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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Here we are with my first set of lovely ladies on my sidebar for 2014. I hope you've had a chance to look at their blogs already, if not here's a little bit about each one of them and quick link to their blogs... Enjoy!

Charli... | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Some of you may already be aware of Charli's blog as I mention her a few times anyway in blog posts! After a bit of a break due to personal circumstances she is back to blogging and raring to go! You can expect to see a range of  beauty reviews and lifestyle posts on her blog. Her two newest additions to her 'zoo' are Basil and Rocky the Guinea Pigs, I'm sure they will be popping up in posts alongside her rabbit Bertie! 


Shelley Hearts | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

You may have discovered Shelley's blog in December when she advertised me then.  If you like a mix of beauty, lifestyle and travel posts then  this is a blog you should check out. She currently has a series running on her blog showcasing her best £1 beauty buys, something that is worth a look especially if your new years resolution is to be money savvy like me this year! :-) 


Friday is Forever | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

If you want outfit posts and beauty reviews then Sarah is your girl. The photographs on Sarah's blog are fab quality, I'm forever jotting down products or items of clothing to my ever growing wishlist after reading one of her posts. Often if something is photographed well I'm more likely to lust after it! Sarah recently got herself a little furry friend ; Penny the Golden Retriever and I hope to see her cute little face in posts soon!


Beky Lou | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Another blogger who you may have already discovered as she featured on my sidebar during December is Beky. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics so you are bound to find something you like about it.  I particularly liked one of her recent posts talking about taking the time to have a girly night in with a bottle of wine, pizza and a good mate! Perfect night in I would say! 


Mission Me | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

Mission me blog is written by the lovely EssJay. Originally EssJay's blog was called 'Mission Pretty' - a blog where she could document her journey as she 'made more of her self'. Challenge completed, she has moved from just beauty related things to a bit of a mixed bag of all sorts. You will find a bit of fashion thrown in, lifestyle posts and book reivews. 


Beauty and the Beagle | Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

Jessica's blog 'Beauty and the beagle' is just under a year old. You can find a variety of posts from beauty, lifestyle and the odd post 'written' by her  cute beagle Bella! (There seems to be a running theme with some of my advertisers this month!) She also reviews pet products which i something you don't see too often so if your ever looking for something new for your pooch, have a look at Jessica's blog, she may have reviewed it! 

Be sure to check out their blogs and give them a follow on twitter! 
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Much love. 

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