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Wednesday, 3 September 2014



You may have spotted me around these parts before; I’m Lorna, blogger at Scared Toast and fairly frequent collaborator with Leanne.  My blog is a place for me to indulge in all the things I like, one of which happens to be make up, so when Leanne asked me to guest post while she was away I knew exactly what I’d write about.  If you follow me on YouTube you’ll have seen that I relocated and started filming videos up my make up room and after instagramming a little sneak preview a month or so ago, I figured now was the time to give you a little tour of this space.



We’re Ikea junkies in this house, and the bulk of the furniture here is Sweden’s finest. Over in the corner I’ve got a Kallax cube which houses all of my haircare products and my Muji drawers to keep the make up that I’m currently using nice and tidy. On the top I’ve gone a bit decorative, with jars for cotton buds and pads, and a vase to store nail varnishes in a more artistic style.


Moving over to the dressing ‘table’ itself…well, it’s more of a shelf unit mounted to the wall.  After having a traditional table for a few years I decided to go for the Ekby Alex with a mirror resting on a Ribba picture ledge above.  The Ekby Alex is fairly long, but not particularly wide which means the amount of clutter I can spread across it is limited.  The drawers are quite shallow too; I use one for skincare bits and the other for brushes.  I’ve got old Glossy Box lids to keep them both tidy.  Yes, lids.  I was fairly shocked to find that they weren’t even deep enough for the boxes themselves, but actually this way suits me quite well.


Another thing I love about my new set up is that everything’s to hand.  My make up stash sits underneath the Ekby Alex in a white Helmer unit, where it’s perfectly organised and things are easy to find in a hurry.
After going from a make up room where everything was spread out and not particularly easy to get to, I really appreciate my more compact and organised space.  I like the fairly industrious look and think it makes a nice contrast to the shabby chic influence I was going for before.  And the best part….it’s all dirt cheap!  The componants of my dressing room were pretty bargainous, and even added up probably don’t come to more than some dressing tables can be.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of one of my favourite rooms in the house, and I hope I’ve shown that, with a little bit of creativity, there are a few more options than just the norm when it comes to designing your ideal make up space!
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