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Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Some of you may be going through exams at the moment, busy times at work or other general life activities that can cause you to get a bit wound up and stressed. It’s easily done. I know at times I even get stressed out about blogging when I haven’t got any content to publish, I feel a little like I’m letting my readers down! It’s time like these that we should remember to just take a little of time out for ourselves for a bit of R&R.

Go for a walk – Getting outside in the fresh air can do wonders. Whether you are at work or home, take a short break and go for a walk. I am quite fortunate that both my work and home are right by a canal so on lunchbreak I can get out and about, take 20 mins to go on a nice stroll and chill for a bit. Not only is a great way to clear my mind, it’s a bit of daily exercise. Walking regularly has more benefits then jogging apparently.

Pick up your book/ipod – You could go the whole hog, get on the spotify app and listen to some spa music if you wanted to completely chill out. Or select a few of your favourite albums, sit back, chill and listen. I like to do this and listen to really old albums I used to be obsessed with. They instantly bring back good memories & help me relax. Same goes for books. We always feel chilled when reading – well dependent on the genre! I have a good selection of books to read on my kindle. I find reading them before I go to bed really helps me wind down. I actually end up getting a better night sleep if I read beforehand!

Have a Pamper Session – One that I think most of you probably do already is have a bit of a pamper. Have a hot bath/shower, give your hair and body a bit of TLC with various treatments, paint your nails, fake tan. You know just make yourself feel beautiful! If you are feeling super indulgent you could always make a day of it & go for a spa package at somewhere like Trueskin Medispa. They are pretty affordable so it’s something I might consider later in July for around my Birthday. I’ve never been to a Spa, so many people say I am missing out! Even my mum has been on spa days and she’s not that into her beauty! 

These are just three small changes you could make to your daily or weekly routine to get you on track to being less stressed out and give your positive attitude a bit of a boost! What sort of things do you do to get yourself nice and relaxed? 

Much Love, 

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  1. Book and music is always the way to relax from a tired day. Great post by the way <3 xo

  2. I love to read. It pulls you into a different world for a little while.


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