Procrastinate with Youtube #5

Monday, 23 June 2014


Stephanie Dreams - Link!

I have have been fortunate enough to meet with Steph a number of times at blogging events, plus the added bonus of living not to far away from one another. Since making a big success of her blog Stephanie Dreams, she has moved on to making regular youtube videos on her channel. Where her blog mainly focuses on outfits and lifestyle posts, there are many tags, hauls and chatty videos to be found if you head over via this link. Steph has just started a new series of videos to go alongside the ones she uploads every Sunday. So if her weekend is a bit action packed with fun things, she will be taking her camera along with her and showing us snippets of what she got up to. 


Charli Blogs - Link

I'm sure a lot of you are aware of Charli as I mention her a fair bit on here, were you aware she does youtube videos as well as her blog? Charli Predominately showcases her recent hauls on her channel along with her monthly favourites. After watching her recent Matalan Clearance haul, I will def  make her take me there when I next head over to Cardiff for a visit. Back in March she put together a video on her Sunday Pamper routine & I really liked the way it was filmed. So Charli this is a little request from me to do more videos like that please! 

What Youtubers have you been enjoying watching recently?

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