Procrastinate with Youtube #4

Friday, 30 May 2014

Poppy Rawson - Link! 

I found Poppy after Lorna messaged me telling me she needed to buy a few bits Poppy used in the Kylie Jenner tutorial above. Right after I watched this paticular look, I hit that subscribe button straight away and began to make my way through her videos! What I didn't realise was that she actually won The Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp this year, so I may be a little late to the party discovering her, however it just means I have more videos to watch before I have to wait for a new upload! Her tutorials are really easy to follow and just like Lorna, I find myself adding products to my ever growing wishlist! 

Lucy Wood - Link! 

First things first, why wouldn't I feature someone who shares the same love I have for McFly? Those boys are awesome.. don't even get me started on McBusted (BEST GIG EVA!) Anyway, back to Lucy.. Her videos always bring a smile to my face even if she's just sharing the new additions to her wardrobe. She comes out with some great comments, and isn't afraid to just say what she thinks. I really enjoy her monthly videos she uploads for Sugar Scape. In these videos she share the new  releases and must haves from the drugstore. I really enjoy these videos, because sometimes I can be a bit out of the loop on what's new  on the shelves of Boots or Superdrug - although for my bank balances sake that is probably a good thing?

Have you watched these girls videos before? If you haven't you must go check them out and maybe even hit that subscribe button!

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This month I had a little rummage around my stash and rediscovered and old favourite in the form of the Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘On and On Bronze’. This has been my go to product if I have wanted something on my lids, without really having to faff about basically! I apply it with my fingers and then using a fluffy brush, I quickly blend it out a little. A quick one step smokey eye!

We all know I am a fan of NARS Products, getting the Guy Bourdin cheek palette was such a good decision of mine as I don’t think I have reached for another blush or contour since it arrived! I had never tried the infamous Laguna bronzer, but now I totally understand the hype! I love having the option to switch around my blushes too. They are all there in a handy little palette! To go along side with the highlighter in this palette I have been using the Real Techniques setting brush. Now I know a lot of people use it for setting their conealer under their eyes. Which I admit – I am tempted to get another one of this brush for. I prefer to use it to apply highlighting powder to the tops of my cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. Its just the perfect size! Maybe I just have a small face, but I have found this particular brush works a lot better for me in comparison to others I have used before! It’s also REALLY soft, which is a big bonus too of course.

Remember my Look Fantastic haircare haul? Well I have been loving the majority of those products, but the one stand out one for me recently has been the Redken All soft supple touch spray. I use this right after I have towel dried my hair. It is perfect for detangling my locks after a shower. It also has conditioning  and strengthening properties meaning I am well on my way to getting my hair in a better state by using this a few times a week! It’s pretty damn affordable and smells lovely!

What products have you been enjoying using recently?

Much love 

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Lovely Jubbly Blog - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 

Jess is 23 and lives in South Wales. Lovely Jubbly blog is her little bit of the internet where she can escape and write about all things lifestyle and beauty. Sometimes she even incorporates some fashion related posts for you too. Jess posts daily on her blog, so no matter what day you visit, there will be something new for you to read, which I think it always nice! On Friday's she will always post about a fragrance and Sundays are dubbed 'Salon Sundays' where she recommends products for you to use on your hair, which I think is great planning because don't we all love  a bit of a pamper on a Sunday?!  This month I really enjoyed her DIY post for creating personalised photo frames. It is such a simple idea, but works as a great gift! Making a mental note to bare that in mind for birthday's/housewarmings coming up! 

Bargle Fargle - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 

Rai has been blogging for a really long time, so firstly you would have a lot of posts to go back and read! The majority of her posts are outfit based, along with some lifestyle posts thrown in sharing with us what she has been up to or inviting us to see little snippets of her studio flat. If you are into Comics, Kawaii and other general geeky stuff then you will probably enjoy reading Rais blog. She reviews a monthly 'Loot Crate' which is advertised as a box full of  'epic geek and gamer gear' So if that is something you are into then you will want to check out those posts of hers. Rai also has a series on her blog named 'Feeling Lighter' documenting her weightloss journey. She's done really well so far and I feel that they would be helpful to others going through something similar! 

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Summer wardrove essentials with Joules.

With the nicer warmer becoming more regular occurrence, I have realised that I don't have many sun appropriate items in my wardrobe. I am still on the mission to have a wardrobe full of basics, but it something that takes time! That being said there are always a few staple summer pieces that are 'on trend' year after year. Obviously a good straw hat is perfect if you are going on holiday or for a festival along with some sandals!  I've gone off flip flops, now I prefer something with a bit more support and a buckle so these Navy ones from Joules are perfect. 

Stripey summer dresses are a must, these ones have such a nautical feel to them, which instantly makes me think of summer! Everyone has to have a few striped pieces in their wardrobe, and these would be perfect for all year round really. All you need to do is layer them up a bit! I love the contrast between the stripes on the longer sleeved dress. It's just nice to mix things up a bit! The sleeveless dress is a lot more summer appropriate, I'd probably get myself something like this for my holiday later on in the year! 

Everyone has denim shorts, myself included.. but that's about it. I don't tend to go on the hunt for shorts when it comes to the warmer months. I've got one pair of denim shorts and they are all I stick to really. This year however, there have been quite a few nice styles popping up in the shops, so I may have to take advantage of that.... I'll also need to get the fake tan out too! 

Have you started buying some items for your summer wardrobe?

*Collaborative Post*

Much Love,

Next in the series of thrifty based posts from Lorna and myself we are talking about multi-use produts, specifically oils. When you are on a budget or trying to save, it's a good idea to have a few products to hand which can be used in a variety of different ways. You get your moneys worth , don't clog up your storage with too many products and in the long run save money! Without further a do, here are Lorna's tips for using Dry oils...

Oils are one of those products that I really tend to overlook, but I delved in when I bought this Beautifying Dry Oil from The Body Shop on a whim after falling in love with the scent.  From what I understand, the premise of a dry oil is that it’s lighter than its greasier counterpart and because of this, it’s a great one to use for a multitude of beauty purposes.

Locking in moisture
Let’s start with the basics.  Oils are perfect for moisturising.  I’ve decanted mine into a spray bottle which I spritz on to my skin straight out of the shower.  It goes much further on damp skin, and helps to seal in that moisture for the rest of the day.  I particularly like using this in the summer, when I want my skin to feel soft and nourished without the heavy almost sticky feeling that comes with traditional body butters and moisturisers.  It leaves a satin-like finish, and is a wonder product for achieving that Beyonce-esque sheen to your legs.

Sealing split ends
I used to baulk at the idea of applying oil to my hair.  My hair used to get quite oily all on its own so applying extra just wasn’t something I thought I’d ever be doing.  Fast forward two years, and the after effects of bleach have got me reaching for products to provide my tresses with a little TLC.  Again, I’ve decanted my oil (I picked up a couple of spray bottles from Superdrug FYI) and this time mixed it with a splash of water.  A few pumps makes a lovely little quick fix for frazzled ends, or use a drop or two neat for an intense moisture hit.

Revealing smooth skin
The final use in my top three is one that I’ve yet to try, but was too good to miss out.  Did you know you can even use dry oil to make an exfoliator?  Mix it in a bowl with an abrasive substance (I’m going to go with brown sugar) for the perfect homemade scrub.  The great thing about these Body Shop oils is that they come in so many different fragrances, you can tailor it to your own preferences and create your ideal exfoliator.  Pretty good, huh?

Coconut oil has been getting a lot of recognition in the blogging world recently, and rightly so. It’s a brilliant multi use product that I feel everyone should have in their possession. While on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka, Tom and I visited a spice garden and I bought myself a massive bottle of all natural coconut oil. I’ve still got loads left even though I use it for multiple things on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure after all the hype some of you may have it in your stash so here are a few ways in which I use it.

 Moisturising Hair mask.
This is probably the most common way to use coconut oil and the simplest. I usually do this on dirty hair but I don’t think it matters too much, because my coconut oil is in a bottle I hold it under a hot tap to melt it and then pour it out. If you have it in jar form you can just scoop some out, rub it between your palms and it will melt into a liquid. You just need to apply it to dry hair, from root to tips making sure you work it all the way through your hair. Then clip it up and leave for 30 mins. For a little somethin’ somethin’ you can throw on a showercap and use a hairdryer to add heat to the process.  Once the time has lapsed I just hop into the shower and rinse it out, I usually give it two rinses to ensure all the coconut oil is out. You are left with the softest hair ever. – Ideally I want to get back into the habit of doing this on a weekly basis.

Make-up remover.
There have been a couple of times when I don’t have my usual makeup remover to hand – it’s usually the case that I haven’t repurchased a new bottle after running out. I don’t fret too much though because coconut oil is great for removing makeup. I use my hands to apply the oil to my face in circular motions, giving myself a little mini massage as I do so – it’s really relaxing. Then using a cotton pad I just remove it. The coconut oil removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof mascara. My face is also left feeling extremely soft and nourished!

For a Close shave.

I am one of these girls that hardly ever buys shaving cream/gel – I usually just pinch some of Toms – But since he started to notice he would be running out a lot quicker than normal I figured it was only fair to start using a different method…. Yep..coconut oil. It’s pretty simple, I just smoother a thin layer of coconut oil over my legs, pick up my razor and shave away. I get the closest shave ever using this method, plus as I have used an oil, my legs are already moisturised so there’s no need to faff about when I’ve got out with lotions and potions. RESULT! 

So there you have it, our top tips for using dry and coconut oils! Have you given them a try?

Much love, 

Life : Meg & Mollie....

Monday, 19 May 2014



With the weather being so nice this past weekend, Tom and I headed over to my parents for a bit of a chillax. I took my camera along to snap some photos of my parents dogs. Meg is a Collie Cross who we adopted from the Dogs trust a few years ago. We have never been too sure what she is crossed with, she is really stocky so my sister thinks it might have been a rottweiler or another breed like that. Either way she is a right character and was a great friend to our Golden Retriever Barnie... Some of you may know that we had to have our beloved Barn put to sleep earlier on in the year. He was nearly 13 years old and just became a right old man, so it was just what was best for him at the end of day.  

That leads me onto Mollie, the 5 month old Goldendoodle my parents bought to keep Meg company.. She really pined for Barnie after he went so my parents decided to get another dog for her to befriend. (other wise she probably would have destroyed the house!) Her Mum was a Golden Retriever and her Dad was a miniature Poodle! At the moment she looks like a little scruffy dog, but we think she will eventually grow a little bigger and just look like a scruffy retriever! 

We have always been good at training our dogs, and Mollie is slowly learning the basics. She can sit and give us her paw.. but I'm sure over time my sister will teach her a ton of new tricks. It's always been my sister that has been able to teach our dogs how to do bits and bobs, it makes me realise how smart dogs actually are, and there are a number of different things you can teach them. Bolt Burdon Kemp have put together an infographic on the different types of assistance dogs. Usually I just think of Guide Dogs for those who are visually impaired.. however there are so many different roles for dogs! I don't know if we will be able to teach Mollie to get the post for us (she'll probably just eat it) or help my mum with the washing (again she'll probably just run around the garden with some socks hanging out of her mouth, but we are well on our way with her understanding the usual doggy commands! 

*Collaborative Post*

Much love,

If you didn't know, this is the infamous lip combination worn by Kim Kardashian. Back in the day when everyone was craving that perfect nude lip word got out the Miss Kim K used this combo. I think it's safe to say a lot of us rushed out to purchase these two products.. Myself included obviously.  After going through a bit of a sort out of my makeup collection, I rediscovered NARS Turkish Delight lipgloss & decided I needed to find a way of making it work for me. On it's own it just doesnt look right. Too much of a milk pink shade. Then I remembered that this was coveted by many after the Kim K makeup secret was revealed... Que me going through various handbags trying to find where I'd left my Mac Angel lippie.... 

I think everyone has their preferred ways of wearing this particular combination. I tend to dab Mac Angel lightly to my lips and then use the same process with the NARS lipgloss. The two applied lightly together gives me a great 'my lips but better' look. Obviously dependant on skin tone this combination could look completely different on other people but I'm really happy with how it looks on me. It's a great every day nude lip which I will be sure to be wearing more often. 

Have you tried the infamous Kim Kardashian lip combination?

Much Love, 

It’s been a while since I purchased new nail polish. It’s rare for my nails to be in good condition and long, but when they are I have to get some new colours to add to my collection. Over recent months I have heard a lot of good things about the Barry M Gelly nail polishes, so last weekend I decided to treat myself after seeing a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug. 

Blue Grape is a gorgeous, colbalt blue, which as the line suggests provides a great shine! I usually reserve blues for the colder months, however due to the vibrancy of this shade, I think it is perfect for the upcoming summer months. Definitely a shade you could rock at a festival. In regards to application, I took two coats for an opaque finish. Which I am pretty happy with! The consistency of the varnish is slightly thicker than the regular nail paints from Barry M but that is expected when you are going for a gel effect finish. Even though this nail paint provides fantastic shine, I did apply a top coat afterwards – My current go to is Sally Hansen Instadry. I can’t paint my nails and not apply a topcoat, it seems ‘wrong’ if I don’t! This particular shade lasted a good few days before chipping

The Barry M Gelly polishes retail at £3.99 which is great value for money – even better when boots or superdrug have 3 for 2 offers on. The other shades I purchased were Papya and Pomegranate. I have just seen Corries post about some new shades coming out so I might have to add a couple of those to my stash too!

Have you tried this line of Barry M Nail paints yet?

Much love, 

Am I the only one who....

...has a good hair day, only to step outside without a umbrella and have it chuck it down with rain?

...has a good hair day on the days you don't plan on leaving the house

...spends ages trying to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner only to end up looking like this

...finishes the tube of shampoo before the conditioner resulting in a miss matched pairing?

...paints their nails only to go smudge it when you're putting nail varnish away tweeting/instagraming?

.. paints their nails and then needs to go to the loo immediately afterwards while they are still wet.

...takes their time perfecting their eye makeup, only to go stab yourself in the eye at the final hurdle resulting in a eye watery mess?

...Sneezes right after applying mascara so it transfers under my eyes.

...applies fake tan with great precision only to wake up and find that some seeped through the mitt so you have a fake tan disaster on your hands...literally

Feel free to add your own in the comments! :-)

Much love,

There's one final step I think a lot of people forget about when completing an at home manicure, and that is using a cuticle oil. I admit I never used to use it, however with my nails recently having a bit of a growth spurt and they seem in pretty good condition, I figured it must be because I had added this simple product into my manicure and nightly routine. 

Cuticle oil is exactly what it says on the tin.... an oil, for Cuticles! By using an oil on a regular basis, you soften and hydrate the cuticle. We all know that a manicure looks a  million times better if everything is preened including those pesky cuticles that don't look very nice if you don't care for them properly

I've been using the Boots Salon Nail care Nail and Cuticle oil for a few weeks now, applying it every evening and after a fresh paint job. I've seen a dramatic improvement in the appearance and how they feel, I can't imagine not including it in my routine anymore! There are various methods to apply cuticle oil, some come in pen form so you can be very precise with your application. Other's look like a nail varnish and you just apply with a brush. This one from boots is a rollerball. Making it very easy to control the amount of product on each finger. As it is a oil a little goes a long way, I can see this tiny tube lasting me a while! You don't have to go out and buy a specific cuticle oil though, something like coconut oil which will also do the job! A pot of that would last you ages!

Do you use a cuticle oil to keep them in check?

Much love,


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Friday, 2 May 2014

Rock and Glitter - Blog | Twitter | Instagram 

Alison has been blogging for roughly 3 years now. Rock and Glitter consists of a variety of posts, from beauty reviews, monthly favourites. Lifestyle snippets and slimming world recipes - i know a fair few people who follow the slimming world plan so Alisons posts and videos on the matter will be very helpful! Speaking of which, you can subscribe to Alisons youtube channel by clicking here

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Brand Mentions...

I have also decided to do a few little shoutouts for some of the brands I featured during the past month.  It's a nice way to do a little re cap for some of the posts you may or may not have read too!

Sugarhill Boutique - Website | Twitter | Facebook

When Easter was fast approaching I featured this Bunny sweater in a blog post. I was in Glasgow over easter and even though it was sunny, I did get a chance to wear it on the Sunday while tucking into a bit of chocolate! Sugarhill Boutique always have such a lovely array of items in the more adorable prints. Every season I swear they bring out cuter designs! My current favourite has to be this daisy top

Dirty Looks - Website | Twitter | Facebook 

In the quest for thicker locks I tried and tested the HK Hair extensions from Dirty looks I wont go too much into detail, You'll have to read the post for my review, but I will say I was impressed, not only with the product but the brand themselves. If you are looking for some relatively affordable, good quality clip in hair extensions I highly recommend them. 

Topshop Website | Twitter | Facebook
The Oracle Website | Twitter | Facebook

It was during my trip to the newly refurbished Topshop store in The Oracle shopping center in Reading that I discovered my perfect pair of jeans. You can read my post all about that here. I do speak about it in my post, but if you are local to the shopping center you must go in to see the new store. It's such a better design layout, as well as being bigger! They even have a Miss Selfridge within the store now! 

So there you go, my advertisers and brand shout outs for the month of April! 

Much love,