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Friday, 14 March 2014

Top with Bead Appliqué | Detailed knit sweater

Like most of you I am sure, there are a few online stores that I find myself checking the 'new in' section on a daily basis, Zara being one of them. The TRF Line always plays host to a great range of items and really affordable prices so you don't feel too bad popping a couple of things in your online basket. Then when you're feeling a bit flash - or payday has just been; There's the main womenswear line where you can pay a little more for staple items to add to your wardrobe that in the long run, will probably last you a little longer than those from TRF.

Above are just a few of the MANY items I have bookmarked over the course of a week. Oh wouldn't be nice to just go ahead and purchase everything you love! I'm currently trying to re do my wardrobe, buying key basics and opting for a more monochrome colour scheme, therefore I think the grey jacket & black blouse would be excellent additions! - Someone pass me my debit card.....

Much love,


  1. I do love Zara. I got a gorgeous lilac dress with like an open waterfall back from the TRF section, I'm in love xx


  2. I love that beaded top - I need more tops in my collection!

    Shelley from Shelley Hearts Beauty and Lifestyle Blog x

  3. Everything is so gorgeous, I love the black top with chain neck!


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