Beauty : Topshop Cream Highlighters

Monday, 9 June 2014

When it comes to the makeup offerings from Topshop it seems that there are some cult products that everyone seems to have, and then there are those that don’t get talked about that much. Quite often, people sing the praises of their lipsticks, myself included (I have 3 lipsticks from Topshop in my collection) along with their blushers (again another product I have multiples of). I don’t tend to hear much about their mascaras or eyeshadow palettes, so whether they are decent products or not, I am not sure. However I do know if something gets hyped up by a lot of people, then it’s worth the purchase.  

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Cream Highlight pots. I’ve seen these mentioned on various blogs over the past few months, along with their newest offering the Glowstick Highlighter – which I am yet to try. Being the complete highlighter feind that I am, I had to get the Glow pots in both shades. As you can see from above I do have a favourite, and that is the shade Gleam. It works particularly well when I have a tan as it is more of a bronzed highlight. The product itself is very creamy, I find it very easy to blend onto my skin. To apply I use tap a small amount along the tops of my cheeks for a nice glow! The more pearlescent toned highlighter is called polish. This is lighter than gleam so probably be best for those with paler skin tones. The one thing I do find with this shade though, is that its a bit harder to blend. At times I even find it takes of some of my makeup underneath! - I am not the only one who has had has this problem though, Lorna has encountered the very same thing! Maybe I need to find an alternative way of using it. But out of the two, Gleam is a hit and Polished is a little bit of a miss in my opinion. 

I do like that they are in pot form, as they sit nicely in my makeup drawers and don't take up too much room in my makeup bag if I want to take them away with me somewhere. Being in a pot is slightly annoying now that my nails have managed to grow to a decent length, Meaning I am always getting product under my nail when I want to use it. I might have to find a brush that could work well with it instead. Im thinking a small duo fibre stippling brush perhaps? What do you think?

Have you tried these shades from Topshop before?

Much Love,