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Friday, 7 March 2014

Don't shoot me, but I think I am a bit bored of seeing Muji storage on I admit in the past I have had acrylic makeup storage - I bought these drawers from Homebase - Then when we moved into our flat I chose to throw all my beauty bits and bobs into a Malm 6 drawer dresser - See my blog post here. More recently I have  found myself selecting a few bits of makeup on rotation each week and putting them on my bedside table ready to use each morning. While this does mean I'm not neglecting too many of  my products, it did start to look a bit messy! 

The other week I popped into TKMAXX - I love that shop! If you are willing to have a good rummage on the shelves you do find some right gems. In this instance it was these two glass trinket boxes. The smaller one was sat inside the bigger meaning they came as a pair... for only £3.99. What an absolute steal! I think they are a great alternative to the muji drawers everyone seems to have. A more sophisticated and grown up version if you will! I keep my daily make up in the larger of the two trinket boxes and use the smaller version to store a variety of lip products I like to switch up throughout the week. 

I noticed that the store had a variety of different shaped & sized trinket boxes. Some fairly large vertical standing ones, which I am not sure what you would store in, but they definitely would look pretty impressive on your dressing table or in your bathroom. 

Do you use an alternative form of makeup storage instead of the blogger favourite muji drawers?

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  1. Oh these are lovely! I use make-up organisers that I got from eBay but these are so much prettier.

  2. These are beautiful! They look stunning and I love the detailing, I need to head to TK Maxx asap!



  3. I don't have my ideal storage method yet, but I've never really been a fan of the acrylic drawers! These boxes are waaay more my style. Glad to see we are of like mindset!


  4. I wish I was organised enough! I have a make up bag that has the main essentials in it (that just comes with me when I go away) and a couple of those mini baskets for all the other stuff. I try to keep it organised...but inevitably end up scrabbling around!


  5. I'm exactly the same.. I really don't like Muji's acrylic drawers. There's no personality with them.. these are just beautiful and so much nicer than boring acrylic xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. So pretty! I have to keep all my products together though otherwise I'd just use the same things all the time! x

  7. Such pretty boxes, I love txmaxx you can really find some bargains :)

  8. Such a nice idea!


  9. So cute, TK Maxx always has the cutest quirky things, it's my favourite place to shop if I'm ever want something one of a kind.

  10. They are really cute boxes :]

  11. So pretty and like you say, make a refreshing change from Muji! I'm on the hunt for some new storage so will definitely keen an eye out next time I go to TK Maxx. xx

  12. I really want to try something from Bumble and Bumble, heard so many good things about them! Great post :)

    Kate xo //

  13. Haha I hate the Muji storage, too! These are completely adorable.


  14. These are very pretty. I just Mufi style storage but have tried to pretty it up a little with washi tape. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  15. Those are adorable very vintage-y, very refreshing to see alternatives to muji!

  16. These are absolutely amazing! We don't have TKMAXX where I am at, but I guess you could find trinket boxes like that elsewhere, too...

    I don't really own tons of makeup so, for the time being, I use the BeautyBoxes San Remo case (left image) for general storage & also keep a woven Zara box (kind of like the one on the right, but with a lid) on my bathroom counter for storing items that get used everyday.


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