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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


So this is the start of a new series of posts that I have collaborated with Lorna (Scared Toast) for. You may have already seen a thrifty themed post we worked together on over on her blog from a few weeks ago. If not, go along and have a read here. (and hit that follow button) We'll be joining forces to share some of our knowledge when it comes to being thrifty, Social media & blogging related tips. So onto our first 'Tips & Tricks' post, here are 6 helpful snippets to become more organised when it comes to blogging and your social media platforms...

Lornas Tips....

For longer than I care to admit to, any products I’d get sent to review found themselves scattered around my house.  I’m generally a messy person, and it can be hard to stay on top of things when they not in a central location.  I recently purchased two polypro baskets from Muji which now sit neatly on my desk, housing any bits and pieces that I need to try and generally making the house a little bit tidier.  It’s a really good visual way to remind yourself of what needs testing and, if you’re disorganised like me, makes them a whole lot easier to find!

Leanne and I were discussing this one just the other day.  We both work full time, and by the time we get home in the evening and start to unwind it’s easy to forget to make use of social media.  Popping a little alarm on your phone can be a great way to remind yourself to make time to tweet or hop onto Facebook and connect with your readers that way.  If you’re working with brands or other bloggers it’s important to hold up your end of the bargain (so to speak) and is a really quick and useful way to ensure that you stay on top of any obligations you might have.

Let’s finish with my guilty pleasure; notebooks.  I know I’m not the only one who loves stationary shopping, and browsing through sleek notebooks and pretty paper is a bit of an addiction (pastel moleskines anyone?) so it’s always nice to actually get some use out of them!  At the moment I have two books on rotation; one for YouTube ideas and one for my blog.  The blogging one is always in my handbag, ready for me to scribble down notes when inspiration hits.  I’m still guilty of having a brainwave as I drift off to sleep and promising myself I’ll remember in the morning only to forget it completely, so I can definitely advocate the benefits of having a place to store ideas.  If only I listened to my own advice a bit more often!

Leanne's tips....

With most things in life, you cant be organised if there isn't some form of structure. When I implement that into blogging it means publishing  posts on certain days of the week, or keeping a blog series running at aroundthe same time each month. It's a great way to keep on top of your posts and plan ahead. Both Lorna and I agree that having a plan in place for your posts and using the option of scheduling helps a lot when you work full time and have other life commitments. Of course there are times when Life does get in the way so you may waver from your usual blog schedule,  however that's okay too. It's nice to mix things up a little bit.

Following on from the tip about having a structure to your blogging schedule, another thing I feel really help to keep on top of your game when it comes to your blog and social media platforms are printables. These can include To Do lists, Calenders, Goals, Weekly tasks etc. A great source for pretty printables would of course be Pinterest. You just have to pop 'Blog Printables' into the search bar and a wide range of different styles pop up. I personally like to use the calendars, having a visual of your monthly plan right in front of you is a great way to stay motivated. There's nothing more satisfying than looking at the next months calendar and seeing those squares filled up with blog post ideas!

One app that has everything I need to keep on track and schedule is Hootsuite. It's free to download and really easy to use - You can also use it on your computer You can schedule tweets/Facebook/Google+ posts etc which is great if you are going away on holiday. Ensuring that you still engaged with your audience/pimping out your links while you enjoy some R&R! Some people may prefer the app TweetDeck which does basically the same thing, it's just down to personal preferences. These are also great to use if you have multiple twitter accounts as you can easily switch between them!

We hope you have enjoyed reading a few of our tips and tricks to start getting organised. Put these into action with the points from this post and you will be on a roll!

Much Love,

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