Life : In the home - Some Snippets #2

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's been a while since I've done a homely post. We've been in our flat nearly a year now and even though decorating is limited due to renting, slowly but surely we are adding small touches to make the place ours. When we got back from centre parcs I think we were a little inspired by the layout and decor of our villa so we decided to have a bit of a rearrange of our living room. I think it's good to have a bit of a revamp and refresh every so often, especially with your living environment. Rearranging the layout is the easiest and sometimes the best way to make a few little improvements without spending too much money - if any at all. We decided to add some blankets to each of our sofas to make them feel a little more snug, nothing better than curling up in a blanket while reading your book or watching a good film! Don't you love the personalized cushion our friend Shelley got us for a Christmas present? Such a thoughtful idea and now we have a reminder of our day right there on our sofa - I do like to make the joke to people to stop sitting on me when they come over though!  

As we rent we never really wanted to spend too much on furnishing the flat, save the big purchases for when we actually own a home and can have complete freedom on what we can do. We went down the more affordable route like getting living room furniture from argos and a few bits & bobs from Ikea. We really want to get a corner sofa rather than having two separate ones however until we know the size of our living space in our own place, it wouldn't be sensible to go out an get one! Before we housed all our DVD's in the spare bedroom, however this meant that we weren't really watching many of them and they were being neglected. So we moved around some of our shelving units and added a DVD corner. We recently had a huge clear out of our films so now we just have the ones that we do actually watch!  For Christmas we got a BOSE Wave music system so we have now made the opposite corner a bit of a music area where we keep some of our CD's and other music gadgets in the baskets below it. See we are getting organised as well as revamping our space! :-) 

I am a girl so candles and photographs are a must. We need to get a few of our wedding photographs framed nicely, but for now we just have a selection of photos scattered around the home which remind us of fun adventures we have had together.  We are currently burning the Fireside Treats Yankee candle, but I am keen to stock up on some more. What are your favourite scents from Yankee?

Much Love,

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