Outfit : Poppylux at Centre Parcs.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014



So I've been a little MIA the past few days, I took a short mini break to Centre Parcs with my family. It's something we do quite often and Sherwood forest is our choice location - even though we live closer to Longleat but hey why break tradition? This year was the first year my Sister's boyfriends came with us too, so all 8 of us headed up north for a few days of relaxation!

When we were younger it was all about the subtropical swimming paradise, we would spend most of the hours in the day in there. The slides, wave machine and rapids - What kid wouldn't love that?!  (I won't lie, it still excites me a little) However now we are all older it was more about the relaxation and being with family (with a little bit of swimming thrown in of course). The weather wasn't too bad so we were able to take advantage of the pretty surroundings taking walks and even giving the adventure golf a go! (I was the only person who scored a hole in one!) Our villa had a sauna and games room, so while some of us brushed up on our pool skills others relaxed in the heat. We ate far too much food - My bread ban was vito-ed for the weekend! I ate a amazing belgium waffle topped with icecream and chocolate! Probably wasn't the best idea to have it for breakfast though! 

I got my mum to snap some pictures of my outfit as I thought the forest background would be quite pretty - even though I had people in the villa next to us watching through the window - Not awkward at all. The dress is from Poppylux* I really like the autumnal florals which I think work really well with my h&m chunky knit jumper - I forgot I had this - Doing wardrobe clear out's has it's perks! Also note the new Florian London handbag* I will do separate post on this beauty, but I will have you know that I have dubbed it my Mary Poppins handbag! I do think I look a bit stumpy in these photos, I know I am short but I think I look extra small in these pictures! Maybe I should invest in some new heeled boots to lengthen my legs a little! Say goodbye to these cut out ones

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I'm now back to my regular blogging routine! I hope you didn't miss my posts too much ;-p 

Much love,