Beauty: Tanning for summer.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

At the moment the sunshine is a bit hit and miss. One day it will be glorious (Usually on a weekday while I
am at work) next the sky is full of ugly looking grey clouds and there’s not a ray in sight. Sort it out UK, It’s meant to be the summer!  Due to the lack of opportunities to sunbathe so far this year (don’t worry I will makeup for it on my Holiday in September) I have been reaching for the bottle in order to get a bronzed glow.

There are a couple of different tanning products I would like to share with you. As mentioned in my June favourites post, I have been enjoying the Vita Liberata self tan – which since that post went live, it has had a bit of press coverage because apparently it’s the tan Kim K likes to use! So there you go! There are a range of different types available from the brand & even though the one I have is the fast developing one I like to use it overnight for hint of 'I've just been on holiday' tan. 

If you want a hint of colour & don't have much time to spare you could try the Laurens Way Rapid Tan* which comes in both mousse and spray form. You only need to leave it to develop for 60 minutes and you are left with a light sunkissed glow. It does dry fairly quickly on application so you will need to work fast to ensure you don't miss any spots! I would say if you are someone who likes a really dark tan, this fast developing tan may not be for you. It gives a nice glow - You'll be asked if you've been out in the sun for sure however, for something a bit deeper I would opt for Laurens Way Glam Tan. The colour payoff is a bit better.

Another option if you are in a rush & don’t really want to alter your routine would be to try a moisturiser with tan in it. You can just moisturise as normal after showering and then over a few days build up to a lovely tan. My current favourite has to be the Palmers Cocoa Butter naturalbronze, which doesn't have that horrible biscuit scent that other tanners have. After one application I look sunkissed & I don’t need to re apply for maybe 2 days – I stick to a regular moisturiser between then. At less than £6 it’s the cheapest of the bunch, it won’t take long to save your boots points to get a bottle.

So what tanning products have you been reaching for this summer? Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones and have a real tan?!

Much love,