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Monday, 19 May 2014



With the weather being so nice this past weekend, Tom and I headed over to my parents for a bit of a chillax. I took my camera along to snap some photos of my parents dogs. Meg is a Collie Cross who we adopted from the Dogs trust a few years ago. We have never been too sure what she is crossed with, she is really stocky so my sister thinks it might have been a rottweiler or another breed like that. Either way she is a right character and was a great friend to our Golden Retriever Barnie... Some of you may know that we had to have our beloved Barn put to sleep earlier on in the year. He was nearly 13 years old and just became a right old man, so it was just what was best for him at the end of day.  

That leads me onto Mollie, the 5 month old Goldendoodle my parents bought to keep Meg company.. She really pined for Barnie after he went so my parents decided to get another dog for her to befriend. (other wise she probably would have destroyed the house!) Her Mum was a Golden Retriever and her Dad was a miniature Poodle! At the moment she looks like a little scruffy dog, but we think she will eventually grow a little bigger and just look like a scruffy retriever! 

We have always been good at training our dogs, and Mollie is slowly learning the basics. She can sit and give us her paw.. but I'm sure over time my sister will teach her a ton of new tricks. It's always been my sister that has been able to teach our dogs how to do bits and bobs, it makes me realise how smart dogs actually are, and there are a number of different things you can teach them. Bolt Burdon Kemp have put together an infographic on the different types of assistance dogs. Usually I just think of Guide Dogs for those who are visually impaired.. however there are so many different roles for dogs! I don't know if we will be able to teach Mollie to get the post for us (she'll probably just eat it) or help my mum with the washing (again she'll probably just run around the garden with some socks hanging out of her mouth, but we are well on our way with her understanding the usual doggy commands! 

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  1. Lovely photos - Meg and Mollie are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. What's it like adopting a dog? It's something that I definitely want to do in the future and I was wondering what the process is like, must be a really rewarding thing!


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