Beauty : One wash Wonder NARS Fez Single Eyeshadow.

Monday, 16 June 2014

There are a few eyeshadows in my collection that I reach for when I want to put together a quick makeup look. There are days when I don’t have that long to get ready! Most of the time for during the day I will pick out a lighter shade which I can wash just all over my lid like NARS Nepal. You can read my post about it here. Other days when I want a bit more of a smokey eye minus the effort, I will use NARS Fez eyeshadow.

You know I have a little soft spot for NARS products. Their Eyeshadows in particular. I have 4 NARS  eye palettes in my possession at the moment, meaning in total I have 20 single shadows. Some of which are duplicates, but luckily these are my favourite shades so it works out really well! The majority of their shadows are all so buttery soft and easy to apply. I do have a couple of matte shades in my Pleasures of Paris palette which I don’t tend to use that often as they are 1. Purple shades and 2. Not as nice to apply. Apart from that, every shadow is shown some lovin’ from time to time! Fez is one of those one wash wonders that I feel everyone should own. It’s the perfect warm brown shade with a slight shimmer/metallic look to it without being a bit OTT. Worn alone it makes an impact. With a slick of liquid liner, it looks like you made a big effort without actually having to.  Blended on the outer corners with a lighter shade like Nepal in the center, makes a great everyday look with some dimension to it.  Those two shadows make a great pairing!

Fez is in the Pleasures of Paris Palette & Ride Up to the moon palette, both of which were limited editions. However luckily for you, it is part of the permanent line so you can purchase it in single pan form.  These single shadows do cost £18 which for some may be a little steep, I understand that. But if it’s a shade you know you are going to really get a lot of use of I feel it is really worth the money. If you have never tried a NARS eyeshadow, get your bum to a counter, cover your hand with swatches and just fall in love…

Much Love,