Saturday Spending #19

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Recently I have been lusting over a bit of a monochrome wardrobe, with flashes of colour here and there. The good thing about purchasing basic monochrome pieces is that they will go with pretty much everything! You are covered on all basis if you go for this colour scheme. It's great for work, and casual days off and pretty much perfect for a night out! There are a fair few monochrome pieces on the highstreet at the moment so I thought I would pick out a few for you.

The check coat from Topshop is so nice- even though I'm sure at this length it would absolutely swap me! I do love it's relaxed style, it's also something a little different from all the pastel coats that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment! Going for staples I couldnt go without adding in a pair of simple black jeggings into the mix - Some people arent a fan of them but I find the elasticated waist a bit of a godsend after a trip to Nandos! :-) A Staple in everyones wardrobe should be a pair of black riding boots like these from Bon Prix. They are the right mix of smart/casual. I seem to be having a bit of a thing with boots at the moment. I am still on the look out for some nice heeled ankle ones as my old New Look ones have had it now! I have my Zara messenger bag but I am on the look out for a smaller black across the body/shoulder bag. I do carry more than I need to on a daily basis so it's probably time to get a smaller day bag! My back and shoulders will probably think me for this! I do like this one from Marc B. Its a classic shape and style.

Much Love,

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  1. that skirt is lovely, as is that bag :)

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Love the bag......very classic design.

  3. Love the heart shoes - but think I'll wait till the rain stops before I buy anything other than wellies :(

    Michelle x

    Under The Cherry Rainbow

  4. The bow shows are a dead ringer for the Mulbs ones, good find! x

  5. Those heart print shoes are cute - no wonder they're called Swoon!

  6. Ha! Makes perfect sense really! x

  7. I have just googled. You are correct! Not an intentional find but pretty pleased with that. :-) x

  8. Ha yes! You wouldn't want to get those beauts ruined in the rain! x

  9. They are both so nice! Not too bad prices either! x


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