Saturday Spending #16

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Karen Millen Satchel | Nike Free Runs | KateSpade mixed watch

We all do it... check the 'New In' section on our favourite websites on a daily basis. There's no point denying it. One particular site I am on auto pilot with is ASOS. If I am online I head to the site straight away to see what new treats they have in stock, some days there are a lot of items to put on my lust list, others there's not so much! There are times when it is a bit hit and miss. Recently though there's always something that catches my eye - Which is typical because I have no money in my bank account - Always the way eh!

Which sites do you head to to check out the new stock?

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  1. Those Nike shoes and the watch are so beautiful, if money grew on trees!

  2. Perfect black dress!
    Rose & Pose Highstreet Fashion


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