Outfit : Floral Smocks & Leather

Monday, 20 January 2014


Jacket | Dress | Boots | Bag

Here it is, my first outfit post of 2014. I really want to try a bit harder this year to document my outfits on this blog. In the past when I've done them they have always been well received so I may as well start doing them!

Ever have those days when you're like 'I really need some pringles right now? Well that is what happened late yesterday afternoon. After a day of housework and reading - I finally finished the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Tom and I set out on a little walk to get pringles... and mini eggs.... and brownie mix.... When the temptation is there you just can't day no!  I decided to have a handbag switch around and revert back to my much loved Modalu Pippa handbag - My first ever BIG competition win. I love how the leather is getting more worn so it's a lot more slouchy than when I first got it! I had a good sort out of my bags on Saturday actually. Making sure they were all in their dust bags, neatly lined up in my wardrobe! I was spurred on to do this after watching Fleurs video of her handbag collection. I realised I wasn't treating them well just being thrown up on the top shelf! Now they are all neatly in a row looking all pretty! 

My dress was a purchase I made just before Christmas from ASOS - It has now gone into the sale for £19. I really like it. The smock style isn't too oversized which I like as I think those styles make people look a bit ridiculous! It's one of those dresses that I can just throw on for any occasion which I really like. I need more dresses like that in my wardrobe so if you know of any others link me up in the comments. 

What did you do at the weekend?

Much Love,