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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen me discuss foot tattoos with a few other bloggers a couple of weeks ago after having a spontaneous 5 minutes where I was convinced I was going to get one done. I’m usually the friend that goes along to hold hands in support, as tattoos are inked or piercings are pierced. Most recently I went along with my sister to get her ears pierced for the first time & with fellow blogger Lorna, to get her shell tattoo on her wrist, and knowing Lorna, it probably won’t be long till I head along with her in support for her next one! ;-p  

The more time I spend in these tattoo parlours combined with evenings spent on social media, the more I toy with the idea of getting a tattoo. I’ve always been a piercings girl (I have my belly button and 3 piercings in each lobe – so far) but nowadays there’s so much imagery of tattoos around us that I can’t help but ponder on the idea. I will log onto my pinterest account and there will be pins by others seeking inspiration. Scroll through my instagram feed & someone will be showcasing their new ink. Log onto youtube & one of my fave youtubers has uploaded a q&a about their tattoos. I’m surrounded! No wonder I’ve contemplated it now and again! I like the idea of something smallish but detailed – if that is possible! Watercolour tattoos can look so nice if created using the right colours, dot work is also a style I really like as there so much work and detail that goes into them.

I’ve always said if I were to have a tattoo, I would like it somewhere on my body where it would be quite subtle. I’m not one for a full sleeve! Maybe somewhere like on the back of my neck, or on my foot. If I want to show it off I can, other days I can go around and it be unnoticed. I know there are mixed opinions about whether tattoos should have a meaning behind them and I personally like the idea of them being personal. A date that means something to you, your birth flower, a quote you like to live by, or even something symbolic that relates to a event in your life.  With this in mind, it means I have a fair few ideas of what I would like, if I were ever to take the plunge. I've even thought about buying some temporary tattoos off of Etsy. There are a variety of  types to choose from, I do think this is a good idea to have a play around and gives me time to  really consider if I want to get one in the future. The bonus being these can be removed fairly easily compared to if I had a real one and had to opt for more extreme methods of removing a tattoo from companies such as Sk:n Clinics. 

So while I ponder over the idea, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo? Maybe you have one, what do you have? 

Much Love. 

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  1. Feet bloody hurt haha! If you do decide to get one PLEASE do not go somewhere hideous Leanne!!xo

  2. I got my first tattoo almost 2 years ago on my ribs, which whilst NOT a fun place to get your first tattoo (one of the most painful I believe, or it certainly felt like it) is ideal in that it's easily kept private which I like because my tattoo is for me :) I have a single word, and I also like subtle meaningful tattoos as it's good to have something which you will still appreciate when a trend has passed. Not that there is anything wrong with tattoos for more stylistic purposes but just a personal preference. If you decide to go for it good luck! I haven't regretted mine for a day :) Xx

  3. I got my tattoo when I was drunk in Ayia Napa last year which was stupid of me but I was drunk at the time, I came home and had it done professionally and extended but it's on my back and I never see it. I probably wouldn't have got one usually but I like that now I can say why I had it done and it's a sign of my youth haha. Ever since I have had it done I've wanted a little skull on my ankle haha but never bothered to get it, I think it's more of a fad than an actual want for it. I would get something like dates of family etc as something personal too, I like the idea of jigsaw pieces for each close family member like mum,dad,brother. If it's something you've thought about and want, I'd say go for it. People always say don't they "what's it gonna look like when you're 80" but at 80, it's not really going to matter.

    Love Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty

  4. I think long and hard regularly about getting a tattoo and I think it's good that I'm thinking it through now when I'm 16 so I know it won't be a rushed decision later on down the line. I have a whole pinterest board full of ideas but all I know for sure is I just want black and white tattoos but I love the way the water colour tattoos look. The only thing that is putting me off apart from the pain is if it will sadly effect future jobs as I know many jobs want you to cover up your tattoos but I've still got a while to think everything through!

    Sarah x

  5. I got my first tattoo at 17 and kind of both love and regret it. Since then I've had five more, my most recent six weeks ago and all of them have been carefully planned and although they may not be the most epic or detailed pieces they hold great meaning to me :) xx

  6. As you know, I have 8 tattoos. I definitely want more but all of mine are hidden unless I choose to show them off (or were skin coloured tights at work, but even then my shoes generally hide the ones on my feet!) make sure to consider your pain threshold too! The ones under my boobs didn't really hurt, I almost fell asleep during the one on my back but my Superman logo near my ankle....well I almost wanted to punch the lovely girl in the face!!!haha! I do sometimes think about how they might look on my wedding day or something, but frankly, if I wanted to cover them up it's not like there aren't any hardcore tattoo cover up foundations around right?! I kind of made some of mine on a snap decision and some one a "I've thought about getting this one for years" and I love all of the. I personally don't think I'd ever get anything on my arms/neck/any part of my body that can be seen on a daily basis as it's just not me. Also I love people talking about tattoos and then being all "yeah....I have 8...." Always nice to shock some people!haha! I did actually try placing temporary tattoos in areas I was considering first as well, which was helpful as it meant I avoided some mistakes. Also when my Superman logo was placed before tattooing I hated the placement on my foot and said so. So glad I did as I would've been so unhappy about it! Just remember to be sure, be vocal about what you want and be clear about where you want it placed! (Also don't go anywhere that seems dodgy obviously!) let me know if you need someone to go with you.....I might book myself in too ;) xxx

  7. I've thought about getting one but I'd be too scared I'd want it off later in life! I think they look so lovely though.

    Kate xo //

  8. I love tattoo's.. well, ones that mean something. I think it's best to toy with the ide aof a tattoo for as long as you wish and or wait for significant times in your life that you want remembered like births, deaths etc That's just my personal opinion. :)
    I have a number for the above reasons and am currently designing my next. my aim to have a sleeve made up of different designs.
    Pain wise, everyone is different. I wouldn't say any of mine really 'hurt'. The only parts that made me say oooo were on the edge of the inside of my forearm.


  9. I always think about getting one but my pain tolerance is so low, I don't know if I'd be able to handle it!


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