Budget Beauty Month.

Monday, 4 August 2014

 I’ve recently been discussing with friends that there are a lot of beauty blogs that tend to focus on and feature a lot of high end products. The are products you have to save for they are so expensive. Others you just have to do that little bit of extra planning with your monthly wage to see if you can still pay your bills as well as giving yourself a little treat.  I can’t be dealing with that.  Yes I am a blogger and I like to treat myself to products every so often, But I am also a 26 year old with things going on in my life that take higher priority than splurging on a £38 can of texturizing hair spray (I know everyone loves Oribe but I really cannot justify spending that much on a hair product right now!)

That being said, I am going to dedicate the month of August to Budget Beauty. Sharing with you products that are more affordable & I feel are worth a trying out. Also sharing ways to get some beauty bargains, brands to look out for and more. Just show that there are some cheaper alternatives out there compared to those you can only nab in Space NK or on Cult Beauty