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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a brilliant evening, whether you went out on the tiles or cosied up in your onesie infront of the TV. It's usually today that we look forward to the year ahead, make our resolutions and put plans into action. Today however I am going to take a step back in time and run through a few beauty discoveries I made during 2013.


This particular product is multi purpose,  one way I like to use it as a cream highlight along my cheekbones. Most people opt for the pearl shade, but I decided to mix it up a bit and go with Hush. Hush is a warmer peachy shade, it works particularly well if you have a tan, be it from a bottle or real! The Cream colour base also works well as an eyeshadow base on it's own or with powder shadows layered on top. It would be a good alternative if you wanted to try the Jemma kidd cream highlighter that has now been discontinued.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation £34.50
 After a lot of researching for a wedding day foundation in the end I decided to go with Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundaiton. It just works so well on my skin, applies like a dream, covers up any redness/blemishes with ease and is long lasting.  I was so pleased I discovered this foundation! one of the main reasons I went for this foundation for my wedding day was that it doesn't include SPF, meaning it was perfect for flash photography.  I have it in my tan shade but with some Christmas vouchers I will probably get it in my paler shade too because I love it so much!

Beauty Blender £16.00
This discovery came hand in hand with the foundation above. Wanting to have 'perfect wedding day makeup' without parting with the cash and paying for a professional makeup artist I did a bit of research on what tools would give me the flawless finish I wanted. Say hello to the beauty blender. This little sponge applies my foundation beautifully. The application is even and looks 'airbrushed'. Once the sponge is wet it expands, then after towel drying then taking the foundation off the back of my hand I 'bounce' the sponge across my skin to apply the product. Because the sponge is wet it is also quite cooling so it wakes me up a little in the morning. The only downside is how dirty it gets, I tend to wash it after every application or else it stains and looks ugly! 


I don't know why I didn't purchase this palette sooner in the year. It is so beautiful. You've got a great range of neutral shades perfect for daytime and then the added bonus of the darker shades to smoke it up a bit for an evening look. I cannot fault the pigmentation for most of the shadows - 'Nude Beach' is a bit iffy but I haven't tried the 'scrape off the top layer' trick yet though! As you can see from the above photo I do have my favourite combination and that is Silk teddy and Push up. The matte shade Revolver is very similar to the shade I use in the HD palette for my eyebrows too which is a bit of a bonus! 

Primark Natural Look False Lashes £1.00
If you remember this post then you will know I became a bit of a fan of the Primark false lashes. The are extremely affordable so are great for beginners who don't want to spend £5 a pair, but then also fab if youre someone who likes to wear false eyelashes on a daily basis. I always have a few pairs in my makeup stash. They are great to add a little extra length and volume to your lashes without looking a bit over the top! 


 Stila Covertible color trios £23.00
2013 for me was all about the cream blush, I'm a big fan of the topshop cream blushes, I still have a couple in my collection which will soon be completely used up (yay for finishing products!) but the Stila convertible colors hit the top spot last year. I was really glad I bit the bullet and picked up both the trios in 'warm' and ' cool' I love all the shades and get great use out of them all. Even though these can be used on both your cheeks and lips I don't really use them as lip products, for me they are solely for cheeks!

Those are my beauty, well makeup discoveries in 2013. I do think that in 2014 I am going to make more of an effort to finish products - mainly makeup items. At the end of the day I only have one face, I don't need the amount I currently have! Blog sale anyone? ;-)

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  1. I've always wanted to try the beauty blender, definitely sounds worth the purchase! :) x

  2. Definitely looking into buying the beauty blender.

  3. Lovely selection of products you have picked up, I really want to try the Georgio Armarni Luminous silk foundaiton!

  4. ooohh i really want to try the mac cream colour base as i've been trying to track down one of the jemma kidd highlighters for ages! And i'm defiantly going to have to pick up a beauty blender now!

    Amy x

  5. I'm really interested in buying the beauty blender, have you tried the real techniques one? How did into know about primark one pound lashes, amazing!!

    Becki xox

  6. I LOVE Armani Luminous Silk - such a great foundation.

    annie |

  7. I need to try the Stila cream blushers - I love the Topshop ones and think mine are almost finished too! x

  8. I really want to try out the beauty blenders!


    Freedom, Love


  9. Just discovered your blog! Im going to have to try hush out now! xxx

  10. The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation was definitely a top discovery for me in 2013 - I've managed to find my paler shade 4.25 which is pretty spot on :)

    HD Brows Kit in Bombshell is also another top favourite of mine for 2013 <3 think it's pretty safe to say 2013 was the year I converted to Essie polishes haha! x

    Sarah @ xx

  11. I really want to try the beauty blender! xo

  12. I really want to try the Georgio Armani luminous silk! i've read so many positive reviews about it xx

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