Saturday spending #14

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Reading some of the well established fashion blogs means I find myself lusting over a lot of designer pieces that I know I would never be able to afford unless I had a lottery win! That's why at this time of the year it's good to keep an eye on the sales. Especially on websites like Morgan Clare, that stock a wide range of designer pieces. The french bulldog jumper is currently only £35 in the sale instead of £65, whereas other pieces are still a bit pricey but heavily discounted like the Alexander McQueen leather stud bag! 
I do think shopping the designer sales is a good why to get a little bit of luxury in your wardrobe. With my money savvy plan this year I may even treat myself in the next January sales (am I thinking too far ahead here?) Seriously though, If I can do well with putting a decent amount into our house deposit fund throughout the year, why shouldnt I give myself a little well done treat afterwards? It's what I did when we saved for our wedding.. I went and got the Michael Kors selma tote bag! :-) 

Much Love,