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Friday, 11 April 2014

Finding the perfect Jeans TOPSHOP LEIGH

For most girls, finding a pair of jeans that are a perfect fit is an ongoing mission with many frustrating shopping trips until you find THE JEANS. Being only 4ft 11, I have always struggled to find jeans that fit me. It has been one of the main reasons I actually dislike going shopping for clothes. I'm petite in height, but I wont lie, I have a bit of a tum. So the combination of my slim legs but not to slim waist line means its incredibly difficult to find jeans that actually fit properly. Throw in the added factor of being short and it gets even harder. I have had many pairs of jeans in the past that have been the perfect 'skinny' jean albeit too long - but nothing a bit of wonder web can't fix - but then had the disappointment that I couldn't do the button up around the waist! It wasn't until I went along to the newly refurbished Topshop in The Oracle shopping centre that I faced my fears and headed into the denim section of the store...On...A...Mission. 

The Topshop in the Oracle shopping center has had a massive facelift, it's been made bigger, the layout has changed and it much easier to navigate, with different 'departments' dotted around the store all with a member of staff standing by to assist you if you need anything - this is something I really liked. I hate walking around the shops trying to find someone who works there to ask something! Their denim selection is really impressive, we all know Topshop offer a range of different style jeans but surprisingly I had never even stepped foot into a store to try and find a pair to fit my needs. With a full belly after some lunch at Handmade Burger Co & complimentary gift card in hand I figured this would the the perfect time to try and a pair perfect for me. 

The Oracle Reading
With Lorna by my side, I headed to the petite section and grabbed a pair of Joni Jeans and a pair of Leighs. Both styles are hyped up by many girls in and outside of the blogging community so they had to be decent! I loved the stretchy quality you got with the Joni jeans, and the fact they were highwaisted so would 'suck everything in' but for some reason they just didn't look right on me. So I decided to put them to the side and try the Leighs... well IT WAS LOVE. The jeans fit me perfectly. The petite 28" leg length hit me just right on my ankle, they fit my waist well without having to compromise on the 'skinniness'  factor on my legs, I walked straight out the changing rooms and grabbed another pair in black. 

I cannot fault these jeans, I literally want to go and buy them in every colour. I am even heading towards getting a white pair for the summer months! At £38 they aren't too expensive, but buying more than one pair in a single transaction isn't something I will be rushing to do. For now I have the classic dark blue and black.. Maybe I'll have to get a grey pair next....

Have you tried the Topshop Leigh jeans? Maybe you prefer one of the other styles. Let me know in the comments. 

Much love, 


  1. Ooh I need to check out the refurbed Topshop definitely! I love the Joni and Leigh jeans but I find they wear quite quickly (for me) in between the thighs, oops!

    Sophie x

  2. Jeans are so tricky, I'm short too so I have to deal with the bagginess around the ankles and it's really irritating! I do need to try out some new types, sounds like topshop's a place to visit!


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