Blogging again.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


So let’s just go ahead and state the obvious, I haven’t been active on the blog or any social media really in the past few months but that’s okay because sometimes you just need a break. Believe me, I didn't intend for this to happen, or to go on for as long as it has. Life really did just get in the way.

To summarize; I went on holiday in September, I returned from said holiday to be informed I no longer had a job. GREAT! Therefore Job hunting took priority over Blogging. Tom and I then moved into our new home. Buying a new build doesn't mean everything is sorted and you can just move in unfortunately. You do encounter problems and they can take a while to get sorted. Internet connections can’t happen overnight and you have to wait for engineers etc so in this case Sorting out our new home took priority over blogging. Finally, I am pleased to say that I did manage to get myself a new job after being made redundant, however it’s not in the town I live. Therefore I now have to commute, meaning I leave earlier and come home later each day, which eats into my ‘down time’, where if I am honest most of the time, I just want to chill on the sofa & watch Netflix!

Once settled into my new routine I honestly thought I would get back into the swing of things with blogging, Tom and I went our trip to New York City – Which was amazing, (I’m sure some kind of photo diary post will feature in the future)  but then I returned and got struck with an awful sickness bug (Charli can vouch for this as she was actually at our place when I quite literally started to vomit for no reason – ew) This literally knocked me for six for pretty much the whole of December and New Year – I know crazy right!? I was such a social butterfly at the most social time of the year……

Fast forward a few weeks months and my blogging mojo is finally back. It has been strange being out of the blogging loop, but I am back and I am ready to start creating content again. You may notice a couple of changes. Firstly I changed my blog design slightly. Still quite minimal but I really like the added polkadots along my header. I have had a bit of a mare with my commenting system too. I've said Goodbye to Disqus and hello to the regular blogger commenting format. (Coding and HTML are not my forte!) Something I was a bit reluctant to do but, it was delaying my 'comeback' having to mess around with the html so I've just settled with the basics! 

So, hello again I guess! Sorry for being away so long!

Much love,