Fashion : Updating my summer wardrobe.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Summer wardrove essentials with Joules.

With the nicer warmer becoming more regular occurrence, I have realised that I don't have many sun appropriate items in my wardrobe. I am still on the mission to have a wardrobe full of basics, but it something that takes time! That being said there are always a few staple summer pieces that are 'on trend' year after year. Obviously a good straw hat is perfect if you are going on holiday or for a festival along with some sandals!  I've gone off flip flops, now I prefer something with a bit more support and a buckle so these Navy ones from Joules are perfect. 

Stripey summer dresses are a must, these ones have such a nautical feel to them, which instantly makes me think of summer! Everyone has to have a few striped pieces in their wardrobe, and these would be perfect for all year round really. All you need to do is layer them up a bit! I love the contrast between the stripes on the longer sleeved dress. It's just nice to mix things up a bit! The sleeveless dress is a lot more summer appropriate, I'd probably get myself something like this for my holiday later on in the year! 

Everyone has denim shorts, myself included.. but that's about it. I don't tend to go on the hunt for shorts when it comes to the warmer months. I've got one pair of denim shorts and they are all I stick to really. This year however, there have been quite a few nice styles popping up in the shops, so I may have to take advantage of that.... I'll also need to get the fake tan out too! 

Have you started buying some items for your summer wardrobe?

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  1. the shorts are gorgeous!

  2. Ohh love that sunhat, a decent sunhat is hard to find!

  3. Primark has become my weekly hunting ground for summer basics, they have loads of loose, cotton t-shirts in so many colours and patterns. I might have to invest in these dresses though, they're gorgeous :)

    Emily xx //

  4. Great buys, I'm def off to primani soon! X
    Bean's Beauty Blog

  5. This post makes me crazy happy because my inner stripe addiction feels justified - and like I need some more things! hope you're well lovely little Leanne x


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