Beauty : The many uses for Cotton Buds / Qtips

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

There are some beauty tools that don't get much praise, we use them on a regular basis but because they just blend into the background & we forget to throw them into the spotlight. In this case it's the cotton bud (Or Qtip). I'm sure you've all got a little stash of them in your bathroom. They are the item that I grab in boots when I am on a bit of an essentials shop, along with the toothpaste, shower gel and deodorant. I don't think twice and just grab a box out of habit, but did you know you can use them for many different things, not just cleaning out your ears! 

+ Clean up your manicure : We all go through the 'oh my left hand looks great but I kinda messed up on my right hand' moments. This is where these bad boys come in. Dip them into your nail varnish remover and use them to tidy up the edges of your manicure with ease! 

+ Perfect winged eyeliner : Winged eyeliner is something I am still trying to master, but while I am on this journey to perfection, cotton buds lend a helping hand to shape my wing! Sometimes I draw the line too thick, too far out or completely mess up the perfect point on the end. A cotton bud dipped in moisturiser or miscellar water helps tidy up the flick in sections and leaves me with nearly perfect wings. 

+ Keep dye off your forehead : When I went through a phase of dying my hair at home, I would use a cotton bud to to ensure I didn't get dark dye marks all over my forehead. We cant apply hair dye perfectly and you're bound to have a few little bit of dye along your hair line, use these dipped in warm water as soon as you can and remove the dye. No more tale tale signs that you aren't a natural red head. 

+ Get rid of the blemishes : I'm partial to the odd spot or two, by using cotton buds for precise application of my spot treatment means I can ensure that the product gets to work quickly on the effected area and I don't irritate the 'healthy' skin around the blemish.

+ Brighten your eyes : We all know I love a bit of highlight. In order to make my eyes really stand out I like to highlight the inner corners, due to the size of cotton buds, they act as the perfect tool to add that pop of shimmer around my inner corner, the plus side is that they are disposable so  there's no washing required afterwards!

+ Exfoliate your lips : Now we are into spring the brighter lip shades are making an appearance that means your lips need to be in tip top condition. I use a Cotton bud to gently exfoliate the lips but running it back and forth across them. Just pop on some lip balm after and I'm ready for my bright lippy!

Those are my alternative uses for cotton buds, do you have any you want to add? Leave them in the comments! 

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  1. I love the many uses for cotton buds too, they're so handy for eye makeup mishaps!

    Sophie x

  2. Love this post, really useful!


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