So this is a new series I want to start. I can't tell you how regular they will be because I don't know how often I will find something I like, as you have seen from the title its all about trying out a sample sized product and sharing with you if I go ahead and get the full sized version. I decided to kick things off with this Lancome Hypnose mascara.

When it comes to mascaras I have stuck with the same mascara for years and that's the L'Oreal Voluminous in Carbon black. It's not often I switch it up. However I finished a tube and all I had lying around was this Lancome sample so I thought I would give it a go. I was wowed. This is probably going to be my new go-to mascara when I'm feeling a bit flash and can treat myself. This full sized tube is from Chemist direct and costs £14.99 which is £8 cheaper than if you were to get it elsewhere! Who would say no? 

This bristle wand is great as it really grabs all my lashes in order to coat them with mascara, I struggle with the plastic wands that other brands use, as I don't feel that they add any volume or separate my lashes very well. I'm not one for spider lashes, which is good because I find that the Lancome Hypnose Mascara doesn't clump on me at all, I usually use two coats and it is fine. By using this particular mascara my lashes are slightly longer and fan out beautifully. There have even been occasions where I have been asked what false lashes I am wearing. That is how good it is! Fortunately I don't need to curl my lashes with a curler, however by using this particular mascara my lashes seem a bit more curled which is a plus of course! So if you're someone who has quite straight eyelashes & may be a bit scared about trapping your eyelid in curlers, it might be worth giving this product a go to help you a little! This mascara doesn't flake at all, which made me wonder whether it would be a bit stubborn to remove, however that is not the case. I simply use the Garnier Micellar water - I highly relate this by the way! - on a cotton pad, hold it on my eye for a few seconds, then with one sweep it is gone. Just like that. It really does tick all the boxes for me!

 Like I said before, I'm not one to swap around my mascaras, but in this case I'm glad I decided to try the sample I had in my stash. So why not have a rummage through your stash and get using some of those minitures/samples you have. You might find a right gem in there. 

Much love, 
The sun is out so it means I've been reaching for the bottle - of fake tan that is! I haven't really had a chance to do any proper sunbathing yet, but this hot weather calls for getting your pins out so instead of blinding people with my paleness I have been using the Vita Liberata self tan mousse* This particular tan has a really dark guide colour which I love, it means I can guarantee I don't miss any spots! Even though this tan can be washed off after 1, 2 or 3 hours, out of habit I have just been using it over night. It gives me a lovely sunkissed glow, the perfect way to fake it!

Along with the nicer weather, I swear I am getting hayfever. I've never had it before but I have found my eyes feeling a bit irritated and watery. That is where the Liz Earle Eyebright soothing lotion comes in. It has been an absolute saviour! Just popping some of this on 2 cotton pads, then relaxing with them on my eyes makes a world of difference. My eyes feel so refreshed and the irritation goes. Definitely a product all hayfever suffers should try. Obviously its not a permanent fix, but it's nice for your eyes to feel back to normal for a little bit!

I've also been trying to use more of my samples, my most reached for product has been this sample blush from Lancome in Rose Paradis. It's a very bright pink that only needs the slightest amount on your brush to give you a lovely rosey glow. I didn't think I would be a fan of such a bright blusher but it's so nice. I'd even contemplate buying the full size version if I use this one up! The staying powder is really good too, even in this hot weather we are having. 

My final favourite is the L'Oreal Liquid lipstick in Rose Melody. I actually went to look for the shade Nude Ballet which Kim Kardashian apparently wore on her wedding day to Kanye West, but I decided that shade wasn't for me. Rose Melody however is a gorgeous every day pink which I have found myself reaching for nearly every day. The colour payoff is really good, they have a lovely melon (?) scent, the glossiness lasts a decent amount of time and they arent sticky at all. L'oreal products are also on 3 for 2 in boots at the moment. I should pop in and grab a few other shades! 

What products have you been enjoying during June?

Much love, 

Trying something new?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen me discuss foot tattoos with a few other bloggers a couple of weeks ago after having a spontaneous 5 minutes where I was convinced I was going to get one done. I’m usually the friend that goes along to hold hands in support, as tattoos are inked or piercings are pierced. Most recently I went along with my sister to get her ears pierced for the first time & with fellow blogger Lorna, to get her shell tattoo on her wrist, and knowing Lorna, it probably won’t be long till I head along with her in support for her next one! ;-p  

The more time I spend in these tattoo parlours combined with evenings spent on social media, the more I toy with the idea of getting a tattoo. I’ve always been a piercings girl (I have my belly button and 3 piercings in each lobe – so far) but nowadays there’s so much imagery of tattoos around us that I can’t help but ponder on the idea. I will log onto my pinterest account and there will be pins by others seeking inspiration. Scroll through my instagram feed & someone will be showcasing their new ink. Log onto youtube & one of my fave youtubers has uploaded a q&a about their tattoos. I’m surrounded! No wonder I’ve contemplated it now and again! I like the idea of something smallish but detailed – if that is possible! Watercolour tattoos can look so nice if created using the right colours, dot work is also a style I really like as there so much work and detail that goes into them.

I’ve always said if I were to have a tattoo, I would like it somewhere on my body where it would be quite subtle. I’m not one for a full sleeve! Maybe somewhere like on the back of my neck, or on my foot. If I want to show it off I can, other days I can go around and it be unnoticed. I know there are mixed opinions about whether tattoos should have a meaning behind them and I personally like the idea of them being personal. A date that means something to you, your birth flower, a quote you like to live by, or even something symbolic that relates to a event in your life.  With this in mind, it means I have a fair few ideas of what I would like, if I were ever to take the plunge. I've even thought about buying some temporary tattoos off of Etsy. There are a variety of  types to choose from, I do think this is a good idea to have a play around and gives me time to  really consider if I want to get one in the future. The bonus being these can be removed fairly easily compared to if I had a real one and had to opt for more extreme methods of removing a tattoo from companies such as Sk:n Clinics. 

So while I ponder over the idea, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Maybe you have one, what do you have? 

Much Love. 

*Collaborative Post*

Life : Keep Calm & Relax

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Some of you may be going through exams at the moment, busy times at work or other general life activities that can cause you to get a bit wound up and stressed. It’s easily done. I know at times I even get stressed out about blogging when I haven’t got any content to publish, I feel a little like I’m letting my readers down! It’s time like these that we should remember to just take a little of time out for ourselves for a bit of R&R.

Go for a walk – Getting outside in the fresh air can do wonders. Whether you are at work or home, take a short break and go for a walk. I am quite fortunate that both my work and home are right by a canal so on lunchbreak I can get out and about, take 20 mins to go on a nice stroll and chill for a bit. Not only is a great way to clear my mind, it’s a bit of daily exercise. Walking regularly has more benefits then jogging apparently.

Pick up your book/ipod – You could go the whole hog, get on the spotify app and listen to some spa music if you wanted to completely chill out. Or select a few of your favourite albums, sit back, chill and listen. I like to do this and listen to really old albums I used to be obsessed with. They instantly bring back good memories & help me relax. Same goes for books. We always feel chilled when reading – well dependent on the genre! I have a good selection of books to read on my kindle. I find reading them before I go to bed really helps me wind down. I actually end up getting a better night sleep if I read beforehand!

Have a Pamper Session – One that I think most of you probably do already is have a bit of a pamper. Have a hot bath/shower, give your hair and body a bit of TLC with various treatments, paint your nails, fake tan. You know just make yourself feel beautiful! If you are feeling super indulgent you could always make a day of it & go for a spa package at somewhere like Trueskin Medispa. They are pretty affordable so it’s something I might consider later in July for around my Birthday. I’ve never been to a Spa, so many people say I am missing out! Even my mum has been on spa days and she’s not that into her beauty! 

These are just three small changes you could make to your daily or weekly routine to get you on track to being less stressed out and give your positive attitude a bit of a boost! What sort of things do you do to get yourself nice and relaxed? 

Much Love, 

*Collaborative Post* 

Stephanie Dreams - Link!

I have have been fortunate enough to meet with Steph a number of times at blogging events, plus the added bonus of living not to far away from one another. Since making a big success of her blog Stephanie Dreams, she has moved on to making regular youtube videos on her channel. Where her blog mainly focuses on outfits and lifestyle posts, there are many tags, hauls and chatty videos to be found if you head over via this link. Steph has just started a new series of videos to go alongside the ones she uploads every Sunday. So if her weekend is a bit action packed with fun things, she will be taking her camera along with her and showing us snippets of what she got up to. 


Charli Blogs - Link

I'm sure a lot of you are aware of Charli as I mention her a fair bit on here, were you aware she does youtube videos as well as her blog? Charli Predominately showcases her recent hauls on her channel along with her monthly favourites. After watching her recent Matalan Clearance haul, I will def  make her take me there when I next head over to Cardiff for a visit. Back in March she put together a video on her Sunday Pamper routine & I really liked the way it was filmed. So Charli this is a little request from me to do more videos like that please! 

What Youtubers have you been enjoying watching recently?

Much love,

Fashion: Summer 2014 Trends

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Summer fashion trends blog post

Kimonos - I really like the kimono trend. I actually had 3 different styles in my wardrobe last year. Then after a big clear out put them on Ebay and sold them. What a mistake that was! I think they are a great alternative to a regular jacket in the warmer months, as well as being a perfect cover up when you go on holiday by the pool. I do really want to get one (or 2) this summer. This is a trend I probably will partake in. I'm just a fussy mare and need to find the perfect one! 

Birkenstocks - The Birkenstock branded sandals have made a big impact this year. Now I admit, they do look like they would be super comfortable and you don't have to put up with the blisters between your toes like you sometimes get with flip flops. However I have tiny feet (Size 3) and they are also really narrow. I can't help but think that they would just look ridiculous on me! I'm very likely to avoid this particular summer shoe and go for something a little more flattering for my feet! 

Backpacks - You all know I love bags. I probably own far too many than is necessary really. However this summer the backpacks have come back and I am kinda liking them. The highstreet have produced some lovely designs which look a lot more chic than my sporty one I used while I was at school! I have to say my favourite I have seen so far is this blush leather one from Topshop! How dreamy! They are roomy enough to hold all the rubbish I lug around plus, I wont get back ache from it - Anyone else get a bad back when carrying a heavy bag on the crook of their arm?

Which Summer 2014 trends do you like this year?

Much Love, 
There are a few eyeshadows in my collection that I reach for when I want to put together a quick makeup look. There are days when I don’t have that long to get ready! Most of the time for during the day I will pick out a lighter shade which I can wash just all over my lid like NARS Nepal. You can read my post about it here. Other days when I want a bit more of a smokey eye minus the effort, I will use NARS Fez eyeshadow.

You know I have a little soft spot for NARS products. Their Eyeshadows in particular. I have 4 NARS  eye palettes in my possession at the moment, meaning in total I have 20 single shadows. Some of which are duplicates, but luckily these are my favourite shades so it works out really well! The majority of their shadows are all so buttery soft and easy to apply. I do have a couple of matte shades in my Pleasures of Paris palette which I don’t tend to use that often as they are 1. Purple shades and 2. Not as nice to apply. Apart from that, every shadow is shown some lovin’ from time to time! Fez is one of those one wash wonders that I feel everyone should own. It’s the perfect warm brown shade with a slight shimmer/metallic look to it without being a bit OTT. Worn alone it makes an impact. With a slick of liquid liner, it looks like you made a big effort without actually having to.  Blended on the outer corners with a lighter shade like Nepal in the center, makes a great everyday look with some dimension to it.  Those two shadows make a great pairing!

Fez is in the Pleasures of Paris Palette & Ride Up to the moon palette, both of which were limited editions. However luckily for you, it is part of the permanent line so you can purchase it in single pan form.  These single shadows do cost £18 which for some may be a little steep, I understand that. But if it’s a shade you know you are going to really get a lot of use of I feel it is really worth the money. If you have never tried a NARS eyeshadow, get your bum to a counter, cover your hand with swatches and just fall in love…

Much Love, 

Life : Summer Bucket List 2014

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Since reading Lorna's Memory maker posts, I have wanted to do something a little similar. Both Tom & I work full time so our weekends are quite precious to us. It's far to easy to get into a routine and forget to go out and have some adventures or experience something new. With that in mind I have decided to put together a bucket list of things I would like to get up to or experience over the next few months. These will mainly be things that Tom and I would like to do together, but some could be done alone or with friends.

1. Go to Longleat Safari Park - Somewhere I have always wanted to go, it's fairly close to where we had our wedding last summer so we drove past it quite a lot! Unfortunately as you can imagine we were very busy & never had the time to actually go visit. After finding out you don't actually have to drive through the monkey enclosure I think we are more willing to visit now!   

2. Have fish & Chips on the beach - This is a given in the summer months. Ideally we would love to go spend a day down in Brighton, exploring the lanes and playing on the 2p machines in the arcade - Who doesn't love those! Fingers crossed when/If we go that the weather is nice! 

3. Go to Whipsnade Zoo - Last summer I went to London Zoo with my friend Shelley. This year I would love to go to Whipsnade as its the UK's largest Zoo, there are so many animals there! Who doesn't love going to a zoo. Lets be honest! Tempted to see if Miss James would like to join us for this one.... 

4. Eat at a new restaurant - We are creatures of habit. Tom and I tend to go to the same food places all the time - admittedly this is partly due to my fussy eating habits. However I know there are a few restaurants that we haven't been to yet that I am sure I could find something I like on the menu.  

5. Go on a bike ride - Nothing better than going on a nice long bike ride on a summers day. It's fun, you can go exploring to find somewhere new, it's exercise and you might get sunburnt a tan in the process! 

6. Have a picnic - A fairly simple activity but one that can take place alongside one of the other things we would like to do. Killing two birds with one stone and all that jazz! 

7. Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour. - This is something Tom and I keep saying we want to do but just haven't got around to booking tickets. I've seen a lot of blog posts & Vlogs by other people documenting their experience and it just makes me want to go even more. It looks so exciting! 

8. Go to the Theatre - Okay so I know this is one activity I will be able to tick off my list as we are going to London to see Wicked for our wedding anniversary in July. The tickets to the show represent the 'paper' theme of our first year of marriage! 

9.  Have a spontaneous day out - No plans, Just jump in the car and see where we end up. 

10. See some live music. - Tom and I love going to gigs, unfortunately this year we don't have any weekend tickets for festivals, but as Reading is literally on our doorstep and day tickets are still for sale, you never know we might be able to get our fix. Even if that isn't something we can do, there's usually local events going on with live bands which we could always check out. 

So there you go, my our Summer Bucket list. 
I'd love to know if you are planning on doing something similar this year! Let me know in the comments.. 

Much love, 

When it comes to the makeup offerings from Topshop it seems that there are some cult products that everyone seems to have, and then there are those that don’t get talked about that much. Quite often, people sing the praises of their lipsticks, myself included (I have 3 lipsticks from Topshop in my collection) along with their blushers (again another product I have multiples of). I don’t tend to hear much about their mascaras or eyeshadow palettes, so whether they are decent products or not, I am not sure. However I do know if something gets hyped up by a lot of people, then it’s worth the purchase.  

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Cream Highlight pots. I’ve seen these mentioned on various blogs over the past few months, along with their newest offering the Glowstick Highlighter – which I am yet to try. Being the complete highlighter feind that I am, I had to get the Glow pots in both shades. As you can see from above I do have a favourite, and that is the shade Gleam. It works particularly well when I have a tan as it is more of a bronzed highlight. The product itself is very creamy, I find it very easy to blend onto my skin. To apply I use tap a small amount along the tops of my cheeks for a nice glow! The more pearlescent toned highlighter is called polish. This is lighter than gleam so probably be best for those with paler skin tones. The one thing I do find with this shade though, is that its a bit harder to blend. At times I even find it takes of some of my makeup underneath! - I am not the only one who has had has this problem though, Lorna has encountered the very same thing! Maybe I need to find an alternative way of using it. But out of the two, Gleam is a hit and Polished is a little bit of a miss in my opinion. 

I do like that they are in pot form, as they sit nicely in my makeup drawers and don't take up too much room in my makeup bag if I want to take them away with me somewhere. Being in a pot is slightly annoying now that my nails have managed to grow to a decent length, Meaning I am always getting product under my nail when I want to use it. I might have to find a brush that could work well with it instead. Im thinking a small duo fibre stippling brush perhaps? What do you think?

Have you tried these shades from Topshop before?

Much Love, 

After running out of everything all at the same time - Why does this happen?! - I headed off to boots for a little restock. Even though I am a beauty blogger, I'm not one that has multiple products to fall back on. In some instances I have the one product I am currently using and that is that! 
This was the case when it came to base products. I do like to try out different foundations, but I usually just stick to one until it runs out, then either re purchase or try something new. In this case I went for the latter, after hearing great things about L'Oreal True Match foundation I decided to pick up a bottle. One of the main reasons for this purchase are the claims it is a Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk dupe - The foundation I wore on my wedding day which I love, but not the £36 price tag! At £9.99 I was happy to grab a bottle of the stuff and give it a whirl! So far I have to say I am really impressed.  I love everything about it and the reviews I have read are correct, it is such a good dupe for GALS. I prefer to apply it with a beauty blender, but I do get just as good coverage using my sigma dupe brush set I bought from Ebay. 

To go alongside this foundation I decided to give the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer a try. Probably the 2nd most talked about drugstore concealer behind the Collection one! I do like it. I prefer that it is a more lightweight formula in comparison to the Lasting perfection one, the coverage is good and it provides me with a lovely dewy finish which is something I love. The powder was a bit of an extravagant purchase at £12 as I usually opt for the Rimmel stay matte powder which is a bargain at £3.99 but I got sucked in by the packaging on the Soap and Glory stand & the fact a lot of people seem to be mentioning this translucent powder in videos and blog posts. As powders go, it does a good job, keeps the shine at bay which is all I need! I do love that the compact comes with a mirror inside, so its perfect to keep in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day.  

What products do you currently uses for your base? Let me know in the comments! 

Much love,