Budget Beauty : Primark Mini Manicure set.

Monday, 18 August 2014

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been out and about, broken a nail and had nothing with me to sort it, this happens a lot at work or on holiday. I also tend to forget to pack tweezers with me when I go away which not only means I cannot tame my eyebrows, it effects my false eyelash application too! Tweezers really do aid the application of false lashes! 

When I saw this adorable little manicure set in Primark for a mere £2 I just had to purchase it. Firstly LOOK at the chevron print. So pretty. They did have other floral designs but this one grabbed my attention, and I felt would go with more things as I am not THAT big into florals. The case is rather sturdy and fastens with a clasp, I would say if you are heading to primark to get one of these do test the clasp out before you buy AND check all the items are inside, yes there were some without the tools in them! Inside you get the standard items, some nail scissors & clippers.Tweezers, They aren't the sharpest, but will do in an emergency! A nail file & a cuticle pusher. 

This may not be a necessity as we probably all have these items  separately in our beauty stash anyway, however I think its a handy little set to buy for only a couple of quid. Keep it in your bag, take it with you on holiday. Leave it in your desk at work. It's just nice to know that if you need it, it's there. 

Much Love, 


  1. Love this. What a bargain! :) xx

  2. The print on this is GORGEOUS. And such a practical little kit, for £2.
    I'm forever breaking a nail when I'm out and can't do anything about it, so this would be an ideal addition to my handbag - going to have to keep an eye out! xx


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