... Enjoy!

Charli... | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Some of you may already be aware of Charli's blog as I mention her a few times anyway in blog posts! After a bit of a break due to personal circumstances she is back to blogging and raring to go! You can expect to see a range of  beauty reviews and lifestyle posts on her blog. Her two newest additions to her 'zoo' are Basil and Rocky the Guinea Pigs, I'm sure they will be popping up in posts alongside her rabbit Bertie! 


Shelley Hearts | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

You may have discovered Shelley's blog in December when she advertised me then.  If you like a mix of beauty, lifestyle and travel posts then  this is a blog you should check out. She currently has a series running on her blog showcasing her best £1 beauty buys, something that is worth a look especially if your new years resolution is to be money savvy like me this year! :-) 


Friday is Forever | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

If you want outfit posts and beauty reviews then Sarah is your girl. The photographs on Sarah's blog are fab quality, I'm forever jotting down products or items of clothing to my ever growing wishlist after reading one of her posts. Often if something is photographed well I'm more likely to lust after it! Sarah recently got herself a little furry friend ; Penny the Golden Retriever and I hope to see her cute little face in posts soon!


Beky Lou | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Another blogger who you may have already discovered as she featured on my sidebar during December is Beky. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics so you are bound to find something you like about it.  I particularly liked one of her recent posts talking about taking the time to have a girly night in with a bottle of wine, pizza and a good mate! Perfect night in I would say! 


Mission Me | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

Mission me blog is written by the lovely EssJay. Originally EssJay's blog was called 'Mission Pretty' - a blog where she could document her journey as she 'made more of her self'. Challenge completed, she has moved from just beauty related things to a bit of a mixed bag of all sorts. You will find a bit of fashion thrown in, lifestyle posts and book reivews. 


Beauty and the Beagle | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

Jessica's blog 'Beauty and the beagle' is just under a year old. You can find a variety of posts from beauty, lifestyle and the odd post 'written' by her  cute beagle Bella! (There seems to be a running theme with some of my advertisers this month!) She also reviews pet products which i something you don't see too often so if your ever looking for something new for your pooch, have a look at Jessica's blog, she may have reviewed it! 

Be sure to check out their blogs and give them a follow on twitter! 
If you would like to advertise with me during February. Then click over to this page to find out how. 

Much love. 

 So after publishing this blog post, I didn't exactly waste much time popping two of the blushers into my basket and swiftly parting with my cash! A couple of day's later 'Final Cut' & 'Love' arrived and I couldn't wait to have a play with them. I can currently only find them exclusively on  the Selfridges website retailing at £22.50 each. (Yes I really did spend £50 on two blushers! but this was on the 31st December so technically it wasn't 2014!)

As you can see from the swatches above Final Cut Blush is a very orange coral, which I feel is very similar to the NARS blush Gilda. I do not have this blush to compare however by looking at swatches online I would say that they are very similar in colour. It is extremely pigmented so a light hand is required when applying. The Love blush is a more muted pink shade which will be perfect as an everyday blush. Both of these blushers have a soft matte formula so you don't have any shimmer to them at all. Now I do like a bit of shimmer now and again but I'm pleased I've now added a couple of matte blushers into my collection! 

Like always NARS hasn't disappointed me, I love the shades I purchased and I know they will be used on a regular basis. They are £1 more than regular NARS Blushes, I'm not sure what is the reason behind that, perhaps it is because this collection is limited edition. It is quite pricey for a Blush but the quality of all NARS Products means you are getting your money's worth in my opinion. 

I had to do arm swatches for you this time around because my face just isn't co-operating at the moment! I didn't want to leave you without any form of swatch just incase you were thinking of buying one or more. I know when I was thinking about purchasing something from this collection there weren't many swatches online for me to look at so I did go in blind! 

Did you get anything from this collection, or maybe I've just persuaded you to?  Let me know in the comments ;-) 

Much love, 


Saturday spending #14

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Reading some of the well established fashion blogs means I find myself lusting over a lot of designer pieces that I know I would never be able to afford unless I had a lottery win! That's why at this time of the year it's good to keep an eye on the sales. Especially on websites like Morgan Clare, that stock a wide range of designer pieces. The french bulldog jumper is currently only £35 in the sale instead of £65, whereas other pieces are still a bit pricey but heavily discounted like the Alexander McQueen leather stud bag! 
I do think shopping the designer sales is a good why to get a little bit of luxury in your wardrobe. With my money savvy plan this year I may even treat myself in the next January sales (am I thinking too far ahead here?) Seriously though, If I can do well with putting a decent amount into our house deposit fund throughout the year, why shouldnt I give myself a little well done treat afterwards? It's what I did when we saved for our wedding.. I went and got the Michael Kors selma tote bag! :-) 

Much Love, 

Goals for 2014

Friday, 3 January 2014

I know, I know. You are probably bored of the new year resolution posts cropping up on your blog feeds. However mine is a little different.. I have GOALS for 2014! If you throw in the word 'resolution' I just wont stick to it, turn it into a goal and its something I can look to achieve over the next year. I think it would also be great to look back on this post in 2015 (wow that's crazy) and see if I achieved anything. So enough of my rambles, lets get to it.

This is something I tell myself after every holiday! You go away and really getting into reading. Come home and the kindle gets put in a drawer and your laptop takes your attention instead. Therefore this year I would like to make more of an effort to read. Like I said I have a kindle, so I don't need wait for books to arrive in the post or make my way to the library to borrow some (I do recommend joining a library though if you don't have a kindle, so worth it)  I have a few books on my list already that I would like to get through, the first being the final Hunger games book followed by 'A fault in our stars'. If you have any suggestions for good reads do leave them in the comments! 

Last year it was all about saving for our wedding. We achieved that goal - which I am really proud of. Nothing from our day was put on a credit card and we paid for everything before the big day! Not many people can say they did that! This year it's all about putting our savings towards a house deposit. We don't have a set amount in mind, just put as much as we can in throughout the year. 
There are a few things I will be doing to help with this. Budgeting, using the mantra ' do I just want it, or do I need it' when it comes to purchases and also trying to up my income in various ways. My methods of choice will be using a cashback site if I need to make online purchases. I use Top Cash back - Sign up here. If you are an avid online shopper, you'd be stupid not to have an account imo! I will also be using Valued Opinions to gain some extra income - Sign up here and finally, its a bit of a slow process but I will use Swagbucks to earn a little extra money too - Sign up here At the end of the day I spend a lot of time on my laptop anyway so I may aswell use these tools to give me a little extra to put in the pot! I may keep a log of what I manage to earn - I think this would be great to look back on at the end of the year and see how sucessful I was with it!

No I don't want to lose weight. I just want to get into the habit of exercising more! I've already kick started this by starting the 30 day shred again - God I hate Gillian! I just think. I'm not getting any younger, my metabolism is slowing down and I eat a lot of bad food so I should be sitting on the sofa less and being more active! Whether this is doing a workout dvd, heading to the gym or simply making sure I go outside for a nice walk at the weekends. There's no point me saying 'I want to weigh X amount' because its just unachievable - so instead, in 2014 I plan to be more active!

Blog wise, I don't really have any specific goals in mind at the moment. There are two things that I want to action at the moment, 1 being that I would like to make sure I comment more on blogs. I did this last year and kept to it. Bloggers put a lot of effort into their posts so it is nice to give something back with a comment! Remember that! Also I am thinking about heading over to Youtube and creating a couple of videos....  I put together a quick survey to help me decide what direction to take this year with my blog. I would appreciate it if you could take 1 min of your time to answer the questions here

Okay so I only have 3 goals, but I think having a small list and being able to work on key points is better than having a huge list of things that I would struggle to achieve! I think I may 'revisit' my goals around the halfway mark and see how I am doing. I can then either continue with these three points or if I am an over achiever ;-) add something else to list. I think that's a good idea don't you?

What are your goals for 2014? 

Much love

Beauty : 2013 Discoveries

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant evening, whether you went out on the tiles or cosied up in your onesie infront of the TV. It's usually today that we look forward to the year ahead, make our resolutions and put plans into action. Today however I am going to take a step back in time and run through a few beauty discoveries I made during 2013.


This particular product is multi purpose,  one way I like to use it as a cream highlight along my cheekbones. Most people opt for the pearl shade, but I decided to mix it up a bit and go with Hush. Hush is a warmer peachy shade, it works particularly well if you have a tan, be it from a bottle or real! The Cream colour base also works well as an eyeshadow base on it's own or with powder shadows layered on top. It would be a good alternative if you wanted to try the Jemma kidd cream highlighter that has now been discontinued.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £34.50
 After a lot of researching for a wedding day foundation in the end I decided to go with Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundaiton. It just works so well on my skin, applies like a dream, covers up any redness/blemishes with ease and is long lasting.  I was so pleased I discovered this foundation! one of the main reasons I went for this foundation for my wedding day was that it doesn't include SPF, meaning it was perfect for flash photography.  I have it in my tan shade but with some Christmas vouchers I will probably get it in my paler shade too because I love it so much!

Beauty Blender £16.00
This discovery came hand in hand with the foundation above. Wanting to have 'perfect wedding day makeup' without parting with the cash and paying for a professional makeup artist I did a bit of research on what tools would give me the flawless finish I wanted. Say hello to the beauty blender. This little sponge applies my foundation beautifully. The application is even and looks 'airbrushed'. Once the sponge is wet it expands, then after towel drying then taking the foundation off the back of my hand I 'bounce' the sponge across my skin to apply the product. Because the sponge is wet it is also quite cooling so it wakes me up a little in the morning. The only downside is how dirty it gets, I tend to wash it after every application or else it stains and looks ugly! 


I don't know why I didn't purchase this palette sooner in the year. It is so beautiful. You've got a great range of neutral shades perfect for daytime and then the added bonus of the darker shades to smoke it up a bit for an evening look. I cannot fault the pigmentation for most of the shadows - 'Nude Beach' is a bit iffy but I haven't tried the 'scrape off the top layer' trick yet though! As you can see from the above photo I do have my favourite combination and that is Silk teddy and Push up. The matte shade Revolver is very similar to the shade I use in the HD palette for my eyebrows too which is a bit of a bonus! 

Primark Natural Look False Lashes £1.00
If you remember this post then you will know I became a bit of a fan of the Primark false lashes. The are extremely affordable so are great for beginners who don't want to spend £5 a pair, but then also fab if youre someone who likes to wear false eyelashes on a daily basis. I always have a few pairs in my makeup stash. They are great to add a little extra length and volume to your lashes without looking a bit over the top! 


 Stila Covertible color trios £23.00
2013 for me was all about the cream blush, I'm a big fan of the topshop cream blushes, I still have a couple in my collection which will soon be completely used up (yay for finishing products!) but the Stila convertible colors hit the top spot last year. I was really glad I bit the bullet and picked up both the trios in 'warm' and ' cool' I love all the shades and get great use out of them all. Even though these can be used on both your cheeks and lips I don't really use them as lip products, for me they are solely for cheeks!

Those are my beauty, well makeup discoveries in 2013. I do think that in 2014 I am going to make more of an effort to finish products - mainly makeup items. At the end of the day I only have one face, I don't need the amount I currently have! Blog sale anyone? ;-)

Much love,