Summer handbag Essentials.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


When it comes to the summer, there 5 items that you will ALWAYS find in my handbag. People always love a good ‘What’s in my handbag’ post so I thought I’d put together a similar post, sharing with you the 5 essential items that I make sure I have with me on a day to day basis during the summer months.

Obviously we all need a pair of sunnies in our bag! I usually just opt for the cheapy ones from Primark. However Firmoo contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their shades. As they offer ones with prescription lenses I jumped at the chance – always nice to still be able to see when you are protecting your eyes from the sun! I opted for frames that also come in standard glasses form, I just chose to have the lenses tinted to make them sunglasses! They have a funky pattern on the inside of the arms, which makes them a little different. I went for a sort of wayfarer style as I knew that suited me well. The ordering process was nice and simple and delivery time was very quick. If you choose prescription lenses over standard it does take 1 or 2 days longer, but if it meant I would be able to see while wearing them that didn’t bother me!

I tend to switch up the beauty products in my handbag quite often, but one that stays firmly put during the summer months is a translucent powder. I’m not an oily gal, but when the sun is out I do get the odd bit of shine. There’s dewy skin and then theres… ugh shiny! I was very loyal to RimmelStay Matte for a while, then switched it up a bit and bought the Soap &Glory pressed powder. I do prefer the packaging to this one, as the lid stays attached and it comes with a nice mirror inside! I don’t tend to use the powder puff that comes with it though, opting for a bareminerals face brush instead!

Not very glamourous I know, but I HAVE to have some form of plaster in my bag. Warmer months = New shoes. New Shoes = Rubbing and possible blisters. So you need to be prepared. Thankfully I haven’t had to dig out any plasters for my feet as of yet. My New Look teens flip flops are doing me well – Little tip if you have size 5 or below feet, check out the teen range of shoes.. a hell of a lot cheaper! God bless having size 3 feet! I currently just have standard plasters in my bag, however for that extra bit of comfort, or if the injury is particularly bad I often have a little box of compeed blister patches in there!

I’ve recently got into the habit of drinking a lot of water – which is a good thing obviously as it helps your skin along with other health benefits. So much so that I now make sure that I ALWAYS have a bottle in my handbag. It’s really important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially when it’s really hot outside. I’m no water snob, I either get it out of the tap at home or grab whatever is the cheapest in the shop!

Something to keep you entertained
Whether it be a kindle, an ipad, your phone or even a good old fashioned paperback book. I find it’s always a good idea to have something in your bag that can keep you entertained! There have been times when I just want a little me time, and potter off along to the canal near to wear I live. Kindle in hand along with my other essentials, find myself a sunny spot to sit down in and just read and read. There have been times when I’ve been in town with some friends and we’ve just set up camp in the local park, just chilling out, playing some summer tunes from our phones. It’s really nice just to take those moment either by yourself or with friends and chill in the summer sun!

What are your summer handbag essentials? I’d love to know what you carry around with you. Let me know in the comments.

Much Love,