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Monday, 26 May 2014

Lovely Jubbly Blog - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 

Jess is 23 and lives in South Wales. Lovely Jubbly blog is her little bit of the internet where she can escape and write about all things lifestyle and beauty. Sometimes she even incorporates some fashion related posts for you too. Jess posts daily on her blog, so no matter what day you visit, there will be something new for you to read, which I think it always nice! On Friday's she will always post about a fragrance and Sundays are dubbed 'Salon Sundays' where she recommends products for you to use on your hair, which I think is great planning because don't we all love  a bit of a pamper on a Sunday?!  This month I really enjoyed her DIY post for creating personalised photo frames. It is such a simple idea, but works as a great gift! Making a mental note to bare that in mind for birthday's/housewarmings coming up! 

Bargle Fargle - Blog | Instagram | Twitter 

Rai has been blogging for a really long time, so firstly you would have a lot of posts to go back and read! The majority of her posts are outfit based, along with some lifestyle posts thrown in sharing with us what she has been up to or inviting us to see little snippets of her studio flat. If you are into Comics, Kawaii and other general geeky stuff then you will probably enjoy reading Rais blog. She reviews a monthly 'Loot Crate' which is advertised as a box full of  'epic geek and gamer gear' So if that is something you are into then you will want to check out those posts of hers. Rai also has a series on her blog named 'Feeling Lighter' documenting her weightloss journey. She's done really well so far and I feel that they would be helpful to others going through something similar! 

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