1 pair of Ripped Jeans. 3 ways to style.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

If you follow me on Pinterest, you will notice that I have had a bit of a thing for ripped jeans of late. I’ve always wanted a pair but struggled to find some suitable for my short legs! Either the jeans themselves were too long in length, or the rips just weren’t in the right places! When I was asked if I wanted to style up something from New Looks Denim range I headed straight to their petite section to see what they had on offer. I ended up choosing a pair of acid wash ripped skinny jeans*. I’m always a bit apprehensive about jeans when waiting for them to arrive. It’s the one item of clothing I really struggle to find a pair that fit well. Fortunately for me these were perfect, the right length for me and the rips were actually on my knees, not my shins for a change!

I was challenged to style the jeans in three different ways. Casual, Smart and then for going ‘out out’. So after a bit of a rummage in my wardrobe, I came up with the following 3 options…


For me, casual is something I would just chuck on if I were to have a lazy weekend chilling at home, with the possibility of popping out at some point to get a bit of fresh air! Baring this in mind I paired the jeans with a trusty plain white top from GAP. I have a few of these after going on a bit of a binge at their outlet in Swindon! They are great to just throw & look great with the casual vibe of the ripped jeans. My black ankle boots from H&M. These are probably the most comfortable heeled boots I have ever owned and they are such a steal at £24.99. I know a couple of my friends have gone out and purchased them after seeing me wearing them! We aren’t fully into spring with all the sunshine yet, therefore my studded leather jacket from MissSelfridge would be coming with me too, should I need to go out for something! Finally, I couldn’t forget my handbag from Zara. – If you want to know what I carry around with me then take a look at this blog post.


Now I know what you are thinking… Leanne, your jeans have rips in them. How can you make these look smart? Well you see, for me I look at dressing smart simply as a way to dress with a bit more effort. In this case I put together an outfit I would wear if I were going to work on a ‘dress down day’ but I didn’t want to go in looking completely casual! I paired the jeans with a simple shirt from Primark (These are a steal at only £8!)  Shirts instantly make an outfit look a bit smarter. I still need to get myself staple white shirt for my wardrobe! A pair of pointed flats, there are a lot of these around at the moment, these ones in particular are from River Island, and finally to finish a structured handbag. This one is from Topshop. It’s a pretty basic outfit but one that works well for a nice lunch with friends or like I previously stated something you could get away with wearing to work.


I have a bit of a uniform when going ‘out out’. Gone are the days where dresses took priority, now its all about the jeans and blazer combination! You really cant go wrong with it. This is also a look I see pinned most often over on Pinterest. The holy grail for all things inspiration! So we have the acid wash jeans of course, then keeping it simple with a plain cami top from H&M & an added bit of bling from Primark. Followed by a trusty pair of nude heels, also from Primark. These have seen better days, therefore I do have my eye on these beauties for a replacement pair! I would usually play it safe with a black blazer, however I rediscovered this structured one from H&M at the back of my wardrobe which I thought would go really well with this outfit, so I had to include it.  You could use any bag for this, but I have my standard black chain bag which I like to use for nights out, as it’s just the right size to carry all the essentials! 


Here are the 3 outfits in action, What do you think?

Much love,