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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Since reading Lorna's Memory maker posts, I have wanted to do something a little similar. Both Tom & I work full time so our weekends are quite precious to us. It's far to easy to get into a routine and forget to go out and have some adventures or experience something new. With that in mind I have decided to put together a bucket list of things I would like to get up to or experience over the next few months. These will mainly be things that Tom and I would like to do together, but some could be done alone or with friends.

1. Go to Longleat Safari Park - Somewhere I have always wanted to go, it's fairly close to where we had our wedding last summer so we drove past it quite a lot! Unfortunately as you can imagine we were very busy & never had the time to actually go visit. After finding out you don't actually have to drive through the monkey enclosure I think we are more willing to visit now!   

2. Have fish & Chips on the beach - This is a given in the summer months. Ideally we would love to go spend a day down in Brighton, exploring the lanes and playing on the 2p machines in the arcade - Who doesn't love those! Fingers crossed when/If we go that the weather is nice! 

3. Go to Whipsnade Zoo - Last summer I went to London Zoo with my friend Shelley. This year I would love to go to Whipsnade as its the UK's largest Zoo, there are so many animals there! Who doesn't love going to a zoo. Lets be honest! Tempted to see if Miss James would like to join us for this one.... 

4. Eat at a new restaurant - We are creatures of habit. Tom and I tend to go to the same food places all the time - admittedly this is partly due to my fussy eating habits. However I know there are a few restaurants that we haven't been to yet that I am sure I could find something I like on the menu.  

5. Go on a bike ride - Nothing better than going on a nice long bike ride on a summers day. It's fun, you can go exploring to find somewhere new, it's exercise and you might get sunburnt a tan in the process! 

6. Have a picnic - A fairly simple activity but one that can take place alongside one of the other things we would like to do. Killing two birds with one stone and all that jazz! 

7. Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour. - This is something Tom and I keep saying we want to do but just haven't got around to booking tickets. I've seen a lot of blog posts & Vlogs by other people documenting their experience and it just makes me want to go even more. It looks so exciting! 

8. Go to the Theatre - Okay so I know this is one activity I will be able to tick off my list as we are going to London to see Wicked for our wedding anniversary in July. The tickets to the show represent the 'paper' theme of our first year of marriage! 

9.  Have a spontaneous day out - No plans, Just jump in the car and see where we end up. 

10. See some live music. - Tom and I love going to gigs, unfortunately this year we don't have any weekend tickets for festivals, but as Reading is literally on our doorstep and day tickets are still for sale, you never know we might be able to get our fix. Even if that isn't something we can do, there's usually local events going on with live bands which we could always check out. 

So there you go, my our Summer Bucket list. 
I'd love to know if you are planning on doing something similar this year! Let me know in the comments.. 

Much love, 


  1. What a lovely post and idea! Growing up, we were lucky to live near Longleat so some very happy memories from it. I cannot recommend the Harry Potter Studio Tour enough - we went at Christmas and it was so much fun!

    Beccy ~

  2. Great post with some awesome ideas! :) x

  3. Fingers crossed we can do both activities this summer then! :-) x

  4. this sounds like an amazing summer. When I come to London to study abroad in the fall, the harry potter studio tour is at the top of my to do list!!

    I'd love it if you could come check out my blog as well! xx

  5. Zoooooo! My bucket list is also zoos :-) xxx

  6. Such a great list! I really want to have a summery picnic too!

  7. What a lovely idea. I seem to have a life made up of lists, but don't seem to have one for summer.


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