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Monday, 1 September 2014

As Leanne is currently away sunning herself on holiday, I’m here to write a guest post and keep you guys entertained while she has a well-deserved break. I’m Emily and I usually write about beauty, style, lifestyle and the occasional travel piece over at

As you may know, Leanne is away so I thought I’d write a holiday related piece and run through my hand-luggage beauty essentials! I’ve been on a few flights this year so I feel like I’ve got my in-flight health and beauty down to a tee. It can sometimes be hard to remember everything you need in your hand-luggage and make sure that it meets the airline’s requirements, so keep this post handy for any autumn trips or bookmark it for next summer!


Keeping up with your skincare routine can be pretty tricky on holiday as it is, what with the change in lifestyle and timings, let alone your flight skincare and making sure every liquid is the correct size. I tend to keep things simple and take along some facewipes – I can hear some of you coiling in disgust right now but stick with me - it’s so much easier than finding 100ml bottles of your favourite cleanser and toner, then having to carry that and all the related products around too! Also, you can sit in your chair and remove your makeup rather than having to take a trip to the tiny loo and risk the wobbly walk up the aisle. However, I do take a little face mist along with me too. I love this The Body Shop Vitamin E spray, it can be used to set makeup or as a refreshing, moisturising spray too. You can spray it directly onto your face but I like to use it with cotton pads on a flight, to avoid spraying the person next to me too!

General healthcare:

People often overlook looking after their eyes on flights, but with the recycled air going round and round it can often be very drying. I’m a contact lens wearer so always have a travel size bottle of solution (100ml), lens holder and a spare pair of lenses handy. Even when not wearing my lenses my eyes become really dry, so I take a bottle of moisturising eye drops on the flight with me. Use these at the start of a short flight and throughout the duration of a long haul flight, especially before and after sleeping.

A toothbrush and small toothpaste are essential on longer flights – need I say any more really? Pop these in your bag to make sure you feel fresh when you arrive at the other end.

Something not pictured and not necessarily essential on the flight itself, but definitely in the run up to your flight, vitamins. Due to the recycled air going around the cabin, a lot of people find they become ill after a flight as germs are easily spread. You really don’t want to spend the first half of your holiday with a stinking cold, so stock up and make sure your body is prepared to fight the germs before hand.

Hair and makeup:

A couple of hair bobbles and grips will be handy on longer flights, plus keeping your hair off your face when that plane door opens onto the hot runway and you’re thrown into the heat is always good.

I usually take my whole makeup bag onto the flight, but if I don’t for some reason then a few of my miniature essentials are popped into my handbag instead. A base product like Benefit’s Porefessional should be enough to even out your skin before leaving the flight, paired with a concealer to cover any dark circles from jet lag – I love Benefit’s Boi-ing for this! Then a slick of mascara should be enough to make you look ready to face the world after flying. Benefit do great miniatures in their sets so I’m always carrying them around. I constantly use lip balm through the flight too, as like my eyes my lips can become very dry. Dr Lipp is a great brand, such a moisturising product! 

As well as beauty essentials, there are the usual non-beauty essentials too. Make sure you’ve got a good book or magazine to keep you occupied. An iPod to listen to some music and distract you from the noisy plane plus an eyemask and ear plugs to help you get some sleep on the later and longer flights! Don’t forget to pack some sunglasses and suncream for the other end, especially if you’re off to a hot destination.

What are your essential hand-luggage items when flying?

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