10 Things you realise when you move house

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


1. You own a lot of stuff. On reflection you don't need the majority of it, but you'll keep it anyway.

2. There were good intentions to pack everything in an organised manner, but somewhere along the line things might get a bit mixed up. My shoes were not meant to be packed in the Kitchen box!

3. Moving is a workout. Lifting boxes. Running up & down flights of stairs, being on your feet 24/7. You do work up a sweat. You will ache the next day.  

4. Things will get lost. No matter how well you pack everything up, you will mislay something. Usually you'll find it hours after you needed it...or maybe don't ever find it! 

5. Unpacking takes forever. 

6. Some boxes will never be unpacked.. You'll just conveniently put them in a cupboard and forget about them. 

7. Cardboard. Cardboard EVERYWHERE

8.. You can live without the internet for a few weeks. At first you feel really disconnected (Especially if you have used all your mobile data too) but after a while you get used to it. Sometimes it's nice to have a break from it all.

9. Friends & family make the process a whole lot easier. Whether they moved boxes, put together furniture, provided refreshments. You will be thankful for them all being there. 

10. You vow never to move again...well not for a few years anyway. 

Much Love,