Beauty : The Mini Pamper session

Friday, 24 January 2014

You know when you get in from work and you just want to chill but you cant be bothered to do a huge lengthly pamper session? Well that was me the other evening so I dug out some products and got started with my short evening of bliss... 

I said in my previous post that I have a few tubes of the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer in my stash, so I decided to give that a try. I applied it to slightly damp hair and then... wait for it... wrapped my head in clingfilm - A step you don't have to do but I felt the heat might make it work a little bit better! I also looked SO attractive. While flitting around the flat looking awesome in my clingfilm, I cleansed my face and applied the YonKa Gommage 303 Exfoliating and clarifying gel mask (Review here)

Now I am not a bath girl I know people like to soak in the bath surrounded by candles with a lush bath bomb fizzing around by their toes, but in all honesty.. I get bored in baths. Give me a hot shower any day! So that's what I did. Got into the rather hot shower, wiped my face mask off with a muslin cloth, removed the clingfilm from around my head and rinsed out the hair treatment. - Side note, still on the fence about this hair treatment, may give it a few more tries until I decide if its the wonder product everyone raves about, I didnt see much difference after this application.

 There's no shortage of beauty products in our bathroom due to the amount gift sets I go through so I picked some products from this giftset from joules*. Using the scrub I exfoliated my entire body - as you do, followed by the body wash which lathers up really nicely. De fuzzed using my venus razor - Although instead of buying some new blades I may actually purchase a razor marketed for guys. Who says I cant? They do ones with so many blades now I'll have the smoothest legs EVER if I use one! Makes sense really! Once out of the shower I used the body butter from the gift set as well. I do love to use matching body wash and moisturisers/body butters. It makes the scent last longer! While I let it all sink in I tended to my brows which were due a good shaping, whacked on some crest white strips and got into my onesie to chill with a book!

It wasnt the most intense pamper session but it did the job nicely. I felt really relaxed and was ready for the good night sleep ahead of me! Do you ever have a little mini pamper sesh like me? Sometimes we just dont have the time to dedicate a entire day of pampering! 

Much love, 

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