Saturday Spending #20

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ah Saturday spending is back - I went on a little break from this feature because frankly there wasn't much I was lusting after and I didnt see the point in just putting up a post for the sake of it! I was watching Fleurs 'Whats in my bag' video and noticed that she had a really nice small Kurt Geiger purse. I instantly fell in love. My current purse is Kurt Geiger and has held up pretty well over the years but it is very big and bulky, which isn't ideal when I want to use smaller bags! I decided to have a look at the website to see if I could hunt said purse down, and I did. (I think Fleurs is Pony Skin and this one is Saffino Leather)  Obviously while browsing I came across some other bits I liked and had to throw them into the mix.

As you know I am never one to buy something without a discount code or without some form of cashback. Kurt Geiger is a approved retailer on Topcashback so if you go through them first and place and order you will get back 5.25% at the moment. (Sign up for Topcashback here)
To enable you even more (mwhaha) there is currently a 25% discount code floating around the interwebs. If you enter KGMARCH25 at the checkout it will amend your final total. This discount code is valid till the end of March!

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