Review: The Eleanor Doctor Tote Bag in Black from Florian London

Monday, 17 February 2014

Say Hello to my new bit of Arm Candy. The Eleanor Doctor style Tote* from Florian London. You may have seen this bag pop up and a couple of past outfit posts, however it's so beautiful I thought it deserved a post all on it's own to really show it off. Florian London produce high quality leather hanbags in a variety of styles. With celebrity fans such as Una from the Saturdays & Fearne Cotton I'm surprised it isn't a brand I hear more of. They've created a great range of classic style handbags that would be suitable for all kinds of women. If you like to carry around everything but the kitchen sink I would say the Eleanor is the bag for you! 

The Eleanor doctor bag is made with Calfskin leather so it is very soft. To keep it in tip top condition it comes with a branded dust bag to store it in when not in use. A fair few of my bags have dustbags and I cannot stress enough how important they are, especially if you have a high quality handbag! It ensures you keep the bag clean & free of any elements that could get it dirty or effect the leather and it just looks nice in your wardrobe. All these bags within a bag lined up neatly in a row. I am trying to get into the habit of stuffing my handbags too to keep their shape while I am not using them. This bag came from Florian London stuffed with tissue paper which I have kept to put back in when I decide to have a bit of a handbag switch around. 

I have dubbed this bag as my Mary Poppin's handbag purely because I can fit so much stuff into it. The Doctor bag style opening means that you can take full advantage of the width of the handbag so I have no problem getting my Ipad in there along with everything else I like to carry around with me. Once closed you have the thick centre strap which then secures with a gold push lock clasp so that your belonging are safely tucked inside. Now because I do carry a lot with me it does get quite heavy. I know due the style of the bag a shoulder strap wouldn't look right attached on each side, however I would be grateful for one. There's only so much weight the crook of my arm can take! - That being said maybe I should look into reducing the amount I carry around with me! 

Speaking of the inside, can we just take a moment to appreciate the lining. It is so beautiful  Lots of tiny illustrations based on Alice & Wonderland. Do you spot the white rabbit? I'm not normally too bothered about what the inside of a handbag looks like, but I do think this has one up on say, a doctor style bag from Zara with a plain fabric lining in it. It's definitely a talking point when I go to get something out of my bag and someone else spots it! There is a lot of space inside like I mentioned before. You also get the zipped pocket incase there's anything small you need put somewhere separate which I do like to have in a bag. There are also a couple other compartments on the opposite side where you can add your phone or in my case, the many lip products I like to carry around with me. 

Florian London have recently launched their new 2014 collection. More classic style bags in a selection of brighter, bolder colours. The mini Vienna handbag in Summer tan has definitely caught my eye. The perfect small handbag for holidays and festivals when you don't want to carry too much around! You can have a look at their lookbook photos on the Florian London Facebook page or follow them on twitter here

Had you heard of Florian London before? What do you think of their handbags? 

Much love,