Beauty : The Subtle smokey eye using only 1 product.

Friday, 14 February 2014

So the other day I wanted to do a bit of a smokey eye  but I was feeling lazy, I couldn't be botherd to faff around with multiple eyeshadow shades, get the masking tape out and go to town on my eyelids. So instead I grabbed my Soap & Glory Kohl pencil liner and had a little play. The kohl liners from Soap & Glory are a dream to apply, they are so creamy, pigmented and don't drag on your skin at all. I have a nice selection in my collection thanks to nabbing one of the Christmas gift sets in the boots boxing day sale last year. If you want to buy them individually they are £5.00.

To create this really subtle smokey eye - I'd like to think I am channelling the Olsen twins with this look, but not to the extreme. I simply ran the kohl pencil on my water line and tight line first. Then took it across my lash line, making sure not to go too thick with it. Then taking a smudger from ELF I ran that across the lash line to surprise surprise, smudge the kohl out a bit!
Then taking a blending brush from a set I bought from Ebay, I simply blended the kohl lightly up across my lids to the socket. This created a softer look and completely blended out the line I created at first using the pencil. To finish I just used a slick of the Thick and fast mascara which is also from Soap & Glory. I wouldnt say this is my favourite mascara but I'm just using it up because its 'there' rather than going and buying one of my favourites! On my lips I just applied a quick swipe of the Soap & Glory gloss stick in Nudist - No this post is not sponsored by S&G I just happened to be using a couple of their products! 

I know it's not a very dramatic smokey eye, but its just a little somthin' somthin' to mix it up a bit from my usual slick of liquid liner! I  may try this with the other colour Soap & Glory Kohls I have from the set, I'm sure the navy and purple shades would look really nice!

What do you think of this look?

Much Love, 


  1. Really pretty look - I love doing a smokey eye with kohl liners, too x

  2. So beautiful! I love subtle smokey eyes <3 x

  3. Looks lovely, its nice to have some simple but effective looks to whack on in a rush :) the Soap and Glory eyeliners perform so well, I'm loving their brown one at the moment, so handy they have their own sharpener too.

    Chloe x

  4. It looks lovely Leanne. Might have to pick up a Soap and Glory Kohl pencil eyeliner. I'm far from being a smokey eye expert but you made it look so easy. Will give it a go soon. :)

  5. It's so quick and easy. I'm def going to try it out with the coloured eyeliners I have. x

  6. Thanks Jennie. It's so easy to do! x

  7. It is REALLY easy Diane! You should give it a go! x


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