Beauty: NARS Final Cut, Edge of Pink Collection : 'Final Cut' and 'Love' Blush.

Monday, 6 January 2014


 So after publishing this blog post, I didn't exactly waste much time popping two of the blushers into my basket and swiftly parting with my cash! A couple of day's later 'Final Cut' & 'Love' arrived and I couldn't wait to have a play with them. I can currently only find them exclusively on  the Selfridges website retailing at £22.50 each. (Yes I really did spend £50 on two blushers! but this was on the 31st December so technically it wasn't 2014!)

As you can see from the swatches above Final Cut Blush is a very orange coral, which I feel is very similar to the NARS blush Gilda. I do not have this blush to compare however by looking at swatches online I would say that they are very similar in colour. It is extremely pigmented so a light hand is required when applying. The Love blush is a more muted pink shade which will be perfect as an everyday blush. Both of these blushers have a soft matte formula so you don't have any shimmer to them at all. Now I do like a bit of shimmer now and again but I'm pleased I've now added a couple of matte blushers into my collection! 

Like always NARS hasn't disappointed me, I love the shades I purchased and I know they will be used on a regular basis. They are £1 more than regular NARS Blushes, I'm not sure what is the reason behind that, perhaps it is because this collection is limited edition. It is quite pricey for a Blush but the quality of all NARS Products means you are getting your money's worth in my opinion. 

I had to do arm swatches for you this time around because my face just isn't co-operating at the moment! I didn't want to leave you without any form of swatch just incase you were thinking of buying one or more. I know when I was thinking about purchasing something from this collection there weren't many swatches online for me to look at so I did go in blind! 

Did you get anything from this collection, or maybe I've just persuaded you to?  Let me know in the comments ;-) 

Much love,