Beauty : What's in my January Birchbox?

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

what-is-in-januarys-birchbox-uk-beauty-blogThe theme for this months Birchbox is 'Tiny Tweaks' and the mini magazine that comes with the box is bursting with ideas on how to make changes to your lifestyle. I think this was a great idea for the box as a lot of people are trying to keep up with their new years resolutions so it could have been a little boost they needed. Or for those that don't do resolutions it's nice to know you can make these small changes that over time will have a bigger impact on your day to day living. 

For some reason this month Birchbox ditched the cute drawstring bags to hold the products and opted for some tissue paper. I'm not how I feel about this. The small drawstring bags were handy to have for other bits and bobs at home, by using folded tissue paper it makes the box seem a little empty. However I understand that it probably keeps the costs down using tissue paper and like Katy from Rotten Otter said in her post, maybe it means the products themselves will be of higher value.
So what did I get... Lavera Basis Handcream. I like getting miniature handcreams because I go through some of them. This was swiftly popped into my handbag after being photographed! Containing Almond oil, Jojoba oil and organic shea butter, it is extremely moisturizing, which is a must when the weather is so cold!  A product that gets rave reviews from a lot of bloggers is Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer, I've had a couple of these tubes and I appear to be hoarding them a little! So I think it's time to start giving them a go. I did try it once but I didn't leave it on long enough before shampooing as I was in a rush. This time I will take my time and have a good pamper session then I will hopefully see the benefits :-) The miniature sample of Benefit Porefessional is a welcome addition. I've used many samples of this product in the past (not sure why I haven't bought it full size actually!) It does what it says on the tin really. Minimizes my pores and makes my makeup last! I think when I've used up all my primers I may go ahead and buy it full size! 


 Next up we have the Vasanti Detox Nutrient rich purifying facial cleanser. This is free of sulphate and parabens which is great for those trying to avoid them in their beauty routines. It's said to remove all makeup and daily grime without stripping your skin of it's natural moisture. I do like getting small cleansers like this - not only to try but they are perfect for travel. I am going to Center Parcs next week so this will be going along with me! I love that the Premae Anatomy Nutrient body oil comes in a spay bottle. It makes things much easier in my opinion! Oils that you have to pour just gets messy and you end up using too much! - well I do anyway! Apparently this detoxifies your skin and is perfect for areas where you have a bit of cellulite.. some call it 'Cardio in a bottle' according to Birchbox...

Finally there is a lifestyle sample thrown in for good measure like always, in this case it's Itsu Miso soup. From blog posts I've previously read, people are very excited by this. I'd never heard of it before, but from looking online it's a soup to have if you are into healthy eating. As it is made with a paste apparently it fills you up more so you are less likely to snack! Whether I will actually try it or not is another thing.. I'm too loyal to my cream of tomato soup! ha! 

Did you get the same items in your Birchbox? If you haven't subscribed to them you can do by clicking here. Boxes cost £10 plus £2.95 for postage! 

Much Love, 


  1. I literally canceled my Birchbox subscription last month and now porefessional is a part of the box. what a bummer. looks like you got some lovely items!


  2. This looks like a pretty decent box, especially in comparison to the January Glossybox! xx

  3. I wasn't blown away by my Birchbox but it's definitely better than Glossybox!



  4. Love the Porefessional! What a great sample!
    Ray | Obey Ray

  5. God your blog is beautiful! So glad I found it - followed!
    Isobel xx

  6. I love the Porefessional - that sample is so cute! x

  7. I've never tried any of these products before but they all sound very interesting! I have heard great things about Porefessional though :)


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