What's in my new Zara Handbag?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Ah! The post that everyone who is nosey (or has a passion for handbags) loves. The classic “What is in my handbag” blog post. Well it has been a while since I myself did one of these, so I thought it was only fair to share with you the contents of my new bucket bag. I’ll be honest I really didn’t like bucket handbags at first, but let me tell you.. they grew on me the more I saw them and as a bonus  you can fit a lot of things in this style of bag! This particular one is from Zara, however I am about 5 months too late as it is no longer on the website. I actually bought this from Depop. The story goes like this.. Browsing Pinterest one evening (as you do) I see this pin… I automatically assume it is Zara (I was correct) and start the hunt like a crazy woman… I eventually find someone on Depop selling it virtually brand new, so I snap it up straight away! Don’t fret though. Zara along with other brands have a good selection of bucket bags available at the moment so I am sure you can find one to fit your needs if you have a browse!

I won’t lie, there were receipts scattered in the very bottom of this bag, along with hair ties, some sweets that had fallen out of the packet and also more pens than I will ever need, but none of that is pretty so were left out of the photo. Therefore here we have the edited version of what is in my bag! (Maybe if actually decided to make a video you would have got to see the previously mentioned delights! But I am not brave enough for Youtube yet!)


Like I said you can fit a lot into this handbag, even with all this I had plenty of room to add a few more things in if I wanted. Starting with the staples we have my Kate Spade purse I purchased when I was in New York last year (That 25% off everything discount just drew me in!) along with my Kate Spade 2015 diary. My new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S5 – Forever loyal to ol’ Samsung! I do need to get a case for it as I am prone to dropping phones! So if you know of any cute ones let me know in the comments! As I said in my ‘back to blogging post’ I now have a little bit of a commute to work, therefore I have my railcard (also need a cute case for this too), headphones for music and my Kindle. I am currently reading ‘Sharp Objects’ by Gillian Flynn. I am only a couple of chapters in so I couldn’t say if I would recommend it or not yet. I’ve become a bit of a bookworm since commuting to work, So if there are any you recommend do leave their titles down in the comments!

Beauty wise I have a Denman backcombing brush – although I tend to use this as a normal brush! Some bobby pins, S&G hand cream, and 3 MAC lipsticks. I’m sure I am not the only one who just whips a new lipstick out of the draw and throws it into their handbag? The 3 I have on rotation at the moment are ‘Angel’, ‘Crème Cup’ and ‘Cut a Caper’. All fairly similar but all definitely different. I also have the business card for the place I go to get my hair done. I had my highlights re done on Saturday after about 6 months (please don’t judge) so I had some serious roots going on! They stylist I use is Katy and if you are local to Newbury you can check out their website here!

Oh and there’s some gum. Spearmint is my fave.

So there you have it. What I currently carry around with me in this bag. I did miss one thing out and it is this amazing shopping bag from Waldo Pancake. Isn't it just great! Both my Mum and Tom bought me it for Christmas so I have two! So many people stop me while walking out of the supermarket and ask where it is from!

Like I Said previously there are a lot of bucket style bags available at the moment so I thought I’d put a selection together for you in case this post has tempted you to get one yourself!

Much love. 


  1. I got distracted by your beautiful bedding but I loved this post, I'm definitely nosey and it's a great way of seeing people a bit more on a personal level.

    The phone cases I always get are from this ebay seller, so good:


    I've gone over from Samsung to the dark side :( so far no regrets!

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

  2. I love the bag it's beautiful!


  3. I am so nosey, so I love this kind of post. I love your Zara bag and you've packed such great essentials. The back combing brush is a must, but I always forget mine!


    Lucy x

  4. Your bag is so lovely! I think zara do brilliant accessories! xo

  5. your bag looks so organised ! lovely bag as well

    Distant Dreamer


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