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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

It's that time again where I introduce you to the three girls who have been gracing the sidebar of this blog during February! If you haven't had a look at their blogs yet, now is your chance! 

CherryPie | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Cherry's blog is one that I have followed for quite a while now. It is jam packed with beauty reviews. Most of the products she reviews are easily accessible from Boots or Superdrug, meaning it's far too easy for me to grab something in town after work if I have read about it on her blog. To break things up a bit between reviews Cherry lets us into her day to day goings on with a weekly round up post! In the past she has popped a few outfits up on her blog, which is something I'd love to see more of. - Seeing posts on how others style items are always a favourite of mine!

Beky Lou | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Some of you may be familiar with Beky has she is a regular advertiser on my blog. Her blog is a mix. There are beauty reviews of her favourite products, tag posts meaning you get to know her a little better - Who said tags have to be kept to Youtube videos! She also offers other bloggers the chance to guest post on her blog meaning you may discover some more blogs to follow and read which I think is great. It's always nice to share the love! The blog that just keeps on giving! 

Charli... | Blog | Twitter | Instagram

I'm sure you are all aware of Charli's blog! But for those of you who may not know of it, you can get read mixture of beauty and lifestyle posts including product reviews. Being an animal lover you are likely to find a few posts featuring the various pets she has in her home. Charli also has a youtube channel, which after a 6 month hiatus, she is back uploading again. I recommend you check out her channel as she's got lots of videos in the pipeline for you. 

I hope by reading this post you find some new reads! 


There are spot's available for March if you would like to advertise with me. This will only cost you £5. If you are interested you can find what I offer for that price by clicking here.  

Much love, 


Procrastinate with Youtube #2

Monday, 24 February 2014

Last month I shared two youtube channels I was loving with you. The post was well received so I thought I would make it a regular feature! Who doesn't love spending their evenings watching youtube videos, notepad or phone at the ready to jot down recommendations of products or places to visit? It's something I do quite often!

Chelsea Wears - Link

First up we have Chelsea from Chelseawears. I can't remember how I discovered her Youtube channel but I am so glad I did. Chelsea just says it how it is, which is something I love. She recently went ahead and changed up hair hair colour, now she's a blonde bombshell. There were some hiccups along the way which she address in the above video but in the end it's all turned out well and I think she looks great as a blondie! I know Chelsea watches and reads of a lot of British bloggers so you'll often hear a familiar name pop up in her videos. Chelsea has also opened her own on-line store stocking a fab range of pieces from independent designers. You can take a look at it here

Anothergirlslife - Link

Mary's channel was one I heard mentioned in various other vlogs, quite often she would be tagged to do certain videos, so one day I decided to check her out and I ended up hitting the subscribe button straight away. Another lovely lady who just says it how it is! Her channel has a mixture of hauls, lookbooks, GRWM and also a nice handful of vlogs meaning I can be a nosey parker and see what she gets up to! I really enjoyed her recent Vlog where she did hair at LFW.  She's a hairstylist in training so I hang onto her every word when it comes to hair care advice! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If there are any other youtubers you think I should check out, link them in the comments so I can have a nose!

Much Love, 

Fashion: 3 dates - 3 outfits.

Friday, 21 February 2014

After reading Tabithas post about creating a bucket list of activities to complete with her sister throughout the next 12 months I thought it would be a good thing to apply to date nights with your partner. I've been with Tom 7.5 years now, and as much as as the classic dinner and cinema date is lovely to do. Sometimes it's nice to do something a little different. I've put together some ideas for dates and of course the outfits to go with them that maybe we could all try to do with our other halves! - To be fair you don't need to be in a relationship to do these, get a group of mates together and give them a go! 

Do something active together. There are couples that gym together which is fine, Tom and I have started going to play badminton each week but I wouldn't call that a date! Instead go along for some fun somewhere like  Go Ape! It's kind of like exercise but more enjoyable! This is something quite a few of my friends have done in the past, I am yet to go though! I am a bit of a scardy cat wen it comes to things like this as I get paranoid I am going to fall! However I do think it would be a really fun activity to do so maybe sometime soon I will pluck up the courage and go along with Tom for a 'day date'. 

Embellished Skirt here & here | Black Cami | Prism Heels | Gold Clutch | Lipstick 

Since seeing various films based in Vegas Tom and I have always said we would love to go there just to experience it, unfortunately for us we cant afford a trip over to Sin City so we'll have to make do with something a little closer to home. I've always been interested to go to a Casino, I can't say I know what I am doing when it comes to Blackjack or Roulette but I would have a go on some of the other casino games like the slots! - You can't go wrong with them! I think it would just be a fun night out, couple of drinks. Give yourself a set budget to spend and try to keep any winnings separate to your 'spending' money so you can go home with a big grin on your face!
Going to a gig is a great way to spend an evening. I'm not saying you need to go and purchase the pricer tickets to go see a band that's currently in the charts. Instead be experimental, look in your local paper for gigs going on in your area. Tickets are usually fairly priced and you have the chance to discover some new bands! Tom and I love going to gigs, you meet other people with a similar interest as you, listen to good music (sometimes), have a couple of drinks & just a good evening. We tend to tie in our gigs with weekends away sometimes. Like tonight we are off to Manchester to watch Twenty One Pilots!

Do you stick to the standard meal & cinema dates or do you try to mix it up a little bit?

Much love

*Collaborative post* 

Beauty: What's in my February Birchbox?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

London Fashion week is on the horizon so Birchbox have taken this momentous event and channelled into their February box. The whole theme of the box is 'Style'. Whether that be about the clothes you wear, the makeup you put on your face or the items you fill your home with. They have provided 5 samples that should 'fit into your personal routine'. So Lets get down to it, what came in my box?

I'll be honest, the thing that caught my eye first was the lifestyle sample in the form of a minature bar of Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate. WHO DOESNT LIKE CHOCOLATE? Even though dark choc wouldnt be my first choice, every now and again I do like to have a little bit. - I'm actually munching on it as I type!

A couple of products that I have automatically put into our shower to make sure I use them are the Gilchrist & Soames : The London collection shower gel and the Ubranveda radiance daily facial wash. Both samples are ones I like to receive in boxes like these. Always handy if you have to travel or need something to tie you over before you can get down to boots to purchase a full size product. The shower gel does have a huge opening so it might be quite easy to waste product that way which is a tad annoying! The facial wash smells lovely, it's said to naturally brighten and balance your skin tone.
Next up we have the Beauty Protector hair oil, like other oils you use work it into damp hair and then style. This is a exclusive launch with birch box. I'm always happy to receive hair oils in the beauty boxes because they are a product that I use on a daily basis. Again like the shower gel, the packaging means that I could end up pouring out too much product each time I use it it, which bugs me! 

I received two makeup items in this box which I was pleased about. I know a lot of people wish that there were more makeup items in the boxes so these will be well received by many I am guessing! First up we have the Eyeko Skinny Liner. I have used this in the past and actually won a full sized one not so long ago in a twitter competition so I am fully stocked for felt liners! The Eyeko ones are really pigmented and don't smudge. I prefer the felt tip liners and I feel they are easier to control which are  a godsend when it comes to creating a good winged liner look!  I also got  a Lipstick from ModelCo in the shade 'Get Naked' which is a nude shade.  I'm always a bit wary of nude shades because I don't want to get the dreaded concealer lip, however this is actually quite a nice shade which just adds a little something to your lips.

Overall there's nothing in this box that has disappointed me, I am happy with everything I received. I do love that Birchbox give us little hints as to what will be in the next months box. This month we had this little card put into our boxes. I'm excited to see what they have in store! If you haven't signed up to Birchbox yet then you can do so here. Now I've got another lot of samples to use up in my little project! - If you don't know what I am on about then read this post.

Are you subscribed to Birchbox? What did you get in your box?

Much love, 

Say Hello to my new bit of Arm Candy. The Eleanor Doctor style Tote* from Florian London. You may have seen this bag pop up and a couple of past outfit posts, however it's so beautiful I thought it deserved a post all on it's own to really show it off. Florian London produce high quality leather hanbags in a variety of styles. With celebrity fans such as Una from the Saturdays & Fearne Cotton I'm surprised it isn't a brand I hear more of. They've created a great range of classic style handbags that would be suitable for all kinds of women. If you like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink I would say the Eleanor is the bag for you! 

The Eleanor doctor bag is made with Calfskin leather so it is very soft. To keep it in tip top condition it comes with a branded dust bag to store it in when not in use. A fair few of my bags have dustbags and I cannot stress enough how important they are, especially if you have a high quality handbag! It ensures you keep the bag clean & free of any elements that could get it dirty or effect the leather and it just looks nice in your wardrobe. All these bags within a bag lined up neatly in a row. I am trying to get into the habit of stuffing my handbags too to keep their shape while I am not using them. This bag came from Florian London stuffed with tissue paper which I have kept to put back in when I decide to have a bit of a handbag switch around. 

I have dubbed this bag as my Mary Poppin's handbag purely because I can fit so much stuff into it. The Doctor bag style opening means that you can take full advantage of the width of the handbag so I have no problem getting my Ipad in there along with everything else I like to carry around with me. Once closed you have the thick centre strap which then secures with a gold push lock clasp so that your belonging are safely tucked inside. Now because I do carry a lot with me it does get quite heavy. I know due the style of the bag a shoulder strap wouldn't look right attached on each side, however I would be grateful for one. There's only so much weight the crook of my arm can take! - That being said maybe I should look into reducing the amount I carry around with me! 

Speaking of the inside, can we just take a moment to appreciate the lining. It is so beautiful  Lots of tiny illustrations based on Alice & Wonderland. Do you spot the white rabbit? I'm not normally too bothered about what the inside of a handbag looks like, but I do think this has one up on say, a doctor style bag from Zara with a plain fabric lining in it. It's definitely a talking point when I go to get something out of my bag and someone else spots it! There is a lot of space inside like I mentioned before. You also get the zipped pocket incase there's anything small you need put somewhere separate which I do like to have in a bag. There are also a couple other compartments on the opposite side where you can add your phone or in my case, the many lip products I like to carry around with me. 

Florian London have recently launched their new 2014 collection. More classic style bags in a selection of brighter, bolder colours. The mini Vienna handbag in Summer tan has definitely caught my eye. The perfect small handbag for holidays and festivals when you don't want to carry too much around! You can have a look at their lookbook photos on the Florian London Facebook page or follow them on twitter here

Had you heard of Florian London before? What do you think of their handbags? 

Much love,


Saturday Spending #19

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Recently I have been lusting over a bit of a monochrome wardrobe, with flashes of colour here and there. The good thing about purchasing basic monochrome pieces is that they will go with pretty much everything! You are covered on all basis if you go for this colour scheme. It's great for work, and casual days off and pretty much perfect for a night out! There are a fair few monochrome pieces on the highstreet at the moment so I thought I would pick out a few for you.

The check coat from Topshop is so nice- even though I'm sure at this length it would absolutely swap me! I do love it's relaxed style, it's also something a little different from all the pastel coats that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment! Going for staples I couldnt go without adding in a pair of simple black jeggings into the mix - Some people arent a fan of them but I find the elasticated waist a bit of a godsend after a trip to Nandos! :-) A Staple in everyones wardrobe should be a pair of black riding boots like these from Bon Prix. They are the right mix of smart/casual. I seem to be having a bit of a thing with boots at the moment. I am still on the look out for some nice heeled ankle ones as my old New Look ones have had it now! I have my Zara messenger bag but I am on the look out for a smaller black across the body/shoulder bag. I do carry more than I need to on a daily basis so it's probably time to get a smaller day bag! My back and shoulders will probably think me for this! I do like this one from Marc B. Its a classic shape and style.

Much Love,

*Collaborative post*

So the other day I wanted to do a bit of a smokey eye  but I was feeling lazy, I couldn't be botherd to faff around with multiple eyeshadow shades, get the masking tape out and go to town on my eyelids. So instead I grabbed my Soap & Glory Kohl pencil liner and had a little play. The kohl liners from Soap & Glory are a dream to apply, they are so creamy, pigmented and don't drag on your skin at all. I have a nice selection in my collection thanks to nabbing one of the Christmas gift sets in the boots boxing day sale last year. If you want to buy them individually they are £5.00.

To create this really subtle smokey eye - I'd like to think I am channelling the Olsen twins with this look, but not to the extreme. I simply ran the kohl pencil on my water line and tight line first. Then took it across my lash line, making sure not to go too thick with it. Then taking a smudger from ELF I ran that across the lash line to surprise surprise, smudge the kohl out a bit!
Then taking a blending brush from a set I bought from Ebay, I simply blended the kohl lightly up across my lids to the socket. This created a softer look and completely blended out the line I created at first using the pencil. To finish I just used a slick of the Thick and fast mascara which is also from Soap & Glory. I wouldnt say this is my favourite mascara but I'm just using it up because its 'there' rather than going and buying one of my favourites! On my lips I just applied a quick swipe of the Soap & Glory gloss stick in Nudist - No this post is not sponsored by S&G I just happened to be using a couple of their products! 

I know it's not a very dramatic smokey eye, but its just a little somthin' somthin' to mix it up a bit from my usual slick of liquid liner! I  may try this with the other colour Soap & Glory Kohls I have from the set, I'm sure the navy and purple shades would look really nice!

What do you think of this look?

Much Love, 

Life : In the home - Some Snippets #2

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's been a while since I've done a homely post. We've been in our flat nearly a year now and even though decorating is limited due to renting, slowly but surely we are adding small touches to make the place ours. When we got back from centre parcs I think we were a little inspired by the layout and decor of our villa so we decided to have a bit of a rearrange of our living room. I think it's good to have a bit of a revamp and refresh every so often, especially with your living environment. Rearranging the layout is the easiest and sometimes the best way to make a few little improvements without spending too much money - if any at all. We decided to add some blankets to each of our sofas to make them feel a little more snug, nothing better than curling up in a blanket while reading your book or watching a good film! Don't you love the personalized cushion our friend Shelley got us for a Christmas present? Such a thoughtful idea and now we have a reminder of our day right there on our sofa - I do like to make the joke to people to stop sitting on me when they come over though!  

As we rent we never really wanted to spend too much on furnishing the flat, save the big purchases for when we actually own a home and can have complete freedom on what we can do. We went down the more affordable route like getting living room furniture from argos and a few bits & bobs from Ikea. We really want to get a corner sofa rather than having two separate ones however until we know the size of our living space in our own place, it wouldn't be sensible to go out an get one! Before we housed all our DVD's in the spare bedroom, however this meant that we weren't really watching many of them and they were being neglected. So we moved around some of our shelving units and added a DVD corner. We recently had a huge clear out of our films so now we just have the ones that we do actually watch!  For Christmas we got a BOSE Wave music system so we have now made the opposite corner a bit of a music area where we keep some of our CD's and other music gadgets in the baskets below it. See we are getting organised as well as revamping our space! :-) 

I am a girl so candles and photographs are a must. We need to get a few of our wedding photographs framed nicely, but for now we just have a selection of photos scattered around the home which remind us of fun adventures we have had together.  We are currently burning the Fireside Treats Yankee candle, but I am keen to stock up on some more. What are your favourite scents from Yankee?

Much Love,

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Project Samples revisited.

Monday, 10 February 2014


If you are a long term reader of my blog, you may remember when I set myself a little challenge to use up all my samples back in the day! I did do quite well but after a while I eneded up giving a fair few of the samples I had left away so the project was 'over'. Fast forward a decent amount of time and my sample stash has built up again. Therefore I am back on it with the 'Project Samples' and ready to give it a go once again!

I've got a lot of sachets that I can use up very easily if I remember to do so. It's always a bit annoying when you get sachets though because you don't really get a enough in them to work out if something is right for you. It's nice to try new body lotions but when I can only do one arm with what's in the sample it just annoys me! Either way I have a few multiples of sachets so I am sure I can have a decent-ish try of them! There are a few shampoo and hair treatment sachets in there too so I will makesure they are waiting for me in the shower so I can use them as and when. If they are there in front of me I should remember to actually use them!

Being subscribed to a beauty box again means I have stocked up on quite a few minitures and travel sized items. I am going on a couple of weekends away within the next few months so these are handy to take with me. I need to get out of the habit of only using a couple of the items from beauty boxes though. Even though I get quite excited about the content of a box there are always a few standout products that are instantly used but the others I 'put away for another day' but then end up just in a drawer and I forget about them. I need to make sure that these are on show depending on what they are for. Body washes and moisturisers are going to be visible on the side in our bathroom. General treatments like eye creams or makeup removers will be by the side of my bed so I can use them in the mornings/evenings. Slide them into my regular routines!  

Once I have used a good selection of samples I will report back with my thoughts on each product and whether I will be purchasing it full size or not! It will be nice to see the boxes slowly empty!  Maybe not so good if I end up liking a lot of the items and want to buy them all full size! We shall see!

If you want to do this too, then go ahead. I know Katy is really good with using up her samples so if you want some motivation check out her project use up posts!

Much love, 

Outfit : The Geometric Print

Sunday, 9 February 2014

I was recently contacted by vouchercodes to see if I would like to try to put together a couple of outfits based on one of the key trends this season. I decided to go for geometric prints. I figured this trend could be a little daunting for some as wearing a bold print may be a bit too 'out there' and bold for some peoples tastes. I decided to have a look on the highstreet for a few pieces which you could use to inject the trend into your wardrobe.

boohoo Geometric shift dress. Florian London Elenor tote bag

The first item I purchased was a swing dress* from Boohoo.com. Firstly I think swing dresses are amazing because they hide a multitude of sins! I do feel that wearing them with something fitted like a blazer or leather jacket makes it look like less of a sack though, which is something that happens with me due to my lack of height! The print on this particular dress (called the Leanne dress I'll add!) isn't too out there and is a very wearable print. I actually wore this to work and got complimented on it!

Boohoo Geometric playsuit. Marc b Knightsbridge bag I wanted to pick something that would be great for a evening out with friends, this playsuit* also from Boohoo.com ticked all the boxes in regards to being bang on the geometric trend. The style and shape of the playsuit is really flattering. I am not the biggest fan of my arms so having the long sleeves was a nice touch! Obviously it is a bit chilly outside so I would normally wear a blazer or waterfall jacket with this outfit but I couldnt find either to photograph! The quilted bag is from MarcB. Then I just pop on some tights and heels and would be ready do go!

Hot pink boohoo cropped jumper

 For a more casual affair I wanted to try to find a jumper of sorts to incorporate the trend into my wardrobe that way. I also wanted to inject a bit of colour into the challenge as a lot of the geometric items I could find were monochrome. While browsing in river island I came across the cerise pink cropped jumper* which has different knit patterns within it to create a geometric pattern. I thought the colour was lovely so had to get it. If I am honest I am a bit unsure if the cropped jumper is for me, however I loved pairing it with the polkadot shirt and leather skirt to mix things up a bit.

I feel all three outfits show that you can take something like a bold print and combine it with other items of your wardrobe to make it less in your face and more subtle if you are that way inclined. I know there are people out there who like to rock the bright print co-ordinate pieces without hesitation for people like me, just injecting little snippets of the trend here and there is the way to go about it. 

Much Love,


Saturday Spending #18

Saturday, 8 February 2014

With a pretty skint January and February looking to be along the same lines, I find myself window shopping a lot more. Knowing full well I won't be able to buy any of it. Which is always a bit frustrating! It is always nice to have a little browse! I've been pretty lucky with competition wins recently though so maybe I should try my luck with something similar to Lottoland Mega Millions? The scratchcards haven't brought me much luck recently.. well not that last two I bought!

Above are just a selection of things that have caught my eye. I never actually NEED a new handbag but I am always browsing them online! I love the Y bag from Ebay, a bit pricey for a Ebay bargain however I would like to think it would be really good quality. When I saw the leather and suede bag on the River Island website I instantly thought of Tabitha, it's a handbag I could see in her collection (and mine) I admit I do want to stop with the cheaper quality bags and opt for more leather bags in the future. If you look after them well they can last a long time!  

I keep looking at the dip hem and swing dresses because they look so easy to wear. The style is so effortless and you can just throw them on with a blazer or leather jacket and you are good to go! River Island and Topshop have some great ones in at the moment! As I am having a wardrobe clearout and selling bits and bobs to pay for my holiday in September with Charli I seem to just be wearing the same things week in, week out and it is getting a little bit boring to be honest! I need to inject some new bits into my wardrobe I think! Speaking of which, I have wanted a pair of tan ankle boots for a while now. In my previous outfit post I mentioned I would like to get some black heeled boots so my legs look less stumpy! ha! When I saw these suede tan ones I couldn't resist popping them into this post! I think they look a lot more expensive than they actually are too! 

Finally a mini wishlist wouldn't be complete without a bit of makeup thrown in for good measure! I have expressed my love for the stila cheek colours many times before on the blog, After seeing this particular palette pop up on various blogs it's got me lusting after it! Not that I need any more cheek products though!

Is there anything you are currently lusting after? Maybe you are in the same position as me and still not on track money wise since Christmas?! I will be back on track in March!

Much Love, 

*Collaborative Post*

Outfit : Poppylux at Centre Parcs.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014



So I've been a little MIA the past few days, I took a short mini break to Centre Parcs with my family. It's something we do quite often and Sherwood forest is our choice location - even though we live closer to Longleat but hey why break tradition? This year was the first year my Sister's boyfriends came with us too, so all 8 of us headed up north for a few days of relaxation!

When we were younger it was all about the subtropical swimming paradise, we would spend most of the hours in the day in there. The slides, wave machine and rapids - What kid wouldn't love that?!  (I won't lie, it still excites me a little) However now we are all older it was more about the relaxation and being with family (with a little bit of swimming thrown in of course). The weather wasn't too bad so we were able to take advantage of the pretty surroundings taking walks and even giving the adventure golf a go! (I was the only person who scored a hole in one!) Our villa had a sauna and games room, so while some of us brushed up on our pool skills others relaxed in the heat. We ate far too much food - My bread ban was vito-ed for the weekend! I ate a amazing belgium waffle topped with icecream and chocolate! Probably wasn't the best idea to have it for breakfast though! 

I got my mum to snap some pictures of my outfit as I thought the forest background would be quite pretty - even though I had people in the villa next to us watching through the window - Not awkward at all. The dress is from Poppylux* I really like the autumnal florals which I think work really well with my h&m chunky knit jumper - I forgot I had this - Doing wardrobe clear out's has it's perks! Also note the new Florian London handbag* I will do separate post on this beauty, but I will have you know that I have dubbed it my Mary Poppins handbag! I do think I look a bit stumpy in these photos, I know I am short but I think I look extra small in these pictures! Maybe I should invest in some new heeled boots to lengthen my legs a little! Say goodbye to these cut out ones

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I'm now back to my regular blogging routine! I hope you didn't miss my posts too much ;-p 

Much love,