Project Samples revisited.

Monday, 10 February 2014


If you are a long term reader of my blog, you may remember when I set myself a little challenge to use up all my samples back in the day! I did do quite well but after a while I eneded up giving a fair few of the samples I had left away so the project was 'over'. Fast forward a decent amount of time and my sample stash has built up again. Therefore I am back on it with the 'Project Samples' and ready to give it a go once again!

I've got a lot of sachets that I can use up very easily if I remember to do so. It's always a bit annoying when you get sachets though because you don't really get a enough in them to work out if something is right for you. It's nice to try new body lotions but when I can only do one arm with what's in the sample it just annoys me! Either way I have a few multiples of sachets so I am sure I can have a decent-ish try of them! There are a few shampoo and hair treatment sachets in there too so I will makesure they are waiting for me in the shower so I can use them as and when. If they are there in front of me I should remember to actually use them!

Being subscribed to a beauty box again means I have stocked up on quite a few minitures and travel sized items. I am going on a couple of weekends away within the next few months so these are handy to take with me. I need to get out of the habit of only using a couple of the items from beauty boxes though. Even though I get quite excited about the content of a box there are always a few standout products that are instantly used but the others I 'put away for another day' but then end up just in a drawer and I forget about them. I need to make sure that these are on show depending on what they are for. Body washes and moisturisers are going to be visible on the side in our bathroom. General treatments like eye creams or makeup removers will be by the side of my bed so I can use them in the mornings/evenings. Slide them into my regular routines!  

Once I have used a good selection of samples I will report back with my thoughts on each product and whether I will be purchasing it full size or not! It will be nice to see the boxes slowly empty!  Maybe not so good if I end up liking a lot of the items and want to buy them all full size! We shall see!

If you want to do this too, then go ahead. I know Katy is really good with using up her samples so if you want some motivation check out her project use up posts!

Much love,