3 Easy ways to start your money saving journey.

Monday, 13 April 2015



You might be thinking ‘I have those all the time’, but do you really? It’s very easy to lose track of your spending, especially when you spend a couple of quid here and there each day without realising. That magazine & boots meal deal you bought on your lunchbreak. The coffee to drink during your commute. The quick ‘top up’ shop to stock the fridge with essentials. I bet if you were to get a notebook and start writing it down, you’d realise you spend money a lot more often than you think. No spend days are a good way to keep on top of your spending habits. Set a target for X amount of NSD’s a month. Weirdly it seem a bit tough at first, especially if you are trying to break your daily Costa habit. However if you stick at it and factor in some NSD’s each month you will be left with a small (or large) chunk left over which you can put in a savings account.


This is something I have recently implemented into my spending habit. Budgeting for the month and only allowing X amount of cash for certain activities. Taking out said cash at the start of the month and living by the rule of ‘Once it’s gone it’s gone’. Paying by cash is a better visual aid to make you more aware of what you spend. I think it’s fair to say that most of us probably just whack payments on card without thinking about the transactions adding up. Am I right? Having the cash to hand means I can tally up what I’ve spent so far and work out what I can afford to do for the rest of the month.

You’re not going to be making savings as big as those in the ‘Extreme Couponing’ TV program but there’s no harm in trying to shave off a few quid here and there when you shop. When it comes to getting coupons (mainly for food shopping) you are able to get a few good offers if you know where to look. For a start you can like the Extreme Couponing UK Facebook page. Where coupons and deals get shared frequently. Following that websites like Super Savvy me offer printable coupons along with the daily mail website! You just need to make an account and then print the coupons you would like to use. I’ve also recently discovered this website, where they have a list of all the current printable coupons. Taking a bit of time to plan before a weekly/monthly food shop can make a difference. Once you get the hang of it you’ll wonder why you took so long to start doing it!

Do you have any easy money saving tips to add? 

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